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Best Christmas Presents Under $30 (23 Gifts Under $10)

Best Christmas presents under $30, PLUS 23 of the best, cheap Christmas gifts under $10. You're going to be surprised with what you can buy for so little!

Need to get your hands on a list of the best Christmas presents under $30? I’ll do you one better – I’m going to start off this gift buying guide with the best Christmas gifts under $10!

family laying down with Christmas socks on, text overlay "62+ best Christmas presents under $30, 23 are under $10)

We’ll work our way up from $10 presents, and then to gifts you can buy for under $30.

All gifts on this list are under $30 (many under $10) AND are available on Amazon Prime with 2-day free shipping (perfect, especially if you are a last-minute shopper!). Don’t already have Amazon Prime? Grab a free 30-day trial just for the holidays. If you like it? Keep it. If not, well, you just got free, fast shipping all holiday season long.

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Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $10

Need to know what are not only cheap Christmas gifts, but ones that will amaze and inspire the person you’re buying for?

Because, let’s be honest – not all cheap Christmas gifts are created equal. Below, you’ll find my personal list of goodies that will leave a sparkle in your recipient’s eyes.

Psst: we all know Amazon and sellers love to change their prices. SO, these gifts all met the spending thresholds when I first picked them out, but may have changed by a few bucks in the meantime. 

1. Car Windshield Defogger

tan colored large sponge-looking wiper

I had no idea these exist…and boy do I want one! I can't tell you how many times I've had to wipe fog away with a napkin, jacket, or whatever else I could find in the car.

2. S'mores Cooking Sticks

A set of colorful s'mores cooking sticks (with a pouch) is super cute. You could also include some chocolate bars, box of graham crackers, and back of marshmallows.

set of 5 cooking sticks with a different color on base of each

3. Rainbow Scratch-Off Note Pad

Okay…so these post-it notes are WAY cooler than anything they have in their office, currently.

black post it notes that when scratched, show rainbow colors

4. WTF is My Password Log Book

navy blue colored WTF is my Password Log Book with peach/red writing

How many of us hate trying to keep track of all our passwords? Here's a password logbook to help with that.

5. Last-Word Bookmark 

neon green bookmark on cardboard card

This bookmark would be great for a reader in your life — especially good for when reading the bible and you need to know what verse you stop on (since they're so close together, and it can take more than one reading session to get through a page)!

6. Siberian Mushroom Soap

brown and tan colored soap in cardboard box

I think this soap with wine and spices looks interesting enough to try.

7. Wine Glass Markers

slate wine markers you can use chalk with
different colored wine markers

Wine glass markers are a great gift for someone who enjoys entertaining(or these Customizable slate win markers that you can use an endless number of times).

8. Frothing Pitcher and Decorating Pen

stainless steel frothing pitcher

Is your guy a frother? You know, he likes to make froth for his homemade lattes and such? Here's a frothing pitcher AND a frothing decorating pen.

9. Pioneer Woman Insulated Tumbler

red, colorful tumbler

I love the Pioneer Woman's Southwestern flair — it's really unique.

10. Bible Cover

gray bible cover with zipper

This bible cover is made of a gray fabric, and has the fish symbol. Perfect for anyone who carries their bible around to church and/or throughout the week.

11. Travel Electronics Case

gray electronics case with white space icons

If they travel, then here's a great way to help them organize all their electronic cords.

12. Waterproof Notepad and Pencil

small notepad with pencil and suction cups

I have this exact one, and let me tell you how it's been a game-changer in our household. But not what you might think for! My husband started writing love messages on it while he was in his shower, and then when I shower, I get to read them + add a message for him. Super fun!

13. Java Sok

purple java sok with peach-colored stars and space icons

Have you heard of the Java Sok? Not only is it super-stylish (I have one myself, and like looking at it), but it:

  • Keeps icy drinks icy-cold, longer
  • Stops condensation on your desk/car drink holders/etc.

14. Fitness Dice

bright yellow large fitness dice with black writing

Help your workout buff spice up their workout routine with a set of fitness dice.

15. Reusable Snack and Freezer Bags

plastic reusable freezer bags with green and blue tops
small snack bags with whales, blue and green

Whether it's these reusable snack bags, a set of reusable freezer bags, or these ones with little holders, reusable bags will both cut down on waste AND save them money.

16. Bullet Journal Markers

set of journaling markers of all different colors with heart-shaped tops

They can use these fine tip markers for bullet journaling, regular journaling…or even writing a (stylish) grocery list.

