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41 Relationship Challenges for Couples At Home (Physical & Love Challenges)

Fun relationship challenges for couples – an easy way to make things fun and fresh (mostly at home) while learning about each other.

Ever sat around wondering what can couples do together – you know, that’s FUN, exciting, and new?

young couple on couch having fun together, text overlay "list of 41 cute things for couples to do together, budget-friendly"

And not just other couples, but things you and your OWN partner would want to do together?

I’m a big believer in fun relationship challenges for couples.

Not only do physical and love relationship challenges give you something new to do together, they also help your relationship grow because you:

  • learn about each other
  • work on something together

What could be better than that?

Not to mention, a partner or spouse challenge is a great way to bust boredom!

Relationship Challenges for Couples – List of Cute Couple Things to Do

What are some cute relationship challenges couples can do together?

Boy, do I have you covered.

These ideas are so darn cute, that my own husband better watch out – I’ve got my eye on a few we’ll be doing together.

1. Relationship Intimacy Challenges Using Free Apps

I've written before about free apps for married couples, and want to share a few relationship challenges the two of you can do together using them.

  • Ultimate Intimacy App (Free for iOS): Find fun relationship activities in the bedroom, games couples can play with each other through the app, and conversation prompts.
  • Honi App (Free for iOS): Get access to over 500 couple's challenges with this app!
  • Desire App (Free for both iOS and Android): Want to send dares to each other? Check out the ones in this free app.

2. Kissing Challenges for Couples

Has the kissing died down a bit in your relationship…or are you just up for something new and exciting to try?

Try these couple's kissing challenges and games:

3. Couple’s Fitness Challenges

Check out these cute couple workout challenges, like the Couple’s Biggest Loser Competition and the 30-Day Couples Fitness Challenge.

Pssst: did you know you could sign up for a Couple's fitness challenge together where you bet on your weight loss? If you and your partner lose the weight, then you win prize money! Check out HealthyWage for more information.

You might also want to check out my own article on how to create a biggest loser competition with friends, coworkers, and even with your partner!

4. Couple's Staring Challenge

This is actually not about the giggle-fest (that will likely happen – enjoy that, as well!). It's about connecting with your partner in a very intimate way.

5. Couple Challenges from TikTok

Grab your phone, and the TikTok app to complete a few of these fun, TikTok couple challenges.

6. Complete a Money Goal Together

You would not BELIEVE how much my husband and I learned about each other when we decided to get our combined debt of $25,000 paid off before we walked down the aisle.

Quite the challenge!

We were newly engaged, and we threw ourselves into this goal.

Our communication improved, our respect for each other improved, our intimacy improved (because we both saw how much the other cared about each other's debt), and our finances improved.

You'll definitely want to get your hands on a couple's budgeting app to help you with your couple's financial goals and hold regular spouse financial meetings.

7. Sports Team Showdown

Pick a team (your own, if you have one) that you will each follow throughout the season.

Whoever ends the season ahead of the other? The other partner has to wear a jersey or something from that other team to an event you go to together.

Hint: one of you guys doesn’t follow sports? I don’t, either! This is the perfect way to get one partner involved in the other partner’s hobby…even if their “hobby” borders on obsession.

8. The $10 Target Couple's Challenge

This one is pretty hilarious! You each get $10, and you have to pick out 10 items from Target that you think the other person would like.

Then, you reveal (which is the really fun part).

9. Couple’s Bible Devotions

Have you ever thought about going through parts of the bible with your partner?

Here are:

10. Life Sutra Relationship Experiments

This deck of cards has both conversation starters AND relationship experiments.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a boring relationship fun again, then keep reading. I’ve got loads more challenges for you guys to try out.

Psst: find my full review of these cards, plus spicy couples-night-in date night ideas, in 37 at-home date nights for married couples.

11. Surprise Date Challenge

Have you heard of The Surprise Date Challenge? It's a quickly growing trend for married couples (and any couples) who want to keep the spice in their relationship.

  • You commit to planning one SURPRISE date for your partner each month.
  • You put it in the calendar.
  • Several hours before it's supposed to start, you tell them what to wear, where to meet you, etc.

So fun! Here’s a book that helps you with planning one surprise date monthly.

