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How to Stay Motivated to Save Money? 7 Tips and Tricks.

7  tricks for how to stay motivated to save money, and how to encourage someone to save money. Being frugal -- one of the easiest paths to saving money -- sometimes gets a bad rap. Some make fun of it (here is a link to Ramit’s hilarious…
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Save on Insurance Premiums (13 Actionable Strategies)

Save money on insurance with these 13 strategies for how to decrease insurance premiums and open up extra cash in your life! We routinely do this. Insurance is one of those necessary expenses in our lives. It might not be a fun expense, but…
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5 Tips to Save Money and Secure Your Future with Robo-Investing

Author: Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA is CEO of Robo-Advisor Pros.com, the author of several financial books, and a regular to contributor to US News and World Report. I’ve made a career out of saving money. From the time I first received an…
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365 Answers for How to Reward Yourself without Food or Money

Are you ready for 365 ways to reward yourself for cheap? 133 of these rewards are actually free -- giving you loads of ideas for how to reward yourself without food or money. Soooo…you’ve met this big, beautiful goal of yours and you’d…
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Benefits of Saving Money for Students

The benefits of saving money for students cannot be overstated – I’ve got 7 reasons why students should save money, as well as 10 benefits of doing so. I felt, firsthand, the benefits of saving money for students back when I graduated college…
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Benefits of Saving Money - Why Saving Money is Important

Do you need to know the benefits of saving money in order to get motivated? I answer why saving money is important. We have felt the many benefits of saving money a lot over the last ten years. As my husband and I have jumped from unexpected…