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31 Fun Date Night Gift Ideas for Couples (8 Ideas Under $8!)

Best date night ideas for the couples in your life (newlyweds, parents, and more).

I love that you’re looking for date night gift ideas for couples in your life – it’s such a fantastic way to show a couple that you care about their relationship.

young couple opening package together, smiling, text overlay "date night gift ideas for couples"

In fact, buying gifts for couples is awesome for several reasons:

  • Research shows that having consistent date nights for couples, newlyweds, and people who have been married for decades is super important.
  • Buying a couples gift knocks two people off your gift list, instead of just one. Gotta love that!
  • A couple’s gift shows a couple that you care about their relationship, which will certainly earn you brownie points.

I’ve got loads of ideas to make shopping for couples easier on you, broken down by shopping for parent couples, newlywed couples, date night gift ideas for him, and more.

You might even find a few date night gift ideas for you and your own partner here!

12-Month Date Night Ideas to Gift Couples

Want to gift the couples in your life 12 entire months of date night ideas? That's what all of these gifts in this section will give them.

1. Date Night Ideas – as the Gift

There are lots of cool resources out there full of great date night ideas, and you could give them as a gift.

For example:

Couple's Adventure Challenge

man in blindfold and woman laughing on date night outside
layout of scratched off date nights in book next to polaroid photos completing them

This is a really cool book of scratch-off dates and adventure challenges for your couple to go on. My husband and I loved how spontaneous it was!

Create this easy, and inexpensive date night jar

womans' manicured hands wrapping twine around mason jar DIY date night ideas gift

There are 75 ideas for date nights for them to choose from! Here’s another free date night jar printable you can print out and create for them.

2. Date Night Care Package

Have you heard of The Dating Divas? They’re a group of gals who love helping marriages stay alive through consistent (FUN) date nights.

One of the coolest things about their website is all their FREE date night ideas with printables for couples.

When my sister was getting married, as one of her bridal shower gifts, I downloaded a bunch of the dating printables, printed them out in full color at the office store, and wrapped a bow around them. These were no-prep date nights (since I already had gone ahead and printed them out for the new couple). Such a fun idea!

Let me curate a few of my favorites to include in your date night gift ideas for couples:

Date Night Gift Basket for Newlyweds and Date Night Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Know a pair of newlyweds? I’ve got some fun ideas to stick in a date night gift basket for any newlyweds in your life.

1. Date Night Ideas Cards – Filled in by Friends and Family

This is something that you could do if you know the new bride and new groom well – even better if you’re part of their wedding party.

Grab a deck of these date night ideas cards, then get their friends and family to fill in their favorite date nights they’ve had as ideas for your newlywed couple to sift through over the coming years.

Use ideas from here:

And if your friends aren’t married yet? You could have everyone fill these out at a bridal shower, collect them, and gift them later in the year. What an awesome way to extend their wedding season!

2. Newlywed Couple's Game

The Spouse-Ology game is perfect for newlyweds – and can actually be played with 2-4 couples, too.

3. Honeymoon-Themed Item

Where did your newlywed couple honeymoon? Or, where did they WANT to honeymoon, but haven’t been able to go yet?

Psst: you might want to check out my article on how to save up for a honeymoon.

Choose an item or two to put into the newlywed gift basket with their honeymoon in mind.

Include things like:

  • Recipe from the country/area
  • Music CD from the country/area
  • Travel book specifically about the country/area
  • A list you make of the 30 must-see places where they want to honeymoon
  • Snack food items from the country/area (you can check out any ethnic food markets you can find)
  • Honeymoon scrapbook

4. Marriage Advice Book

three marriage advice books stacked on top of each other on dark coffee table

There are some incredibly helpful marriage advice books out there, and you could include one in your newlywed gift basket.

For example, you could try:

5. Conversation Starters for Couples

stack of conversation starter decks as date night gift for couples

These could be especially helpful, considering the couple in your life hasn’t been married for that long. Could really help them to grow emotional intimacy in their marriage!

Here are a few options (including several free ones you can print out on nice paper/in color!):

BestSelf.Co Date Deck

black and white deck of date question on bamboo desk

Here's a high-quality deck of cards that a couple can use to either:

  • Draw a random card and ask random questions
  • Play the Date Deck Game

Cards are in one of five categories, including:

  1. Break the Ice
  2. Play it Safe
  3. Let's Get Edgy
  4. Risky Business
  5. Exposed

If you play the Date Deck Game, then you'll receive a certain number of points for each question you answer (the winner is the first person to 30 points – hint: you'll get there faster by answering more intimate and vulnerable questions!).

What I like about these is that they're small enough to slip into your purse for a coffee shop or park date, and there are enough categories that any couple can feel comfortable playing.

