Becoming debt free is sweet! We would know, as my husband and I got ourselves out of over $59,000 of debt (debt-free, minus the mortgage, as of September 1, 2010!).

On this page, you’ll find all things about how to get out of debt. Debt free stories, how we got out of debt, debt repayment strategies, our experience with medical bill collections, debt payoff visuals, debt free lifestyle, gazelle intense stories, and so much more.

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debt busting challenge

The Debt Busting Challenge

  [TOC] Debt Busting Challenge Day #1 Imagine trying to eat a family dinner in the dark. True, it might work for posh LA restaurants where you stay seated as they serve you your meal several inches from your face. But if you're…

Are You in High-Interest Debt? I’ve Got 4 Unique Ways Homeowners Can Manage It

Are you a homeowner who also has high-interest debt (such as credit cards or student loans)? I’ve got 4 specific strategies you can take advantage of just because you own a home. This post is in partnership with Mr. Cooper, which compensated…
medical bill collections

Have Medical Bills in Collections? Dispute a Medical Bill with these 5 Tools

Need to dispute a medical bill in collections that you do or do not actually owe? I'm sharing the 5 tools you can use in your fight. For the first 7 months of this year, I was in a battle with medical collections for a medical bill. Not…
How to dispute a medical bill sample letter

Get the Letter that Cleared Us of $1,097 in Medical Debt in Just 6 Days

How to dispute a medical bill sample letter that got us out of paying a $1,097 medical bill we didn't owe, in 6 days (after a 7-month battle).  I just finished watching The Bridges of Madison County yesterday, so can't really be held accountable…
becoming debt free

Becoming Debt Free Takes More than Figuring Out the Numbers

I've learned a lot since becoming debt free 7 years ago. Let me show you the debt repayment strategies I would use today if I had to do it all over again. You live, you learn, right? After paying off the remaining $25,000 of our combined…
debt repayment strategy

Are You Overexposing Yourself with Your Debt Repayment Strategy?

Don't use a debt repayment strategy blindly -- even if it's from a financial guru -- because it could lead to overexposing your family. I love a good debt-payoff story. In fact, during my 30-day Debt Bustin' Challenge, I took the time to…