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Declutter your life + your finances by starting with those pesky mental energy drains. Seriously, they're weighing you down every. single. day.

About a week ago, I had enough.

All of the quirky workarounds in our home were slowly draining me of more mental energy than it would take to actually fix them: the toilet in our main bathroom that you have to remember to jiggle the handle because most of the time it “runs”, the front door bolt that hasn’t latched right since we repaired our foundation two years, the cupboard door in the kitchen that never closes correctly, etc. As each of these issues occurred it did not make sense to take the time to fix them. So we created workarounds that enabled us to keep on keeping on.

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And then they collided and grew into this mental energy vampire.

Little Nuisances Add Up

It wasn’t once a month I was having to push down harder onto the front door bolt to get it to close ¾ of the way, leaving me to catalog the thought “we really need to fix that” for the thousandth time.

It was once a day.

If it was every other week that I had to open and close that cupboard door in the kitchen and cringe at how it does not shut like the others (not to mention doesn’t look right), then it would not have mattered.

But we use that cupboard, oh, only 10+ times a week.

What I learned when I finally declared that enough was enough is that each of these small issues were not worthy of fixing in and of themselves at the time that they occurred. However, as more and more of them crept up, they compounded into a cloud of interruption, frustration, and avoidance.

Little nagging irritations that occur every day can truly drain mental energy. CLICK TO TWEET.

And folks, that happens in every area of our lives.

Declutter your Life: Time for a Reset

It's time to declutter your life, and give yourself a bit of a reset. Think about where your daily mental energy drains are.

  • Are there people you're avoiding because you haven’t taken the time to speak to them about something?
  • Are there financial accounts you can’t remember a password on and do not want to go through the process of getting a new password so you just make do without looking at them?
  • Are you failing to make a trade in your investment portfolio (but know you should — I'm talking about myself now) all because you don't quite understand the process and don’t want to make that 15-minute phone call to learn how?
  • How about all that nagging paperwork you've yet to fill out?

Here's what I want you to do. Block off one hour (two if you're ambitious) to actually get these pesky little details taken cared of.

By blocking off an hour or two to address several of these little issues at once — which in and of themselves are not necessarily worthy of fixing, but have grown to become quite the nuisance — you can add mental energy and ease back into your days. Freeing up energy means you can tackle something else you’ve been meaning to get around to, or simply enjoy the mental clarity.

Thankfully, none of our house issues were difficult to deal with. My husband, Paul, was more than happy to realign the front door bolt so that it now seamlessly opens and closes. We installed a magnetic strip on the kitchen cupboard door so that it will keep the door shut nicely, and it took a $6 part to stop the toilet from ever running again.

Not only is it easy to go about my day now, but I smile each time I remember those stupid little annoyances and how convenient it has become. It was totally worth our time!

What are your nagging daily nuisances in your home, at work, in your finances, etc.? Have you had enough yet, and how long do you estimate it will take you to knock some of them out and hit the reset button?

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  1. Bryce @ Save and Conquer
    Bryce @ Save and Conquer says:

    No nuisances in our finances. There is always something in the house, though. I need to replace some drip irrigation nozzles that some squirrels have gnawed on. And at some point, the backyard slide and swingset needs to go. Our son has outgrown it and never goes near it now.

    • Amanda L Grossman
      Amanda L Grossman says:

      You could list your slide/swingset on Craigslist and turn it into some money!

      It’s amazing how many little things (not to mention big ones) need done on a house in order to keep things maintained and under control.

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    I so agree. I use the brain dump method and get it down on paper. This helps prioritize, sit and make phone calls or whatever.

  3. Janine @ MoneySmartGuides
    Janine @ MoneySmartGuides says:

    It is so easy for these things to build up! I used to be so good at staying on top of those things, and it seems that life just gets in the way. You need to dedicate a half a day (and for me actually schedule it in your calendar) to make these things happen. But you’re right – it is so worth it and so gratifying. Especially the next few times that you lock that door or flush the toilet and don’t feel that nagging voice to get it done already!

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