Example questions:

  • What song or band defines your teenage years? (Break the Ice)
  • What new habit should we adopt together? (Play it Safe)
  • What do you desire from me that you haven't dared to ask? (Exposed)

Crated with Love's Outrageous Conversation Starters for Couples

Crated with Love is known for their date night subscription boxes (you can find my full review of date night subscription boxes here).

But they recently came out with this deck of 141 couple's conversation starters.

And I'm so glad they did!

It makes for a great, last-minute date night at home (or a great way to pass time while road-trippin').

Example questions:

  • What Disney villain do you most identify with?
  • You and your partner just won a television game show and your prize is a lifetime supply of…something. Decide together what that thing is, and you both must agree on it.
  • What mythological creature best describes your love life?

Here are more conversation starter decks:

6. Couple’s Journal

What an amazing gift you could give to a couple with a couple’s journal – they can look back on it decades from now and remember so much about those early days in their marriage.

You can check out Our Q&A: 3-Year Couple’s Journal, the One Question a Day: 3-Year Journal for Couples, or A Year of Us: Couple’s Journal.

7. Marriage Binder with Free Marriage Printables

You can create what I like to call a “Marriage Binder” for the couple in your life.

We've got one!

Take the time to buy a beautiful new binder, and print out the printables for a free online marriage course (you’ll need two sets for some of these so that you can both fill them out).

Here’s a 10-day free mini-coursefree weekly marriage plannersfree date night intervention printablesfree couple’s therapy worksheetsfree couple’s workbook, etc.

8. Dating and Relationship Mad Libs

This is such a handsome, leather-ish-bound Mad Libs set all about relationships! I absolutely love it, and I think any couple in your life would really appreciate it as well.

If nothing else, you'll be gifting them a date night filled with laughs and giggles (remember doing Mad Libs as a kid? SUPER fun).

Date Night Gift Ideas for Parents

The parenting season of life is quite a hectic one. Not always, but a decent enough portion of time.

And one of the easiest things to cut out of daily and weekly life is dedicated time with your partner.

That’s why, as a parent of a 3.5-year-old, I commend you for wanting to gift date night ideas for the parents in your life. You’ll be helping them out, tremendously, by making it easy to say YES to date night!

1. Date Night Box Subscriptions (One-Time Deliveries Available!)

Did you know you can actually just order one-off date boxes from a date box subscription company? Or, you can get several months – both options are available as gifts to a couple.

A date night box is a once-a-month date night box with everything a couple needs to have an at-home date night experience, sent straight to their door. And yes, it feels kind of like Christmas when you get to open the box and see what’s in store for you!

Here are a few specific, one-off date boxes you can order to be sent to a couple:

Crated with Love Date Night Box

"The Awkward Years" date night box open on table with composition book pages, and all kinds of fun themed things
colorful date night subscription box opened on table with jungle theme

These one-time boxes include themes like The Honolulu Heist Date Box, Our Vegas Variety Show Date Night, and a Zombie Apocalypse Date Night.

Hint: go through my link. Use unique code: FRUGAL for $5 off.

Date Night In Date Night Subscription Box

date night in review

You can just choose one box for yourself or to gift to a couple.

Check out the date boxes my husband and I have personally reviewed here – date box reviews.

2. Babysitting Coupon Book

Free babysitting so that the couple can *actually* go out on some dates? Ummmm…yes, please!!

Create 1, 2, or a whole booklet of free babysitting coupons to give to your couple friend. Trust me, they will LOVE you for it.

Here are free babysitter templates and a free vintage-style babysitter coupon.

3. DIY Escape Room Basket

You can print out one of the free escape room printables below, put it in a manila envelope with a bow, and include it in a basket for a fun date night. In your basket you can put things like snack foods and anything else you think they might enjoy while going through the Escape Room date night together.

Free Printable escape rooms include:

  • Free Escape Room Printables: I just love these! You’ll find audio files for the missions by downloading the free iPhone app or free Android app, and you’ll need to get some materials together before your actual date night (like scissors, pens, single-sided printed copies of the free missions, etc.). Solve puzzles, decipher Morse codes, and deactivate bombs – all while working together.
  • Free Love Escape Room Printables: The Dating Divas have done it again, with their free printables to set up your own escape room in your home! (Hint: you might also want to check out their CSI: Love Edition free printables, which is kind of like an escape room).

Date Night Gifts for Him

Worried that either the man in your life or the man in the couple relationship you’re buying for won’t go for the other ideas? This section is specifically dedicated to date night gift ideas for HIM – trust me, these should get him excited enough to want to participate.

1. Date Night Escape Room in a Box

Did you know that you can gift the experience of an escape room…without splurging for two tickets to get a couple into one?

There are several escape-rooms-in-a-box available that would make for a thrilling date night.

These include:

Which date night ideas for couples are you most excited about? I'd love to hear what you gifted a couple in the past – it could help give someone else an idea!

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