17. Bullet Journal

purple colored bullet journal
neon green colored bullet journal with fox indentation

While you're at it, why not get them started on bullet journaling? Try this one, too.

18. Reusable, Insulated Lunch Bag

navy blue lunch bag with pocket for cell phone
red bag with small white polka dots
gray lunch bag with pink flamingos

Who wouldn't will love to taking this to work (not to mention, save money on buying paper lunch bags!). Or this one. Or this one.

19. Cast Iron Smoker Box

small black caston iron smoker box

Whoever likes to grill can use this in an electric, gas, or charcoal grill.

20. Infinity Cube Desk Toy

black fidget puzzle toy that comes in black and silver box

This toy looks super cool, and it's professional-looking enough to be taken to work.

21. Genuine Lava Rock Bracelet Oil Diffuser

black lava bracelet

This lava rock essential oil diffuser bracelet is pretty cool.

22. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

colorful candy box filled with jelly belly beans and a spinner game

Looking for something kind of whimsical and fun for the person? Here's a Jelly Belly Spinner Gift Box that will have them making interesting flavor combinations.

23. Car Cleaning Gel Detailing Kit

pink gel blob a hand is using to clean out dust and dirt from stick shift in car

24. Badger Night-Night Balm

purple medium sized tin with a badger sleeping on the front

We all need a little help sleeping every now and then, right? Here's a balm filled with sleep-inducing essential oils.

Now it's time to move onto the kinds of gifts you want to get, all for $25 or less.

Cool Gifts for Under $25

Get ready to be added to the “cool list” with this hot set of gifts under $25.

1. Escape Room in a Box

black box with orange and white writing for escape room game

Create a really fun date night for your couple friend with this Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment. A mad scientist is on the loose, and you’ve got to solve 19 puzzles together or else…you turn into werewolves (that mad scientist sounds cranky! He probably just couldn’t get his kids to sleep…).

Did I mention, you have just one hour to accomplish this? No setup required! (If your friends have Alexa, they can sync it up and Alexa will actually host their game to make it feel like they're in a real Escape Room).

2. Conversation Starters for Couples:

blue container with tabletopics conversation starters for couples

Help get their conversation rolling with TableTopics' Couples Conversation Starters.

3. Newlywed's Couple's Journal

A Year of Us book with teal cover

Got any newlyweds in your life? A Year of Us: Couple’s Journal makes a thoughtful gift.

Psst: shopping for a couple in your life? Here are my picks of 31 date night gifts for friends.

4. Star Wars Mug

white mug with black Darth Vader face, says

So, my husband is pretty much obsessed with Star Wars. He always has been! I'm thinking this mug would make him giggle like an 8-year old boy.

5. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

tan colored box with picture of bonsai on outside, several pots and seeds for bonsai growing kit

I used to have a bonsai tree in college — it was awesome! Here's a cool bonsai tree starter kit.

6. Scratch-Off World Map

large black map with gold continents

I'm a traveler (so's my husband) and we would just love this scratch-off travel map!

7. Oh Nuts! Honey Sticks


This is a holiday collection of honey sticks.

8. Numi Organic Tea by Mood

hexagonal box with mood teas, and each tea represented by a different color

Here's a handy tea gift set with teas for them to drink, depending on what they want their mood to be (teas for focus, for balance, to energize, etc.).

9. Pure Natural Honey Gift Set

gourmet honey gift set in black box

Honey can be expensive! Here's a set of natural honey from the native forests of New Zealand, including Native Bush, Kamahi, and Manuka Honey pots.

10. Tea Drops Gift Set

tea drops set in wooden box with blue lettering and icons

Tea Drops are a way for people to enjoy loose leaf tea (plus some sweetener), but without having to have one of those tea diffusers.

11. Pitcher-Sized Tea Infusers

cone=shaped teas in a pale blue box

How cool — these tea infusers are perfectly sized for a pitcher of iced tea. No measuring!

12. Handwarmer Mug

tan and cobalt blue handwarmer mug

These Oregon-made mugs are designed to also warm your hands.

13. Hand-crafted Indian Kulhar Mugs

earthen red chai tea mug

Hand crafted mugs from red Earth clay in the traditional Indian style.

14. Collapsible Trunk Organizer

black collapsible organizer with multiple compartments

I can't imagine how much more a person's trunk can get organized with this thing.

15. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

book with navy blue and peachy colored cover
book with white color and pizza on it

I cannot RAVE about this book enough — I was given a copy as a gift several years ago (the original version), and my life has changed. I haven't tried their Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in 5 Minutes a Day yet, but here it is.