12. Couple’s Bucket List Challenge

Here’s a really cool scratch-off poster for a date night bucket list – there are 100 different ideas to do together!

13. Couple's Trust Challenge

Act like a couple's springboard with this physical relationship challenge. Both partners need to trust one another for it to work.

If one person trusts, but the other doesn't? The exercise won't work (and vice versa). Test it out!

Psst: check out tons of date night ideas!

Couple’s YouTube Challenges List – Fun Challenges to Do with Your Boyfriend

Why should kids be having all the fun with YouTube challenges?

There are some pretty silly couple's YouTube challenges out there (that definitely qualify as fun relationship challenges for couples!), so I've put together this YouTube Challenges List.

Because doing something silly together? Is on the top of my list of things to do with your spouse to reconnect.

1. YouTube Challenges Date Night

We'll start off with the lovely Dating Divas, who created a YouTube Challenges date night!

Grab your free printables here, which will take the two of you through a date night complete with the invite, the list of challenges you'll need to complete, YouTube Task Games, and more.

2. Couple's 1-2-3 Challenge

Basically, you throw out a question about each other, you count to 3, and then you both have to say your answer out loud.

16. Pie Face Couple's Challenge

Again, this is a question challenge about how well you know each other. You write out your answers, and the person who loses gets a whipped cream pie in their face.

17. Couple's Duct Tape Challenge

Ummmm…I don't think I'll be doing this one anytime soon. Pretty funny idea, though!

18. Couple's Whisper Challenge

This one looks absolutely hilarious. In fact, I think we're going to try it on our next at-home date night!

So, what happens if you're in a long-distance relationship? I've got lots of fun LDR challenges for you.

19. Couple's Telepathy Challenge

This can be a fun date night! How “in tune” are your brains after living together and working as a couple for X number of years?

Fun Challenges for Long-Distance Couples

I used to be in an LDR (that's short for Long Distance Relationship – though I don’t have to tell YOU that!).

My then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I lived 7,000 miles apart.

He was stationed in Japan – where we met – and I was finishing college in the States.

It can be tough to not only keep in contact with each other but to GROW your relationship when you’re so far apart. These fun challenges for LDR couples will really help you both engage with each other in new ways.

Psst: you’ll definitely want to check out my list of unique date ideas for long distance relationships, and long distance relationship gift ideas.

  1. Truth or Dare Over Text Message: Why not take your Truth and Dare game and play it over text? You can do it throughout the day, or during a date night for the two of you.
  2. Text in Love Song Titles: This one is SO fun. Set a timer for an hour or so, and tell your partner that you both can ONLY communicate with one another via song titles. They can be love song titles or any song titles. But that is IT. You could start with “I Wanna Take Forever Tonight”, “Say Something”, or…any other song you can think of!
  3. Talk in Emojis and GIFs: I like to call these Emoji-throwdowns. They’re pretty fun. You have an entire conversation, using only emojis and GIFs.
  4. $10 Store Challenge: Just like the $10 Target Challenge from above, you guys can play this game, too! Each chooses a store to go to and get 10 items for $10 (or as close to $10 as you can). Meet up on Skype, FaceTime, or wherever else you guys use to talk “in person”, and go over the reveal.
  5. Genealogy Challenge: Use these free Family Date Night History Printables to either print out separately, or to send a copy to your boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. Then, over Skype, do some research from these totally free genealogy websites to start filling in the information. There are conversation cards and more to make this an actual date night.
  6. Rick Roll Challenge: Ever heard the term “you’ve been Rick Rolled”? If so, then you were on the receiving end of a very popular music video from the 90s. Now, it’s time to take on the Rick Roll challenge as a long-distance couple. Find really sneaky ways to Rick Roll your partner; could be by text, could be by email. Maybe you include a link to one thing but then point to the Rick Roll video. Have his Mom Rick Roll him, courtesy of YOU. See how long you guys can go where you keep “getting” each other!
  7. Couple’s Weight Loss Challenge: Just because you’re a long distance away doesn’t mean you can’t work on something meaningful together…like a couple’s weight loss challenge!
  8. WhatsApp Dare Challenges: Did you know you can use WhatsApp even if one of you is international? There are WhatsApp dare challenges and games you can play, which will certainly add pizazz to your normal text messaging.

