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8 Best 52-Week Christmas Savings Plan Printables

This collection of 52-week Christmas Savings plan printables (free PDFs) is just the thing to help you stash cash for the holidays ahead of time. Save the stress, this year!

Wouldn’t the holiday season be that much more enjoyable…if you didn’t have to scramble to pay for it all in the last two months of the year?

pen, savings plan printable, holly, and money on desk, text overlay

That’s the idea behind these 52-week Christmas savings plans, and why I’m rounding up the best free ones for you to download and use this year.

Since 52 weeks is not a popular length of time to save up for Christmas – people like a few weeks off, and to also have the money available at the beginning of the season to spend instead of having to continue to save during it – I also have other lengths of time, such as 26 weeks, 12 weeks, and 46 weeks.

Psst: you'll also want to check out my list of best Christmas budget worksheet PDFs (all free).

How to Use These Christmas Savings Plans (Even if You’re Starting “Late”)

Before we dive into these cool resources, I want to talk a bit about how to best use them.

For starters, you might want to start with a Christmas savings plan, but realize that you’re already 4-5 or even 7 weeks into it already.

So, what do you do?

Simple – add up the total from the weeks that you’ve “skipped” because you’re starting later in the year, add that amount to your Christmas savings (here are creative ways to save money using a mason jar), and then pick up from there.

Secondly, I want to address how progress is better than perfection.

I’m not sure who said this first, but the fact is – any money you can set aside in savings before the Christmas season starts is better than winging it by your paychecks once you get there.

So, even if you’re “only” able to set aside $100, the fact that you started (hopefully today) will make a real difference to your future self.

Let me help jumpstart those sugar plums dancing in your head with these great Christmas Savings Challenges and printables I’ve rounded up.

52-Week Christmas Savings Plans

Join the “non-stressful” Christmas club this year by using one of these savings plans to help you set aside a stash of cash before the season starts.

We’ll start with the longest-duration Christmas savings challenges, and end with the shorter ones.

Note: again, a 52-week Christmas savings plan doesn’t make much sense, since it means you would be saving money right into Christmas…when you need the money to spend on gifts and such weeks earlier. That’s why I’ve started with a 47-week Christmas savings plan.

1. 47-Week Christmas Savings Plan

screenshot of Kalyn's 47-week Christmas savings plan

If you’d like to take a few weeks off each year without having to save for Christmas, then this 47-week plan is just the thing.

Each week, you’ll save either $10, $20, $30, or your own amount (you can choose which of her 4 PDFs you want to use).

Depending on the amount you choose, you’ll either end up with the following at Christmas:

  • $470
  • $940
  • $1410
  • Your custom amount


2. 50-Week Christmas Savings Plan (UK)

Need a Christmas savings plan printable in pounds? Katie’s got them, for free!

You can also choose which amount you’d like to save up over the next 49 weeks:

  • £250 Savings Chart
  • £500 Savings Chart
  • £750 Savings Chart
  • £1000 Savings Chart

3. 46-week Christmas Savings Plan

This one allows you to fill in your own amount to either save each week or how much you actually saved each week. Then, you can track the total in the last column.

4. 26-Week Christmas Savings Plan ($1,000)

screenshot of 26-week christmas savings plan challenge

I love how cute this Christmas savings plan is! Not only that, but you can choose what you'd like to call yours.

Psst: here's free printable Christmas gift list organizers to help you get even more organized this holiday season.

5. 20-Week Christmas Savings Plan ($1,000)

screenshot of 20 week Christmas savings plan

It turns out, that if you set aside $50/week for 20 weeks, you’ll have $1,000 saved for Christmas. This cute, simple printable will help you do just that.

6. 12-Week Savings Plan for Christmas (3 Options for Amount Saved)

light green, red, and white free printable Christmas Savings challenge trackers

If you want to have between $300 and $1000 by the end of your Christmas Savings Challenge, then these free printables are for you.

Choose from $300, $600, and $1,000 trackers.

7. 12-Week Christmas Savings Plan ($600)

screenshot of 12 week Christmas savings plan for $600

Want to get $600 saved up for Christmas in just 3 months? Here’s a free savings printable from KeepingLifeSane.com that will help you do that.

8. 8-Week Christmas Savings Plan ($500)

screenshot of 8 week Christmas savings plan printable

Here's one last Christmas savings printable that's very simple. In fact, it just takes 8 weeks!

Remember that even if you're getting close to Christmas, you can still get ahead by setting some money aside. Using one of these 52-week Christmas savings plan printables – or any other duration of time – gives you some good structure and motivation to get this going. The motivation for me? Is a much less stressful holiday season at the end of it all.

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Amanda L Grossman

Personal Finance Writer and CEO at Frugal Confessions, LLC
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