Why is personal financial health important, and how do you know when you’ve got it?

I share financial health tips, how to assess your own personal financial health with a personal finance health score, and OF COURSE, ways to increase it.

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How to Prepare for a Recession (Hint: More than Just Saving More Money)

How to prepare for a recession so that you take care of your family's financial well-being. Plus tips for how to ride out a recession. You’ve probably seen headlines (and possibly ignored them, as I’ve tried to do) about the next great…
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29 Life Lessons about Money (Ignore at Your Own Risk)

What's the best lesson you've learned about money? 29 life lessons about money from a 10-year personal finance blogger. I was once asked, "what's the best lesson you've learned about money?" Well...I couldn't give just one. After that…
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41+ Free Money Management Courses (Budgets, Debt, Investment, etc.)

Take several of these 41 free money management courses to brush up on your money skills (without going further into debt, or wrecking your budget). Do you know you need financial help, but you can't really afford it? Lucky for you, there are…
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7 Rules for Making the Best Financial Decisions (Every Time)

What are the things you need to know to make the best financial decisions? I’ve got examples of good financial decisions, and 7 rules to follow to make your own. Making financial decisions – especially big financial decisions – can be…
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How to Organize Bills for the Best Way to Pay Bills Each Month

How to organize bills? I show you easy bill organization systems and bill paying systems to maximize convenience and manage your financial life. Is your bill organization system a hot mess? Perhaps you read that, and thought “what bill organization…
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How to Host a Biggest Loser Challenge at Work

Looking to lose weight through a fun group activity? How about hosting a weight loss competition at work, or with your friends/family (like the Biggest Loser Challenge)? Let me show you how it’s done. Back in 2009, a friend of mine had this…