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How Can I Get a Discount at Starbucks? (11 Starbucks Discounts)

Frustrated by trying to find a Starbucks discount promo code that's still active? Let me show you how I do it (plus 10 other Starbucks discounts).

starbucks cup on table, text overlay "how can I get a discount at starbucks? 11 hacks"

Let me guess…you're trying to find a Starbucks discount code and either one doesn't exist, it's for a product you don't use, or the Starbucks promo you DID find has expired?

Sooooo frustrating.

Not only am I going to show you 11 different strategies for finding Starbucks Discounts (beyond just the free birthday reward they give you)…but I'm also going to show you a trick for how you will NEVER miss another LIVE Starbucks promo code again.

Starbucks Discount #1: Find Online Coupon Codes for Starbucks

I’ve detailed several Swagbucks internet searches you can complete that will save you lots of money over the years. Searching for an online coupon code at the time of your checkout is one of the best ways to save money.

It’s simple, really.

When you come upon the checkout screen where there’s a discount code box, you simply put the name of the retailer into the Swagbucks search engine and add the language “online code”, “coupon code”, or anything else you think might pop up a nice percentage off for you.

In my own attempts at this – before I started using Starbucks Discount Strategy #2 below – my success rate for finding a Starbucks Discount Promo Code was only about 50%.

  • 50% of the time I find a working coupon code from one of the various online coupon code sites vying for the top slot in my search results.
  • 50% of the time…the first code doesn’t work. Neither does the second one I find nor does the third. At which point I just give in and make the purchase without receiving any sort of discount.

It’s no secret that finding online coupon codes for a Starbucks discount is kinda hard to do. They’re just not a discount-type store.

And when you do find these codes, they’re not very good (or at least not for anything I’d like to spend money on).

So, while this is not always the best option for saving money with Starbucks when paired with strategy #2 below, it can really work.

See for yourself what two different online promo code sites are offering for Starbucks promo codes:

Retail Me Not

screenshot of retail me not starbucks discount codes


dealspotr screenshot showing a few Starbucks discount promo codes

Starbucks Discount #2: Set Up a Google Alert for Starbucks Offers Today (ANY Day)

Here's the thing: I took those screenshots above a year or so ago when there were Starbucks deals. But sometimes? There's nothing to be found. *womp, womp*.

Retail Me Not

retailmenot screenshot with no starbucks deals

So, how are you supposed to keep up to date on Starbucks offers TODAY (and “today” being actually the date you're reading this)?

Have you ever heard of a Google Alert? It's something you set up with Google, and they'll alert you whenever they find what you're looking for (as it appears, new, in the search engines).

That's a powerful tool! Business owners use this a lot to see when other people have mentioned them online…but YOU are going to use this to see when a new Starbucks online discount code pops up.

That's right – no more missing those 24-hour deals on discount Starbucks gift cards and online promo codes.

To set this up, you need to:

#1: Go to Google Alerts.

#2: Then, enter a search term you want to track. I suggest one of the following (or all of them – it's up to you):

  • Starbucks coupon
  • Starbucks discount code
  • Discount Starbucks gift card
  • Starbucks promo
Screenshot of Google Alerts, with arrows pointing to search term box and "show options" button

#3: Click on “Show Options”, and choose how you want to be emailed about your Google Alerts.

#4: Click “Create Alert”.

Boom, you're done! Now you'll be in the know about future Starbucks promotions and discounts, WHILE they're still live.

Just look what showed up in my Starbucks Promo Google Alerts within 24 hours of creating the alert above!

screenshot of three articles on starbucks promos, like June deals and 50% off refreshers today

And here's another one:

screenshot of a google alert to get a free starbucks for your friend

Alright, how about 9 more ways to get Starbucks discounts, besides searching for Starbucks promo codes online?

9 More Starbucks Discounts

Searching for online discount codes for Starbucks is a good strategy, but there are 9 more strategies that will reap Starbucks discounts you've gotta give a try.

Hint: you definitely need to sign up for their free reward program to get many of these discounts and deals. It's worth it! You earn 2 Stars for every $1 spent using a Starbucks gift card (so I always reload mine), or 1 Star for every $1 spent using the “Scan only” in the app and paying with cash/debit/credit separately.

Starbucks Discount #3: Earn Starbucks Gift Cards through Fetch Rewards App

I scan all of my receipts into two cashback apps: Fetch, and ibotta (yes, you can scan the same receipt into both apps).

Then, I earn points that I use to purchase gift cards.

And one of the options in Fetch? Is a Starbucks discount.

Fetch mobile app showing she can get a $5 or a $10 Starbucks gift card for free with her reward points

Talk about mining my current spending for some extra lattes!

