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23 Best Gifts for NASCAR Fans in Your Life

Is NASCAR race day an all-day event for someone in your life? You’ll find some awesome gifts for NASCAR fans (all official NASCAR gear) in your life.

man in helmet driving a red race car with text overlay

The flashy cars. The rivalries. Cheers from the grandstands. Stage racing. That iconic vacuum-belt-wheelie sound as the cars whiz by on the racetrack.

NASCAR is a huge sport – just the term itself gets over 2.2 million searches in Google each month.

There are some diehard NASCAR fans out there, and you probably know one.

Maybe they’re not a member of the Official NASCAR Fan Council (yet), but they sure as heck enjoy their race time.

I’m going to help you buy auto racing gifts for NASCAR fans in your life by curating a list of fun NASCAR gifts that will both satisfy their curiosity about the sport’s history, give them more info to talk about with their NASCAR pals, and show off their pride for the sport.

Best Gifts for NASCAR Fans

In this section, you’ll find my #1, best, picks for the NASCAR fans in your life. You’ll find the kinds of gifts they’ll be proud to display around their house, car, garage, office — you name it.

Does your NASCAR fan have a used car? You might also want to check out these gifts for used car owners. Here’s a list of gift ideas for new car owners.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #1: Wireless Smartphone Charger

Chase Elliott Wireless Charger

Denny Hamlin Wireless Charger

Martin Truex Jr Wireless Charger


People who are fans of something love to show it off, with pride, in the form of officially licensed gear. I’ve got a few picks for you to make that a reality for your NASCAR fan.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #4: Officially Licensed, License Plate

Help your fan deck their car out with an officially licensed, NASCAR License Plate. You can get Dale Earnhardt, Austin Dillon, Brad Keselowski, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin, or Kevin Harvick. Also, check out their metal license plate frames.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #5: Officially Licensed, Can Cooler

This officially licensed NASCAR can cooler is available in Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, or Paul Menard.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #6: NASCAR Tracks Calendar

A NASCAR quiz calendar will help your fan keep on top of NASCAR trivia for game day (and beyond). It also includes 100 licensed calendar stickers to mark events throughout the year.

NASCAR Gifts that Give Your Fan Behind-the-Scenes Action

It’s time to help your NASCAR lover geek out on the sport! Here are gifts that will help them learn about the history + how it all works. You’ll be building a behind-the-scenes for them.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #7: Learning the Physics of NASCAR

Get all your NASCAR lover’s favorite questions + curiosities about the sport answered by a real physicist. Like, why don’t the cars have mufflers? What is bump drafting?

Don’t worry – no prior knowledge of physics, chemistry, or auto-racing is necessary. Check out The Physics of NASCAR: The Science Behind the Speed by Diandra Leslie-Pelecky.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #8: NASCAR: The Complete History

Follow the building of NASCAR starting from its moonshining days, all the way to the billion-dollar industry it is now. The NASCAR: The Complete History 2017 Edition, Auto Editors of Consumer Guide is chocked full of visuals, stats, and insights into NASCAR culture.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #9: Driving with the Devil

Really drive into the colorful past of NASCAR, which takes place in rural, Depression-wracked South. Hint: There’s moonshine, there’s racing, and there’s Ford V-8’s.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #10: Official NASCAR Trivia Book

Keep your fan entertained and satisfy their curiosity with a wealth of NASCAR trivia they can use with their NASCAR buddies in The Official NASCAR Trivia Book: With 1001 Facts and Questions to Test Your Racing Knowledge.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #11: Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR’s First Family

Do you have an Earnhardt family fan (or are they curious about the Earnhardt family)? 110 people gave this read an average 4.5 stars, likely because it really goes deep into this car driving dynasty, as well as their personal struggles (such as the struggles of being a celebrity).

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #12: The Ghosts of NASCAR: The Harlan Boys and the First Daytona 500

Did you know that the winner of the first Daytona 500 is actually a debated topic? In The Ghosts of NASCAR: The Harlan Boys and the First Daytona 500, NASCAR enthusiasts can read all about it.

Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Many NASCAR fans don’t just love the sport – they love cars in general. So, here are gifts to help them make the most out of one of their prized possessions (their own car!).

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #13: Windshield Snow Cover

I got one of these windshield snow covers for my mother, and she loved it! The nice thing about this particular one is that it doesn’t have the magnetic strips, which have been shown to strip car paint (ouch!).

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #14: Auto Detailing Kit

This is not just any auto detailing kit; your NASCAR fan is likely very into their car, so I’ve picked out one of the nicest auto detailing kits available.

Gifts for NASCAR Fans #15: Deluxe Car Documents Holder

Every car owner has documents; only certain car owners choose to keep them organized in a deluxe holder.

Other notables to add to your list? Well, if this is for a spouse or loved one, then I’d definitely check out The Dating Diva’s Cozy Car Kit. You can also use their Car Treasure Hunt to hide your gifts for NASCAR fans and let them discover them. Another idea is to create a NASCAR gift basket by purchasing a few items from above, and putting them in this car trunk organizer. How fun is that?

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