How do you survive being unemployed? I’ve got some sound money strategies for you if you’re unemployed, furloughed, or think you might be in the future. This is based on our experience — we have 4 layoffs between my husband and I in the last decade.

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Steps to Take Now to Prepare Yourself for a Government Furlough

What does government furlough mean? How do you prepare you and your family for the loss of income on a furlough? Are you about to go on a government furlough, and you're wondering do you get paid on furlough, and Can you collect unemployment…
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How to Survive Unemployment (We've had 4 Layoffs in the Last Decade)

How to survive unemployment, especially when everything seems so unsure for you? Let me share with you a financial + quality of life guide to surviving unemployment and dealing with finances without a job. My husband and I have each been laid…
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Health Insurance Without a Job (Your Choices + What We Did)

Looking for health insurance without a job? It can be tricky to find an affordable plan, especially if you were just recently unemployed. Can you quit your job and get health insurance? Here's what we did when my husband lost his job. While…

How Do You Put Child Locks on a Small Business? Let Me Show You What I Did

One thing I haven’t really discussed here – and I like to give you guys behind-the-scenes every now and again – is how I’ve been #BizNesting. You see, when I quit my day job in January 2013 to pursue Frugal Confessions and writing…
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Behind-the-Scenes of Frugal Confessions' Second Year in Business

Testing boundaries. Check. Business mood swings. Check. Growing independence (while simultaneously counting on the mercy of others to help me with basic needs). Check. Yup...I just wrapped up my second year (aka the Terrible Two's) in business.…
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The Only Conference Where People Strike Up Conversations about Free Parking

I've just gotten back from my favorite conference: FINCON. It's a conference specifically for personal financial bloggers (hey, that's me!), and I've attended each year since it started in 2010. One of the funniest things about getting a…