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11 Dollar Tree Gifts Ideas for Him (that are Surprisingly Cool)

How does spending under $10 for the guys on your list sound? Check out these awesome Dollar Tree gifts ideas for him.

What gifts do men like getting? That’s the question I hope to answer for you with these Dollar Tree gift ideas for him.

black rectangular storage container with man bath products, text overlay

Not only will you get help figuring out what to buy, but instead of spending $40 – $80 on it for his birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, just-because Dad gifts, etc., you’ll spend under $10 (without looking cheap).

Now that’s a (gameday)win-win in my book.

Dollar Tree Gift Ideas for Him

Tired of spending gobs of money on the men in your life because you can’t figure out what would really make them happy (or how to get it at a very good discount)?

That’s what these Dollar Tree Gift ideas for him are for.

1. Game Day Bucket

Many Dollar Trees now sell an NFL-licensed bucket for an area’s national football team.

popcorn, ginger soda, mobile gaming grip handle and chocolate chip cookies tied onto Washington Commanders plate with yellow ribbon

In our local one, I found a Washington Commanders tray and decided I could fill it with some fun things for my husband as a gift.

I was able to find:

  • 1 bottle of spicy ginger craft soda
  • 1 bag of gourmet popcorn
  • 1 bag of soft baked Pillsbury cookies
  • Mobile gaming grip handle (is my husband the only one who likes to be on their phone playing a game…while watching the game?)

Then I wrapped it up with yellow ribbon I found in party section. Done, and done!

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

2. Dude Skincare Package

black rectangular basket with green pouf, and black packages of skincare/bathcare

Not only is “dude” skincare and bath stuff trending right now, but the Dollar Tree has hopped on the train.

Which is good for you, when shopping for the men in your life!

I’ve included:

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

3. Jerky Coffee Sampler

Jim bean coffee with three gourmet beef jerkies surrounding it, wrapped with bungee cord

My husband loves jerky, and coffee…oh, and the other day he was literally telling me how we don’t have enough of those bungee cords.

Well, I delivered. And this could work for the man in your life, too!

In this gift, you can include:

  • Sample size of gourmet/extra special coffee
  • Several beef jerkies from the wall of jerkies at Dollar Tree

Wrap the whole thing in bungee cords (found in the tools section), and you’ve got yourself a “gift basket” for him (I know, I know – there’s no basket…maybe we’ll call this one a gift pack?).

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

4. Nuts Gift Box Sampler

bright blue gift box with four blue-lidded containers inside for four different nut packages

I usually end up getting one guy on my list a sample of nuts for a gift throughout the year.

Inevitably, I shop on Amazon, and pay an arm-and-a-leg for it (think $40+).

Instead, I decided to put together a nuts sampler gift this year and gift that, instead!

After all, the Dollar Tree has some pretty gourmet and interesting flavored nuts now.

To recreate, you’ll need:

  • Maple walnuts (if you haven’t tried these yet, then stop reading right now and get to your nearest Dollar Tree – they’re that good)
  • Coco Twist Pecans
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar Pistachios
  • Containers (food-grade containers I found in the craft section – clean first before filling up)
  • Gift box

You can either put one variety of nuts in each of the containers, OR, just keep them in their separate packages and put those into the gift box. Both look great.

four packages of snack nuts in bright blue gift box

Total Cost: $8.75 (plus tax)

5. B-Rated Horror Movie Date Night Pack

woman holding two movies from Dollar Tree - airline disaster and Krampus

There’s something utterly connecting about watching a seriously bad, b-rated horror movie with your partner.

I’ve done it several times with mine – often not knowing how bad it was going to be – and we’ve made huge memories.

And, you’re in luck – the Dollar Tree has TONS of b-rated movies to choose from.

The key here, if you’re giving this as a Dollar Tree Gift for him, is that you have to tell them it’s a b-rated movie thing. You don’t want them going into their movie night thinking they’re getting an awesome cinematic experience (well, unless you want to prank them – which can be fun, too).

You’re looking for horror films, anything shark-related (oh my gosh, these are always awful), maybe epic ones (like where a volcano explodes – the graphics, alone, lead to giggles), etc.

Pair the movie with:

  • A bag of gourmet popcorn
  • Some of his fave boxed candies
  • Sparkly water, soda, or some other drink they’d enjoy
  • Soft baked Pillsbury cookies (these are quite yummy)

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

6. Car Bucket

black wash bucket filled with car products on hood of car

In the household cleaning section at the Dollar Tree, you’ll find a wash bucket (ours had two colors: charcoal gray, and black).

Grab one, and fill it with some of these car supplies:

  • Big yellow sponge for cleaning
  • Car interior wipes
  • Microfiber car cleaning clothes
  • Car coaster insert
  • Car freshener for afterwards

Total Cost: $7.50 (plus tax)

7. Grilling Supplies Gift Set

black and white checkered grilling oven mitt with grill tool and seasoning sticking out top

How cute – grab a Grillin’ & Chillin’ oven mitt, a grilling tool, and head to the spices section to pick out a large BBQ seasoning container.

Then, bundle them all together.

Total Cost: $3.75 (plus tax)

8. Spy + Political Thriller Novels

two spy and political thriller novels from Dollar Tree on white background

I can’t have the only husband who loves a juicy spy book or political thriller, right?

I’ve found that you can find surprisingly good ones at the Dollar Tree. Just look at these I found over several months to give as a gift!

Total Cost: $2.50 (plus tax)

9. Grilling Spices Gift Set

There are actually several grilling spices you can find in the seasoning/spice section of most Dollar Trees.

Take a look for them, pick out three or so, and bundle them up for a “thinking of you” gift for him.

Total Cost: $3.75 (plus tax)

10. Jerky Sampler

black basket full of gourmet jerkies

There’s like a whole wall of jerkies at the Dollar Tree now. And not just the cheap-o ones.

You’ll actually find some of the more gourmet varieties (just in smaller packs).

That’s why I’m calling this gift a Jerky Sampler – gather lots of gourmet jerkies, package them up, and gift them to a man in your life.

For this set, I’ve included:

  • Black storage container
  • Oberto Original Beef Jerky
  • Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky
  • Tillamook Chophouse Bites Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

11. Runner’s iPhone Armband

My guy runs several days a week, and used to keep his iPhone in his pocket.

That is, until I gifted him an armband to put his phone into! The Dollar Tree sells these, too (and for much less than what I paid – doh!).

Total Cost: $1.25 (plus tax)

These Dollar Tree gift ideas for him that I created are covering at least four different buying occasions in the next few months for a few of the guys in my life. Hurrah! I hope they cover you, as well.

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