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14 Best Relationship Apps for Married Couples (All Free)

Looking for relationship tools for couples? Free apps for married couples can add spice to your relationship, help you with shared to-do lists for couples, etc.

I spent the last few weeks combing through relationship apps for couples, and let me just tell you – I was impressed.

couple on train bench looking at phone, shocked, text overlay "best free relationship apps for married couples"

Do you realize all the cool free apps for married couples there are?

Ones that definitely weren’t available when my husband and I tied the knot almost 10 years ago?

It’s pretty exciting.

In fact, we signed up for a few of these and have started using them ourselves.

Psst: wondering which ones? We are now both using a free budgeting app for couples, and the Ultimate Intimacy App. Ooh-la-la!

Stick with me as I show you how to manage, grow, and otherwise liven up your relationship with apps for couples.

Note: All of these relationship and marriage apps are free, and there are typically upgrades or in-app purchases that you can make within each.

Apps as Relationship Tools for Couples

When you think about relationship tools for couples, things like shared calendars, marriage advice books, couples therapy workbooks, marriage financial planning worksheets, etc. might come to mind.

But…what about relationship apps? Relationship apps for couples are quite new (at least in the “marital tools” part of the world), and yet they’re one of my favorite relationship tools.

For starters, they offer a new way for couples to interact when they’re not together – beyond just texting each other throughout the day (which, my husband and I do).

I’m a strong believer that a couple should have inside jokes and things about them that only the two of them share, and many relationship apps offer this by providing a private, couples-only platform where the two of you can create your own little social media world.

It's one of the best (and easiest) things to do with your spouse to reconnect.

And some relationship apps even offer up relationship advice now! Not to mention, some awesome marriage-building games.

Let’s look at some of the best apps that are really relationship tools for couples, disguised as a mixture of Fun + Spiciness + Functionality.

1. Intimately Us

Here's a clean, and FUN marriage intimacy app that'll add quite the kick to your normal routine (if you know what I mean).

You'll be given:

  • Daily love couple's challenges (you can choose “try another” if it's not for you!)
  • Spicy games, like Battlestrip (what?!?!)
  • Free flirty invites to send to each other
  • Conversation starters based on various categories you can choose from
  • And tons more!

Free for both iOS and Android.

2. Between App

This is a private couple’s app, where the two of you can engage together without the rest of the world seeing (in fact…you can’t invite a third person, even if you wanted to!).

Psst: the popular Couple app is not working since 2019, and this app is the closest thing to it that I’ve found.

There’s GIFs you can create from selfies and cute emojis that dress up a regular texting conversation. But you can also sketch with it and there’s a shared calendar so you can make plans together (plus a cute countdown to special shared events, to get the both of you excited).

Free for both iOS and Android.

3. Zeta Couple’s Joint Banking & Goals App + Debit Cards

Next up – because you happen to be on a personal finance blog – is one couple’s budgeting tool.

It’s free, it’s about as fun as you can get with numbers, and it’s filled with tons of functionality to get your couple’s finances under control (then maintain that control).

You'll get a joint, FDIC-insured bank account, with no monthly minimums, and no overdraft fees (includes free use of in-network ATMs). Plus you each get a debit card and a virtual card to use.

Then, there's the features:

  • Tracked Couple's Money Goals: Giving couples the ability to set and track money goals together.
  • Automatic Bill Pay: Set up the couple's bill automation in their Bill Reserve, where you automatically pay the bills each month.
  • In-App Communication: In-app communication by text about finances and anything else you guys would like (wink, wink).
  • Automatic Sinking Funds Set Up: Set up Sinking Funds automation with their intelligent system – you tell them what larger bills you have as a couple and when it's due, and you'll get a strategy for how much to automatically save and when (then you can adjust and set up the automation)

Available on Android or iPhone.

4. Gottman Card Decks App

As part of The Gottman Institute’s mission to revolutionize the study of marriage through research, they created the Gottman Card Decks app.

The app includes over 14 card decks with 1,000 questions, statements, and ideas for your relationship, all developed from their Art of Science and Love weekend workshop for couples.

And it’s totally free!

Free for both iOS and Android.

5. Happy Couple App

The Happy Couple App is like a newlywed couple’s quiz that you both can play together, over your phones. You each get 10 short questions a day (5 about you, and 5 about your partner) to answer. On your individual phones, you give your answer, then answers are revealed and points are awarded based on matched responses.

Don’t worry – there’s built-in functionality for commenting and leaving GIFs.

You can unlock new challenges as you get answers that match, and go on to new levels (sounds just like a relationship, eh?).

If nothing else, even couples who have been together for 10 years+ will learn about each other.

This app also offers tips for bettering your relationship.

