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11 Cute Printable Monthly Budget Worksheets (Cute and Free!)

Want to be much more likely to stick with your budget? Download and print out one of these cute printable monthly budget worksheets.

Cute is powerful.

Because when a system is “cute”? You (and I) are about 1,345% more likely to stick with it.

screenshot of woman at desk with calculator, text overlay "11 cute and free monthly budget worksheets"

I mean, who wants to look at a drab, black-and-white, budget worksheet every month? Not me.

I’d rather print out one of these cute printable monthly budget worksheets and feel inspired (and maybe even smile) each time I whip it out.

That’s why I’ve put together my special list of the coolest, cute printable monthly budget worksheets out there.

Psst: after choosing one below? You'll want to check out my 14 stupid simple budgeting tips for beginners.

Cute Printable Monthly Budget Worksheets

Pick one of these cute printable monthly budget templates that you like, print it out, and get to budgeting.

And next week? Maybe try a different one on for size (go ahead, change up your budget worksheets like you change up your shoes!).

1. Printable Crush’s Budget Sheets

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of printable crush's budget sheets - so cute

These are pretty much the cutest budget sheet set I’ve ever seen!

And the great news? Is that the printable versions are free (you can pay for editable versions, if that’s your thing).

Each month, fill in what you budget to spend in each expense category, and then come back throughout the month and record next to it what you actually spent.

Which is great – it’s like a spending tracker, on a budget sheet!

She’s also got a less-colorful one, in case that works better for you.

screenshot of printable crush's cute monthly budget sheet

2. MomsMakeCents’s Budget Sheets

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of MomsMakeCent's cute budget printables

McKinzie’s free, adorable monthly budget worksheet printables comes with a monthly budget sheet, an expense tracker, and a bill tracker.

Love the colors!

3. A Country Girl’s Life Budget Printables

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of a country girl's budget template free cute

I just love these cute colors throughout this set of free blank monthly budget worksheets!

In fact, can I just print this set out now and carry on with my budget-friendly life?

Here’s what you get:

  • Monthly budget worksheets
  • Expense tracker
  • Bill pay stickers
  • Pay day stickers
  • Debt payoff plan
  • Password tracker
  • Etc.

Hint: you’ll need to sign up for her free printable library to access everything.

4. Harmonized House Project Budget Sheets

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of Harmonized House Project cute budget printable

What I love about this set (aside from how cute it is!) is that it comes with not only a budget sheet printable…but so much more.

You get:

  • Annual Budget Worksheet
  • Bank Account Log Worksheet
  • Debt Worksheet
  • Tax Deductions Worksheet
  • Monthly Budget Worksheets (3 options to choose from!)
  • Bill Payment Log
  • Printable Sticker Sheets!

The three, budgeting printable worksheets you can choose from include a completely blank one, and two with categories partially filled in. Super customizable for you!

Psst: after you pick out your cute printable budget worksheet, then check out my guide for cute free printable cash envelopes to use throughout the month. Also, I've got free daily spending logs to help you stay on track.

5. Light Room Preset’s Budget Sheets

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of light room preset's cute budget worksheet

Here’s a cute, one-sheet way to track your spending, your savings goal, and the balances in your checking and savings accounts.

You get to fill in what you project you will spend for each category, and then fill in what you actually spend as you go about your month.

It’s a great way to quickly reflect on your spending and become aware of bills!

6. Shining Mom’s Budget Binder

Budget Period: One Month (for the whole year)

screenshot of shining mom's cute budget planner

Check out this cuuuutttteeee, year-long budget binder you can print out for free!

Each month has its own set of pages and cover to go with it.

7. Mom Managing Chaos’s Bi-Weekly Budget Calendar

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of mom managing chaos's bi-weekly cute budget calendar

Do you get paid bi-weekly? Some people find it much easier to budget by paycheck (helps with some of these 12 common budgeting mistakes), and this bi-weekly budget calendar helps you do just that.

Plus, it’s pretty cute (at least if you ask me!).

You fill in your paycheck dates, amounts, and then the due dates and amounts of each bill you’ll encounter throughout the month.

It’s a great way to keep track, visually, of all your dates.

8. Just a Girl and Her Blog’s Budget Binder

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of just a girl and her blog's cute budget planner

I like the simplicity of this budget binder, as well as the monthly check-in worksheet that asks you to reflect back on how you did over the month (budget-wise).

You’ll also get a binder cover, a Financial Goals worksheet, a Recurring Expenses worksheet, and a Tracking Expenses worksheet.

Cute, fresh, and simple color.

10. Blooming Homestead’s Budget Binder

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of blooming homestead's cute budget binder

This is delivered in a zipped folder format, and you get to choose from either a black and white/floral patterned budget binder, or two other designs.

11. Moritz Fine Design’s Zero-Based Budgeting Worksheet

Budget Period: One Month

screenshot of moritz fine design's cute zero-based budget worksheet

Have you ever heard of a zero-based budget?

It’s when you calculate everything out so that you come exactly to the number $0 after taking into account income, expenses, and savings.

You’re giving all of your dollars something to do – whether that’s paying a bill, saving for a trip, or paying down extra on your debt.

Check out this super-cute zero-based budgeting worksheet you can download for free!

After seeing all these super cute printable monthly budget worksheets…don't you just want to dive on in and get to work setting up your next budget? I know I do! Next step is to pick out your personal budgeting method.

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Amanda L. Grossman is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Plutus Foundation Grant Recipient, and founder of Frugal Confessions. Over the last 10 years, her money work helping people with how to save money and how to manage money has been featured in Kiplinger, Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Business Insider, LifeHacker, Woman's World, Woman's Day, ABC 13 Houston, Keybank, and more. Read more here.