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8 Free Printable Cash Envelopes (Cash Envelope Budgeting System)

Wanna try out a cash budgeting envelope system (like Dave Ramsey's), but need free printable cash envelopes to start? Budgeting envelopes – free.

I don’t know about you – but I’m about 10 times more likely to stick with a system if it’s in a really cute package.

woman's hands putting money into an envelope, text overlay

That’s why I’ve collected a bunch of the cutest free printable cash envelopes all in one article – so that you can pick the design that will not only work for you (functionally), but that you’ll be excited about using.

You might as well be picky because let’s be honest: budgeting envelopes are practically an accessory for people using a cash envelope system (since you take them with you just about everywhere you go).

Free Printable Cash Envelopes

There are some things to consider when choosing which of these free printable cash envelopes to download and use.

For starters, here’s what to think about:

  • Vertical versus horizontal cash envelopes
  • Will fit in a wallet, or not meant to fit in a wallet
  • Cashless vs. cash-filled envelope budgeting
  • Spending tracker on outside, or not
  • Reusable envelopes, or not

No worries if you don’t know what will work for you yet, because you can just download a new, free set and tweak your system as you go.

Tweaking a personal budgeting method as you go? Is one of my favorite budgeting tips for beginners to give.

I’m going to give you a variety of free printable envelopes with different traits from the list above.

Free Horizontal Cash Envelopes

Whether you want vertical cash envelopes or horizontal cash envelopes is really a preference thing.

This section is all about free horizontal cash envelopes you can use for your budgeting system.

Hint: going on a cash envelope system will help transition from credit card to cash-only living.

1. Free Cash Budget Envelopes

3 green patterned envelopes for cash with glasses on white background

The color green on these free cash envelopes is so soothing to me – but I guess that makes sense since green is one of my favorite colors!

Keep in mind that these envelopes only have a label for you to fill in, and no spending tracker (in case that's your thing).

2. Horizontal Cash Envelopes

five different patterned cash envelopes on white overlay (pink, green, blue, etc.)

Really, really nice set of horizontal cash envelopes you can print out for free and use to fill up with your own budget categories.

I personally love the chevrons and the hexagons!

*no optin required

3. Tiered Printable Budget Envelopes

three cash envelopes with blue patterns on desk with scissors and marker

These are very simple designs, but what I love about them is that they have tabs that stand out so that you can easily recognize what the envelope is for.

Tip for how to laminate your cash envelopes and keep them longer/make them reusable (if you have a laminator):

Here's how to laminate your envelopes to make them reusable without a laminator machine:

Horizontal cash envelopes not your thing? Let’s look at free vertical envelope templates, next.

Hint: if you want to pick out an envelope that doesn't have a tracker on the outside, just pair it with one of these free daily spending logs.

Free Vertical Envelope Templates for Cash Envelope Budgeting

One of the reasons to go with a vertical envelope template vs. a horizontal one is you’ll have more lines to record transactions/purchases throughout the week/month.

Just something to keep in mind as you’re figuring out whether to go vertical or not!

1. Vertical Cash Envelope for Budgeting

pink and white vertical envelopes with columns and rows to record data, on pink starry flatlay

These are super-cute vertical envelopes you can cash-budget with. Just remember that with this set, you can’t record transactions (you just label each envelope with your spending category).

2. Budgeting Envelopes

six different patterns of vertical budgeting envelopes

Look at this cuuuuuttteeeee set of free vertical envelope templates you get to choose from! Sign up for her email list, and you get access to her entire free resource library.

Psst: got kids? Check out these 3 free money envelopes for kids to get them started budgeting.

Cash Envelope Labels and Spending Trackers

Maybe you already have a set of DIY cash envelopes that you love, but you’d like to add labels or a spending tracker area to them.

OR, you’re eyeing up some gorgeous scrapbook paper at Michael’s and you have a free printable cash envelope template, but you need a label to be able to put on each envelope.

Great! Here are free cash envelope labels and spending trackers.

1. Cash Envelope Spending Trackers

two different vertical spending trackers the size of envelopes

Looking for a set of spending trackers that you can then glue/tape/staple onto any set of cash envelopes you choose? These are great!

2. Free Envelope Spending Trackers

two vertical spending trackers the size of envelopes partly filled out, on marble background

3. Free Printable Cash Envelope with Budget Sheet

monthly budget with matching cash envelope template

I love how this set comes with a budgeting sheet to match.

These are free envelope spending trackers that you can tape to the outside of a regular white envelope (even those annoying junk mail ones you get in the mailbox – a great way to reuse them!).  

Hint: she uses washi tape to tape them on the outside of envelopes, which makes it cuter than just gluing/taping them onto plain white envelopes.

Pick one of these free printable cash envelopes, and just dive right in. You'll find that you'll need to tweak as you go (which is totally fine!), and you might even switch to a different type of cash envelope once you see how it goes. Don't be afraid to customize things for you + your family.

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