Psst: be sure to check out my article on gift ideas for long distance relationships!

Next up? Love challenges for couples to complete.

Love Challenges for Couples – Things Couples Can Do Together

Love challenges help couples to mend a few broken threads, reconnect with each other, engage with one another in loving ways, and so much more.

In fact, you might just want to start a new challenge after you end one because you’ll miss all the extra attention you’re giving each other!

  1. Love Dare Challenge: Have you ever watched the movie Fireproof? It’s not a feat of cinematic brilliance, but WOW does it make you think (my husband and I both watched it together). Well, they created The Love Dare book from it. And it’s a pretty awesome love challenge to go through with your partner. It’s 40 days long, and your relationship will change as a result of going through it.
  2. Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Mini-Course: We went through the Dating Divas’ 10-day, Divorce-Proof Your Marriage mini-course (it’s free!), and we made dating one another a top priority for us. Our biggest takeaway? Was to prioritize date night once a week. These are mostly at-home date nights that we do, and we take turns (so twice a month, I get a surprise date night!).
  3. 21-Day Love-Habits Challenge for Relationships: Some really cool free printables come with this one (not to mention, TONS of great ideas for healthy, loving habits to build into your relationship over the next 21 days and beyond).
  4. 30-Day Relationship Challenge: You follow through with one thing to do each day, as a couple. Be sure to read ahead, as some will take planning (like renting a local hotel room for the night to spice things up!).

30 Day Challenges for Married Couples

Are you married, and looking for free 30-day challenges specifically for you (and a few 7-day ones)?

I got you covered — it's one of my favorite ways to help your relationship grow!

In fact, I’m stoked to take some of these, myself (well, with my husband, of course.).

Psst: while this is not a 30-day challenge, you’ll definitely want to go through the challenge of creating the State of Your Financial Union, my free marriage planning printable (pdf).

  1. 30-Day Marriage Challenge: You can print this one out and keep it on the fridge – all the info you need is on one page (FYI: it’s for the wife to do…not a challenge to do together, unless your husband simply replaces “husband”, “him”, and “he” with “wife”, “her”, and “she” throughout). I particularly like to “Leave him a sweet note” on Day #7. Notes are so rare these days!
  2. 29 Days to Great Love Making: This challenge looks fun (*wink, wink*)! And something tells me…your husband will get on board.
  3. 7-Day Pray for My Marriage Challenge: Do you pray with your spouse, for your spouse, and/or for your marriage? In the last year, my husband and I realized that we do not pray together. We pray individually and always have since we were at least teens, but not as a couple, nor as a family. Once we realized that, we started to change it. And our relationship has grown as a result! Here’s a 7-day prayer challenge for your marriage.
  4. 30 Days to Being a Better Wife: Do you want to work on your wife-ing skills? I know I could! This 30-day challenge could really help with that.
  5. 27 Days of Gratitude Spouse Challenge: Just a few days short of 30…this challenge packs a punch! Think about how much your relationship can change by just doing one daily action for your spouse for 27 days that’s motivated by the gratefulness you have for them? Simple, free printables, too.
  6. 30-Day Marriage Challenge: This is for either (or both) spouses to complete. Wow, would my husband love it if I gave him two hours alone without our kiddo or me!

30-Day Marriage Challenge Book Resource List

I’ve got some killer 30-day marriage challenges and enrichment books for you. Here’s my pick:

I hope you can see both how fun it can be to do a challenge with your partner, AND how much it can help your relationship grow. Take your pick from these fun relationship challenges for couples, and leave a comment below with how it goes!

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Pratiti Bhatia

Monday 1st of June 2020

Wow... that's an amazing list of challenges for couples to take to understand each other and have fun along the way. Just to share one of our experiences was to think of good deeds each day for 30 days. It might not be a direct fit here but then reading through your post made me recap things that I and my husband have done together before and after marriage.

Amanda L Grossman

Monday 9th of November 2020

So glad you enjoyed these relationship challenges for couples! And thanks for sharing your good deeds challenge - really great idea to help couples reconnect with each other.