Becoming debt free is sweet! We would know, as my husband and I got ourselves out of over $59,000 of debt (debt-free, minus the mortgage, as of September 1, 2010!).

On this page, you’ll find all things about how to get out of debt. Debt free stories, how we got out of debt, debt repayment strategies, our experience with medical bill collections, debt payoff visuals, debt free lifestyle, gazelle intense stories, and so much more.

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How to Pay Off Debt in a Year (Example: How to Pay Off 40k FAST)

How to pay off debt in a year…are you curious what it would take to pay off ALL of your debt in just the next 365 days? I’ll show you. Have you ever sat down to figure out how to pay off debt in a year – like, ALL of your debt, in just…
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7 Debt Payoff Challenges that Will Speed Up Your Debt Free Plans

Here’s a roundup of the best FREE debt payoff challenges to help whip your debt payment plans into shape. Onwards and upwards! You’ve got debt you want to lose, like yesterday. And guess what? As someone who has paid off $59,492 in debt…
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Zombie Debt – How Long Can a Company Try to Collect a Debt?

Zombie debt...did you know it's an actual thing? Let's discuss what zombie debt is, and how long can a company try to collect a debt from you. I remember my first zombie movie like it was yesterday. No, it was not during the zombie craze…
debt busting challenge

Welcome to The Debt Busting Challenge!

Welcome to the Free Debt Busting Challenge! You found my little corner of the web where I help you hack away at your debts, in the smartest way possible. And by "smartest"? I mean, in the way that's going to cost you the least amount of…

Are You in High-Interest Debt? I’ve Got 4 Unique Ways Homeowners Can Manage It

Are you a homeowner who also has high-interest debt (such as credit cards or student loans)? I’ve got 4 specific strategies you can take advantage of just because you own a home. This post is in partnership with Mr. Cooper, which compensated…
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How to Raise Your Credit Score Fast (5 Actionable Tips to do TODAY)

Need to raise your credit score fast? Here are 5 actionable tips you can do TODAY to increase your score. Hey guys, my name is Mike. I blog over at Credit Takeoff, and today I’m going to walk you through five ways you can improve your credit…