Free for both iOS and Android.

Marriage Apps for Relationship Building

What builds relationships?

Activities, conversations, and experiences that help the two of you go deeper into yourselves and into your relationship. Growing in all forms of intimacy (emotional intimacy in marriage is important, yo'!). Getting vulnerable together and showing your true selves in a safe, loving space.

I just love that there are now relationship apps that help with relationship building!

Psst: you'll definitely want to check out my 41 fun relationship challenges for couples to keep building that intimacy and connection!

1. Love Nudge App

Ever heard of the 5 Languages of Love? My husband and I went through the book together, filled out the quizzes, and figured out each other’s love languages.

Now with this app? We can be nudged to complete actions and use words to actually keep each other’s love tanks filled (not sure what the love tank is? Here's my article on how to take action on the 5 languages of love).

And you can even nudge each other to suggest ways they can fill up your love tank.

Free for both iOS and Android.

Relationship Tracker Apps

Sooooo…I might just have to show this section to my own husband with a *hint, hint*. Because, while he’s great at certain things in our relationship, and Lord knows he tries, he’s really, really bad at remembering significant dates.

Here’s a bunch of relationship trackers that can not only help both of you keep track of those really important dates, but also act as a superfan to your relationship – cheering you on with milestone notifications.

1. Been Love Memory – Love Counter

You get some impressive customization options with this relationship tracker, such as the ability to choose from lots of different fonts, change the background, profile pics, and other fun ways to customize this app.

A neat feature is also the Love Diary, where you can type in a title and actual content around a certain date, then share it/keep it for the two of you.

You can also set a passcode to the app, so that your memories remain just between the two of you!

Free for both iOS and Android.

2. My Love App

You pop in your names, your anniversary date, and a personalized picture of the two of you, and this app does all the other work. It’ll track your anniversary date, plus how long you’ve been dating (in days, months, and years).

You even get cute reminders and notifications when you’ve made it another month with each other!

Free for both iOS and Android.

3. LoveEgg – Love Calendar

This relationship tracker is packed with some cool functions, like a relationship calendar full of firsts – first meeting, first kiss, first engagement, first anniversary – and the ability to create a photo album of your relationship.

Free on Android (not available on iOS).

Shared To-Do List Apps for Couples

We’re getting into some hardcore functionality in this section, with couple’s apps that share to-do lists over both of your smartphones.

Because, what household and what marriage doesn’t need a good to-do list to keep the paperwork-mill running?

I offer up some great shared to-do list apps as solutions, and many of them go beyond just a shared to-do list functionality, and into “relationship tool” territory.

1. Raft App

This is a shared calendar app for your partner, your family, or even your friends. You can put special events on it and receive fun countdown notifications. You each can “like” and comment on the shared events,

I also like how you can use this as your personal calendar with the ability to keep some events private (say, that surprise date night you have planned for your husband!).

Free for iOS.

Interactive Apps for Adults

Are you looking for some spicy interactive apps for adults? Add some fun + freshness to your relationship with one below.

Psst: also definitely check out my dating at home articles.

1. Ultimate Intimacy App

This offers one of the most fun interactive games for couples – a bedroom game (don’t worry, it’s clean and non-graphic)!

But it’s more than just that – there are conversation prompts, relationship activities, and a resource section for creative ideas to keep things romance-y in your relationship.

How cool is that? Also, actions you are asked to take are read through voice…meaning your hands are free for other things (*wink, wink*).

Free for iOS.

2. Honi App

This is a game for couples where you each get rewarded for completing over 500 challenges (the points you can then use to “shop” for coupons to use on your partner). Coupons you can both cash in with each other include things like taking your partner out to eat, watching something they choose on Netflix, massaging them, etc.

And guess what? You can great your own coupons and put them in the marketplace for others. Not only that, but you can create your own dares and send them to your partner.

You can also use this app to save a timeline of memories you create together (either playing this game, or with any photos you’d like).

Free for iOS.

3. Desire App

Created by a father of two kids who realized his marriage needed some love space to breathe, the Desire app lets you play against your partner for points, as well as pick from over 40,000 dares to send to your partner.

Did I mention that you can set timers for how long your partner has to complete a dare?

The more points you get, the juicier the dares you get to choose from.

Sounds like a little fun competition, eh?

Free for both iOS and Android.

Alright…which of the apps for married couples are you MOST excited about trying? Any other relationship apps for couples that should make my list? Go ahead and tell me in the comments below. Then, be sure to sign up for at least one!

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Sunday 12th of December 2021

We love love love the ultimate intimacy app!!! ❤️ Best marriage app in the whole world for real


Friday 30th of July 2021

Thanks for this list! We're huge fans of Intimately Us!