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8 DIY Dollar Store Halloween Costume Ideas (for Him)

Ridiculous, silly, and downright cheap DIY Dollar Store Halloween costumes for him. Conversation pieces, for sure!

Looking for silly Dollar Store Halloween Costume ideas for a man?

man in red hat and flannel, holding up wooden fence in front of face

My husband was an extremely good sport, and he went all in on modeling these silly costumes I put together from our local Dollar Tree.

Psst: quite honestly, this has now become my most favorite Dollar Store date idea that we’ve ever done.

We could not stop laughing! You’ll soon see why…

Dollar Store Halloween Costume Ideas for Him

So, I had this idea to put together an article of Dollar Store costume ideas for guys.

And it morphed into this whole side project.

What’s really cool, is that my husband and I actually had such a fun time putting this all together.

I hope it helps you with your Halloween costume needs (or your giggle needs – they’ll probably be lots of that, too!).

Psst: big thank you to my husband for being such a good sport about this.

1. Wilson from Tim the Tool Man Taylor

man with glasses in plaid shirt and red hat, holding up small wooden fence

I couldn’t help myself after seeing this wooden fence in the wooden crafts section of my local Dollar Tree.

It just needed a popsicle stick to be glued to the bottom, the string to be cut off of the fence, and a red hat.

My husband brought out his flannel – and the whole thing just kind of came together.

Hint: ignore the weird stuff on the hat – we did the Tiger King costume first, and I hot glued the crown on. Whoops.

2. The Tiger King

man with stuffed tiger and red hat with golden crown, black vest with big tiger cutout on back

Did you happen to catch the Tiger King on Netflix a few years ago?

We devoured it (mostly in shock).

I decided to create a man’s Halloween costume around it, sourcing everything from the Dollar Tree.

You’ll need this to recreate it (all from the Dollar Tree):

  • Stuffed tiger
  • Tiger poster
  • Red hat/hat
  • Sewing pins (to keep the poster on his shirt)
  • Gold paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Crown wooden craft

Paint the crown, and glue it to the front of the red hat (we used hot glue – which worked, but the glue would not come off afterwards, FYI).

Cut out the tiger from the poster, and with pins, pin it to the back of his shirt.

Have him carry around a ridiculously cute stuffed tiger.

3. Shark Bait Costume

man in black shirt with small, blown-up inflatable blue swimming device on arm and big shark kite on back

Umm…so the floating blue thingy that they sell at the Dollar Tree? Certainly doesn’t fit a grown-sized man (it wouldn’t fit my waist, either).

SO, my husband ended up wearing this around his shoulder. I also bought a shark kite, took the plastic and string off, and pinned it to the back of his shirt with sewing pins.

Boom! Shark bait.

4. Dinosaur Hunter Costume

man looking surprised with red net, tan shirt, headlamp, and two small dinosaur toys on shoulders

I’d like to introduce you to my husband: The Dinosaur Catcher.

<massive giggles>.

Have your guy wear some sort of tan shirt, then pair it with these Dollar Tree finds:

  • Headlamp
  • Dinosaur toys (there are also stuffed toys)
  • Velcro/tape
  • Bug-catching net

You’ll need to get the dinosaurs to stay on his shoulders – unfortunately this Velcro did not have a sticky back, so I used tape as well. It was a little tricky, and I had to use hot glue on top of the tape…I’m sure someone else has a better solution.

5. Bug Zapper Costume

man in black shirt with neon green zap poster callouts, with three bugs on shirt

I was almost snort-laughing when it came time for me to introduce the 7th costume for my husband to wear for this article.

His face…well, it says it all (which is why I cut it out…).

I introduce you to the Bug Zapper costume.

You’ll need these poster board call-outs, and pictures of bugs (or actual plastic bug toys) to pull this one off.

I also needed some sewing pins to keep the poster board call-outs on his shirt. Tape kept the bugs in place.

6. Shark Tank Shark

We just love the show Shark Tank!

That's how I thought up this number.

What to get for this DIY Halloween costume for a man or woman:

  • Any type of business-looking clothing (from home)
  • Reversible dry erase board (teacher section)
  • Shark picture (I found these in the sticker section – but I also saw a shark kite over the summer, and a shark book in the book section)
  • Black frame
  • Wet or dry marker
  • Lanyard or twine to hang the frame around his neck

All night, he can ask people what their business idea is. Then, he can either approve, or deny it.

7.  Waldo

man in red hat, red apron with stripes across it, holding an inflatable globe

Where’s Waldo? He’s at my house!

The only red clothing I could find at the Dollar Tree was the red hat, and a slinky red craft apron.

I then used masking tape to make stripes, and found a blow-up globe in the teacher section.

My son decided he just had to try this one on after us – and he definitely wears it better than my husband (but having a grown man in this silly outfit is what makes it a pretty great Halloween costume idea for him from the Dollar Tree!).

8. Butterfly Catcher

Oh wait…I snuck a Halloween costume for women from the Dollar Store in, too!

There are these beautiful, 3-D butterfly stickers in the sticker section at the Dollar Tree.

I bought two packs of those, plus used the net from a bug catcher kit I found over the summer.

My son helped stick the butterflies on me, plus take some silly photos.

Either a black or a white shirt would help make the butterflies “pop”.

Bottom line guys? Just have fun. I hope these Dollar Store Halloween costume ideas help you with that (we certainly had a hoot).

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