16. Giant Kinetic Desk Toy

Mesmerizing! Kind of even hypnotizing.

17. Genealogy Fan Wall Chart

semi-circle fan genealogy wall chart with tan-colored paper

Genealogy can get addictive, even if a person has never shown interest in it before. This wall chart makes a stylish gift that can engage them for years as they work through it.

18. TODO Family Edition Card Game

card game in white box with a few colors on it

Here's a deck of cards with really fun and unique activities for families to do together that have NOTHING to do with a screen. Hallelujah!

19. Boogie Board Writing Table

black boogie board you can draw on and drawing is in green

Great for note taking, strategy for coaches, doodling, and really anything else you can think of that has to do with writing.

20. Flag Football Set

brightly colored flags, belts, and cones

I don't know about you, but flag football day? Was always the BEST day in our gym class. Here's a 10-person flag football set that can create some serious fun in a household.

21. Melt Massage Oil

large dark bottle of massage oil with travel sized empty bottle and extra pump

This massage oil is made from almonds…and nothing else! It comes with a travel bottle, and with a free massage tutorial for couples.

Cool Gifts Under 30 Dollars ($30 or Less) – Best Christmas Gifts Under $30

We've now arrived to cool Christmas gifts that cost under $30, but more than $25.

1. Exotic Honey Set

beautiful set of honeys in teal box

I've never even heard of any of these exotic honey varieties! This set includes honey from Angico (Brazilian Acacia), Aroeira (Brazilian Pink Pepper), Marmeleiro (Brazilian Quince) and Silvestre (Brazilian Wildflower).

2. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

tin of Jack Daniel's Whiskey Coffee, black with white lettering

These grounds come straight from Jack Daniel whiskey barrels.

3. Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

black bag of whiskey barrel aged coffee with white lettering

These are Sumatra coffee beans, aged in whiskey barrels!

4. Don Pablo Sampler

dark colored coffee sampler box

This is an Italian espresso coffee sampler.

5. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

tall cold brew pitcher with black top

Do you love cold brew coffee and you want to pass your passion along? Snag this cold brew coffee maker for them.

6. Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

lots of tools in a silvery coppery colored gun cleaning toolkit

Wild Shot's gun cleaning kit is useful for gun owners.

7. Armor All Car Cleaning Kit

large set of armor all cleaning products in orange and black bottles

A cleaning kit for the car lover in your life.

8. Fire Roasting Kit

several stainless steel roasting tools

Here's a heavy-duty fire-roasting kit you can use for s'mores, hot dogs, and much more.

9. Beef Jerky-Making Kit

small box with jerky making kit inside

Do they like beef jerky, or even just tinkering away in the kitchen? Here's a kit to make some of their own beef jerky

Great Gifts for Her Under $30

This is a special section dedicated for great gift ideas for all the ladies in your life, each under $30.

You'll also want to check out:

1. Deck of Empowerment Cards

small box of cards with pastel gems on the cover

This deck of Empower Questions therapy cards will help her learn so much more about themselves.

2. Car Vent Essential Oil Diffuser

silver colored tree design for vent oil diffuser with blue pad

Several people on my own list are getting this really cool essential oil diffuser for Christmas this year (pssst: I’m even ordering one for myself).

3. Tangle-Free Earbuds Holder

silicone case for earbuds
teal colored earbud case with metal snap button

Especially great if the woman in your life likes to keep things organized (*raises hand*). Here's a blue colored one.

4. Personal Safety Device

black personal safety device

Carrying around a Mace Pepper Spray keychain can help keep them safe (not to mention, keep them FEELING safe). Here’s another choice.

5. Rose Gold Cell Phone Stand

rose colored gold cell phone stand

I've got a cell phone stand and I just love it for helping me to see updates without having to look down at my phone.

6. Rainbow Silverware Set

rainbow set of silverware in teal colored box with gold lettering

Wow are these iridescent set of utensils unique! I'd love to whip them out for a party.

7. Backpack for Work Laptop

light teal with leather straps backpack for laptop

I'd love to carry my laptop around with this sleek backpack (sure beats what I currently have…hint, hint, Paul!).

8. Console Car Trash Can with Lid

black colored trash can with lid

Give me one of these, please. Then, give me a toddler who will use it…

9. Styling Station

black and silver colored styling station

Great way to organize a bathroom sink!

Check out these Dollar Tree Gift Ideas:

Well, what do you think? Which gifts under $30 are you most excited about giving (and which will you be buying TWO of so that you can gift one to yourself — I won't tell:))?

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