Your money feels like an unruly toddler – one that should have grown up long ago.

It’s bossy. It demands too much of your attention. And you feel like you’re constantly dragging it along to get it to do ANYTHING that YOU want to do.

Let’s get a little more specific – check all that apply:

  • Pretty much everything that comes in goes right back out to bills (without a dime going towards what YOU want to be saving for).
  • You trust that you can make it through the daily/monthly challenges to pay bills, but long term, it feels you’ll never have enough.
  • You don’t always have enough time and mental energy to follow all the money saving tips.
  • You’re dealing with rising costs, on an income that seems to be staying put.
  • You wish you had been more serious about your finances 10 years ago…and now you’re wondering if there’s anyway to make up for lost time.
  • When you sit down to budget, it’s too frustrating to look beyond this month and next month with any accuracy.
  • You’re dragging debt around from last decade (when you’d rather have ditched it back in Sex and the City’s heyday).

No money shame here. If you checked off 1, 2, or 7 of these, then you’re in luck – our paths have crossed for a reason!