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Decadence should not be a one-syllable word.


You know there has to be something more to life than living paycheck to paycheck, scraping together your pennies to pay bloated prices, and robbing your retirement dreams to live for today. You don’t want to get a second job, sell all of your belongings, or pursue any of the other conventional {stale} advice thrown around by people who have not been in your shoes.

If decadence has become a one-syllable word in your household and you find yourself lost in wanderlust instead of actually living the life that you want, then our paths have crossed for a reason. Circle Photo

I’m Amanda, and I revel in infusing frugal decadence into the lives of the overly-budget conscious, those who are living paycheck to paycheck, and the spenders who are up for a bit of frugal reform {without losing that special flare that makes life worth living}.

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Life’s too short to say “no” to the things and experiences that you want, and too long to not save for your retirement dreams.

Whether you are paying off debt or just trying to breathe life into that paycheck of yours, I’ve got the tools to make that happen without sacrificing the things and experiences that you want:

  • The Course: Get your debt freedom date manipulated to be closer to today (and pay a heck of a lot less interest in the meantime) so that you can live your life to the fullest through my course The Debt Manipulator 3.0.
  • The Books: Forget about shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars each year at the drugstore, and instead get your drugstore game on, a system I’ve shared through my books to keep more moolah in your pocket.
  • The Blog: Soak up weekly, bite-sized chunks of money advice in a way that doesn’t make you want to hide in your shoe-boxed bank statements.

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Infuse Your Life with Frugal Decadence

In my short 31 years on this earth I have figured out that life is not just about scrimping to get by, nor is it one constant party leading to an unhappy hangover in retirement. It’s a happy cocktail of both extremes that would excite any mixologist:

2/3 Cup Financial Sensibility + 1/3 Cup Epicurean Flare = Frugal Decadence {the third way}

I would know that this third way is possible because it’s enabled my husband and I to collectively pay off $59,496 in debt and save a proper emergency fund, all while traveling the world and living an exciting life. Heck, I even got to quit my day job last year to pursue my passion for writing + frugal decadence full-time (without making full-time income).

It’s not a large salary that has enabled our amazing life, but rather living the principles that I teach.

Ready to find a lot more money in that current paycheck of yours?

You’ll need the guide: 7 Frugal Hacks to Afford the Life You Want + Save for the One You Need…it’s FREE! 


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My Personal Frugal Decadence Evolution

Frugality has always been a beacon in my life, no matter if I have a little bit of money—such as growing up on a family dairy farm, working through college, and being laid off from both my first and second post-college jobs—or whether my paycheck looks more like Rachel Ray’s (I’ll let you know when that happens).

But the decadence part did not come so easily.

Being laid off the second time sprung my squirrel-like whims into action, and I spent many hours researching new and innovative ways to save money. I was burnt out on spending my life energy doing things like squeezing the last remnants of toothpaste out of the bottom of a tube. After all, shouldn’t I be enjoying my precious time here on earth?

I was looking for the third way, but I couldn’t really express it yet.

The two overbearing opinions in the world of money left me frustrated and disillusioned:

a) spend freely, getting all of the things and experiences that I want, but give up money and most likely go into debt or
b) spend nothing, getting none of the things and experiences that I want in life, and die with some money in my pocket

Quite honestly, I knew that neither of these options would work for me. So I set about creating a third one.

The Choice Most People Don’t Believe Exists

I love to save money. Period.

But I also want to live my life and not forego all that it has to offer because of not wanting to spend the money. So I posed this question: Can I have the things and experiences that I want in life—traveling the world, clothes from brand names, all of the books to satiate my appetite, cooking classes, a beautiful home—in a way that still allows me to save for the future?

The answer—one that most people just don’t believe exists—is a resounding YES.

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I am a firm believer that I can do and have whatever it is that I desire, and that I will never pay the price that most people do. I call this Frugal Decadence, and it is the life that I choose to lead.

And guess what? This means that you can lead this type of life, too!

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Embrace Frugal Decadence With Me

Frugal Decadence has become a way of life for me, and I hope that you will come to find its merits through my writing, my course The Debt Manipulator 3.0 (these are the same strategies my husband and I used to get out of $59,496 before we turned 30), and my books.

Curious about Me?

I am from Lancaster County, PA, born and raised on a dairy farm {nope, not Amish; but my family considers many of them our friends}. In high school I was crowned Chester County Dairy Princess, handed down by the previous princess—my older sister—and was also the only female percussionist who managed to become head of the drum line. That’s right; I got to boss around all of the guys and hold everyone in line. Prior to writing full-time, I was an environmental investigator for the State of Texas, dabbled in marketing and market research, and even made a start-up company’s first international sale of a container load full of snacks to a food distributor in Taiwan.

I live in Houston with my husband Paul and our cats Lyla Bear and Danny Boy.

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Let’s get to know each other better. Here’s how to connect with Me:

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  • Pinterest has become my online playground for all that makes me smile (did I mention finding awesome ways to never pay full price is a surefire way to make me smile?).
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