Starbucks Discount #4: Download the Mobile App (that's where they moved the coupons)

Is Starbuck's happy hour still going on? Heck, yes! But, they moved it.

Starbucks used to send out Happy Hour coupon codes and coupon printables through their email newsletter. But now? They've moved their “Happy Hour” to their free Starbucks mobile app.

Note: Happy Hour is either a discount on a beverage, or a BOGO discount. They have an specific date and the time frame to use it is from 3:00 PM to closing.

See? I got this email below earlier this year about the change (note: they do still offer other promotions through email).

screenshot of email saying future starbucks discounts will come through the mobile app

I recently signed up for the mobile app, and I had this offer waiting for me (hopefully more to come!):

mobile phone with Starbucks app showing coupons

To find your own offers, go to the Mobile App, then to “Inbox”, and then look in “Active Offers”.

Starbucks Discount #5: Activate Your Double & Triple Star Days

I actually stay on the Starbucks email newsletter (you receive it once you sign up for their rewards program). Why?

Because they send me discounts and extra ways to earn stars towards free product so often.

Just look at these recent extra stars I've earned from promos this year:

light green and teal promos for extra stars
mobile Starbucks app showing three pink-circled promotions where she earned extra stars

Each month, you'll get a notification through the Mobile App of your double star days. These are the days when whatever you purchase, you will earn four (4) Stars for every $1 spent.

Definitely take advantage of these days!

To get the double or triple rewards, you have to activate the offer, though. Which usually means just clicking on a button in your mobile app or email.

Hint: I ALWAYS activate my offers. Because 9 times out of 10, something happens in my life (impromptu pickup from school, missed lunch, etc.) where I end up at Starbucks and earn some of those extra stars anyway, even though it's outside of my “normal” weekly trip to Starbucks. You never know.

So, be on the lookout!

Starbucks Discount #6: Order the Smallest Size on Free Refills

You probably already know that Starbucks offers free refills on certain products to registered Starbucks card users.

So, if you order (hot, Iced Coffee, or Cold Brew), and tea (hot, or iced) and use your registered Starbucks Discount card and/or Mobile App, then be sure to order the smallest size.

That way, you're paying the smallest amount for the product, and can just get a refill. Of course, this only works if you're staying in the store. Once you leave the store, you cannot get another refill (and it doesn't work on the drive-thru).

But for people like me, who use Starbucks as a second office/cheap co-working space, this is a great deal.

Starbucks Discount #7: Play Starbucks Games

Whenever you see one of their online games, you definitely want to play!

Each time you make a purchase, you'll get turns to use. I did this for both their winter online game last year and their summer online game and won bonus stars all over the place (22 in just the summer games).

It was awesome!

Check out one of their latest games:

lavendar and light tan Sprint It On Starbucks Scavenger Hunt promo

Starbucks Discount #8: Redeem Credit Card Reward Points

I love using our free credit card reward points (because we don't pay an annual fee, and we pay off our balance each month within the grace period, so no interest is charged) for Starbucks gift cards.

Check with your own rewards program and see if they offer the same!

Starbucks Discount #9: Find Starbucks Discount Gift Cards

You've probably heard of Swagbucks, where you earn points that you then cash in for gift cards just by searching the internet.

Psst: wait a minute…you're NOT doing this yet? Please click here and get started earning cash by searching the internet – it's no joke!

What you may NOT know, is that Swagbucks periodically discounts their reward gift cards you can use your points to get, and that includes their Starbucks gift cards.

Here's a 12% discount on a Starbucks gift card I found just the other day!

screenshot of swagbucks starbucks discount cards offer with 12% off

Well…that's it. I have no doubt you will find at least two new ways to get Starbucks discounts from above. And if you find any others? Please let us know in the comments below. I just might feature it in the article itself (with your permission, of course).

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Amanda L Grossman

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Bill in Houston

Wednesday 26th of June 2019

There's always Coinstar. There is no fee for getting a gift card (technically, "eGift"). As long as you cash in at least five dollars worth of change, you are good to go.

The only other cheapskate was is to use a giftcard someone gives you. I don't go to Starbucks very much, especially when I have to spend my own money. My office used to give out various gift cards at Christmas, and Starbucks was one. I still have one in my wallet, and combined all of the other fractional totals onto it. There's nearly $24 on there, just enough for a small one of those new mochachocolattayayas (Lady Marmalade reference from 1974!).

Amanda L Grossman

Thursday 27th of June 2019

Hahaha -- thanks for the laugh, Bill. Good to see you! Nice tip on getting an eGift card to Starbucks from Coinstar. I'll look into adding that into the article.