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8 Free Money-Saving Goal Trackers (Crush Your Goal!)

Got a money-saving goal? I’d like to share several free money-saving goal trackers that will help you meet your goal.

Free money-saving goal trackers are just the thing to keep you both motivated to save money towards your goal, as well as tell you if you’re on target to meet the deadline you set.

woman on couch tracking her savings goal, text overlay "free printable money saving goal trackers"

Before I dive into the cool free ones available to you, let’s look at why this is uber important in your saving goal journey.

Why You Need a Money Savings Goal Tracker

Hear me on this one – the hardest part about maintaining and seeing a savings goal through to its actual, sweet, ending is not necessarily coming up with the extra money.

It’s actually tracking how much you’re off or ahead of your savings goal target date (when you want to have the money saved up).

Think about it – that takes not only dedication because you’ll need to check in on your savings goal on a consistent basis, but it also takes a system where you can quickly calculate whether you’re behind, right on time, or ahead of where you need to be.

So, how do you check in and calculate when you’re off course – quickly – so that you know what kinds of actions you need to take to get back on target?

Psst: don't have a savings goal yet? Here are 6 inspiring saving goals examples (real life) to help you.

Money Saving Goal Tracker Printable – Get Mine, Free!

After taking a look through all the options below, I decided to create my very own money-saving goal tracker that’s a bit different.

With this free money-saving goal tracker printable, you take the following information:

THEN, you fill in the chart – charting both how much you should have saved by each tracked duration of time, and how much you actually saved for it.

Navy blue and light blue, and white savings goal tracker chart with y-axis amount saved and x-axis time

This gives you consistent and repeated feedback on whether or not you are on target to meet that goal by the date you’d like – you’ll quickly see if you’ve saved too much and will get it early (nice!), or if you’re behind (and by how much).

That’s the feedback I’m talking about that I think is missing in many other savings trackers – the “tracking” part of the money goal savings tracker. It’ll allow you to see, quickly + clearly, if you’re on target.

How to track savings goals using this savings goal tracker?

Glad you asked.

Step #1: Research how much your goal will cost to be/do/have.

Step #2: Decide on your deadline.

Step #3: Set up your money-saving goal tracker by choosing a time ticker for the x-axis (weeks, months, or paychecks until your deadline). There are 26 total tick marks – use the ones you need. Then, divide the y-axis with increments leading up to your total goal amount. There are 20 total tick marks – use the ones you need.  

Step #4: Chart out how much you need to save each increment of time in order to meet your deadline in one color.

Step #5: As time goes on, check in each time-ticker with how much you saved, and update your chart.

Step #6: See what your “Savings Gap” is between how much you should have saved to be on the tracker, and how much you actually saved. Are you on track? Ahead, or behind? Adjust accordingly.

Here’s an example:

I’m going to save up to $2,600 for our next vacation to Canada. I’ll need to have this money saved by April 2022 (10 months, 40 weeks, or 20 paychecks from now) so that I can book everything out.

For this chart, I’ve chosen each time ticker (x-axis) to represent one paycheck, and I’m using 20 of the time tickers. For the money axis (y-axis), I’ve divided $2600 by 20, to find that each one is “worth” $130.

I’ve chosen a pink color to represent where I need to be each paycheck to meet my savings target, and a green color to represent what I actually put into savings each paycheck (and keep there) towards my savings goal.

Five paychecks in? I’m a little behind, with a gap of $195.

savings goal tracker filled in with the example, pink for amount you should save, green for actual amount saved

Onto some other free options!

Free Money-Saving Goal Trackers

What you want in a saving goal tracker is:

  • A cute design you’ll want to post prominently in your life
  • The ability to adjust it to your specific saving goal
  • To see whether or not, at a glance, you’re on target or off target (and by how much) to reach your goal by the deadline


1. Starter Emergency Fund Tracker

emergency fund free money goal tracker on black background

Here’s a free money-saving goal tracker specifically to help you fund your emergency savings.

Not sure what amount to shoot for? I’ve got an article filled with emergency fund example amounts.  

2. Playful Emergency Fund Starter Tracker

free emergency fund saving goal tracker that looks like a board game board

And here’s a more playful version of the emergency fund starter tracker!

There are 100 spaces in total, so you would divide your total emergency fund savings goal amount into 100, and see how much each game space is “worth”.

3. Mason Jar Savings Tracker

simple mason jar with lines through it and deposit amount and date lines on side - savings tracker

Here’s a really simple Mason jar savings tracker that can be used with any savings goal you have.

Hint: like mason jars? Here are creative ways to save money in a jar.

4. Cute Savings Tracker Printables

several different money saving tracker pdf designs - like a rainbow and balloons

How neat are these different designs? I could totally see this front-and-center on a family command center or on the fridge (which is a great way to keep your savings goal top of mind).

5. Christmas Savings Goal Tracker

Christmas savings goal tracker with little Christmas bulbs to color in

This is a great free savings tracker for holiday savings goals.

Imagine, going into the new year without any debt leftover from holiday gifting, hosting, or traveling!

Psst: you might also want to check out these free 52 week Christmas savings plan printables.

6. 52-Week Savings Plan Tracker

Can I just say how I’m kinda in love with this one?

I love the little mason jars…it’s something I would definitely be motivated by.

Psst: saving up for a vacation? You can use one of these 7 free vacation budget worksheet printables to figure out how much you'll need to save.

7. $1,000 Savings Goal Trackers

$1000 savings tracker printable with bluish top

Here’s a free set of money-saving goal trackers that are prepopulated with various $1,000 savings goals:

  • Vacation
  • Christmas
  • Down payment
  • Emergency
  • House reno
  • New car
  • Slush fund
  • Car repair
  • Holiday
  • Blank

I hope I've made you even MORE excited to save up for your goal, by showing you these free money-saving goal trackers. Don't forget to wear your goal loud and proud by posting it in a place you'll look at often (ideally, at least once a day!).

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