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7 Free Vacation Budget Worksheet Printables (Start Planning!)

Daydreaming about your next big, family vacation? Grab one of these free vacation budget worksheet printables and make it a reality.

Are you scrolling through drool-worthy travel photos, wondering how you’ll be able to afford to go?

woman in hat daydreaming in hammock, text overlay "free vacation budget printables"

Don’t sell yourself short – instead of just daydreaming about a trip in the future or a cheap weekend getaway, get into action with one of these vacation budget worksheet printables.

Hint: stick around until the end, when I talk about a few tips for filling out whichever of these free vacation budget worksheets you choose.

Vacation Budget Worksheet Printables

Use one of these free travel budget worksheet PDFs to estimate how much you need to save up to go on your next vacation.

1. Free Printable Road Trip Budget Planner

green and blue road trip budget planner pages on teal background

Taking a road trip? Use this printable to work out the numbers for your next vacation.  

Not only that, but there are packing checklists, a daily planner for daily expenses, and more.

Psst: this is also a great skill to use on one of these cute beginner budget worksheets.

2. Jana’s Travel Budget Worksheet

travel budget planner with pink font and blue boxes

This detailed travel budget worksheet will help ensure you don’t miss expenses you might not think about.

For example, under transportation, there are slots for:

  • Airfare
  • Airport Parking
  • Car rental
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Bus tickets
  • Train tickets
  • Other

Hint: it’s very difficult to see where to click for this freebie – it’s in the beginning of the second paragraph down.

3. TheTalkingSuitcase’s Travel Budget Worksheet

vacation budget planner with beach background

Here’s a really cute travel budget worksheet.

I really like how you can estimate what you think each item and category will cost, and then you can come back and put in actual costs – this can help you get better and better at budgeting travel in your future.

Categories include:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drinks
  • Other

4. Vacation Budget Template Excel

Are you an Excel kind of gal? You know – where you input your costs and it spits out your total automatically?  

Great. UpgradedPoints.com offers a free Excel vacation budget template.

And it’s quite extensive. In fact, probably too detailed for the typical vacation.

It includes categories like:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Vaccines
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car rental
  • Attractions
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Etc.

Still, you can just delete the rows that don’t apply to your trip.

Psst: Will you be road-trippin' it? Check out these 19 things to do in a long car ride for adults, plus these car activities for 4-year-olds.

5. Cruise Budget Planner Worksheet

cruise travel planner with white and blue boxes

I know firsthand how expensive a cruise can be…once you get on the cruise. Not to mention just to purchase your package!

That’s why I’m including Lance’s cruise budget planner worksheet. It’s specific to cruises, and will help you think through all of the extra (and interesting) costs you might incur on your next cruise.

6. Disney Vacation Budgeting Template

Disney vacation budget worksheet on wooden table

Taking the kid(dos) to Disney sometime in the near(ish) future? Or, maybe you’re going by yourself (I actually went to Disney with my husband when we were both dating one another).

Here’s a free Disney vacation budgeting template to use.

7. Travel Budget & Itinerary Worksheets

free travel budget worksheet and travel itinerary with green headers

Check out this classic set of traveling worksheets that’ll help you plan not only how much to budget for the trip, but your day-to-day schedule.

And if you’re not into planning out your activities? Just list what you’d like to do, and use that sheet as a bucket list.

Tips for Filling Out Your Vacation Budget Worksheet

Picked out your vacation budget worksheet?


Now, here’s a few tips for how to fill it out.

Tip #1: Research a Cost Range

Sometimes, you know exactly what something is going to cost. But with travel? You likely won’t.

If you’re not entirely sure what one category of spending is going to cost – like the flight, or hotel – then do some research and take the average.

Look at the lowest-end of options that you would accept, and the highest-end of options you could afford. Put this range of costs down on your worksheet.

You can then choose the average of these two numbers (add them together and divide by 2), and this can be your estimate for how much to save for that category.

For example, if you research hotel costs to be between $150/night and $230/night, then you would estimate the cost to be $190/night.  

Tip #2: Download a Free Savings Goal Tracker

Once you figure out how much you need to save in order to come home from your trip, debt-free, go ahead and download one of these free savings goal tracker printables.

Put it somewhere that you’ll see it often so that it’ll motivate you to see your progress towards your trip.

Tip #3: Open Up a Dedicated Savings Account

For larger trips, consider opening up a dedicated online savings account to stash your savings until you’re ready to start booking everything.

You can even name the account something super motivating, like “Mexican Seaside Fund”, or “Couple’s Romantic Adventure Weekend”.

Tip #4: Tend to Overspend? Do This

If you know that you’re a spender, and you tend to not stick to a budget, then go ahead and add around 10% to your overall travel savings goal.

That means if your savings goal is $1,700, then multiply that by 0.10, and add an extra $170 to your total as a buffer.

Choose your vacation budget worksheet printable, and set a timer for an hour or so to actually fill it in. Just the act of writing down where you want to go and calculating a target savings goal number puts you in a great space to one day get there! In the meantime, you can check out how to plan a staycation, and family winter staycation ideas.

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