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You’ve gotta get creative with your long-distance relationship gifts. After living away from my boyfriend for 5 years, I’d like to share the best gifts for LDRs.

You want to get long distance relationship gifts that are going to rock your love’s world, but all the “common” gifts loved ones get for one another won’t quite work.

I totally understand!

I met my husband while studying abroad in Japan (he was a cryptologist in the Navy, stationed in Japan as well), and then we had an LDR for YEARS. In fact, we used to joke it would be nice to be on the same continent, let alone the same time zone as one another.

Psssst: you’ll want to check out my post on military love letters for him.

We are now, thankfully, very much in the same time zone (actually, the same house!) with a 3-year-old.

I’m going to take all of my experience of dealing with a long-distance relationship, and give you the BEST long-distance relationship gift ideas, on any budget.

What Makes a Long-Distance Relationship Gift the Best?

Long distance relationship gifts need to be a bit different than regular gifts a couple gives one another.

That’s because you need to take any chance you can get to show your partner how much you love them – since they don’t have the satisfaction of seeing you + seeing how much you care for them throughout the day.

These long-distance relationship gifts I’m about to spill the beans on will do one or more of the following things:

  • Keep your relationship growing
  • Provide an experience for the two of you (or at least for one of you)
  • Remind each other of how much you love one another
  • Surprise the person in a way that they didn’t think was possible since you’re in an LDR
  • Keep things MIGHT interesting + romantic, even from a distance

If your gift can do one or more of those things? Well, then you’ll have one happy partner.

How Do You Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Interesting?

First, let’s look at gifts that are going to help you keep your long-distance relationship interesting.

Gift #1: Engage with One Another in Your Own Private Book Club

Purchase two copies of a book, and send one to them. Read the book at the same time (say, one chapter a week) so that you are experiencing something together — and you can talk about it in your phone conversations/over email.

Even better? Purchase two copies of a relationship book to read together. Some of our favorites include the 5 Languages of Love, and The Love Dare. You could even start a private book club with your spouse, or significant other!

Gift #2: Upload a Video Message on Youtube

You’ll want to upload your video as “unlisted”, and just provide the specific URL to your loved one. Keep it clean though – you don’t want this to get out at some point!

Gift #3: Buy a Long-Distance Friendship Lamp

The cool thing about this lamp is you get one and they get one, and you can touch your lamp, which will cause their lamp to light up. It’s a way to show you’re thinking of them throughout the day! (psst: this works in other countries, as well!).

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Amazon

Fortunately for you, some really cool long-distance relationship gifts are available with the click of a button. Let me help you navigate all Amazon has to offer!

What Should I Do for My Long-Distance Relationship Anniversary?

I’ve got such a cool idea for your long-distance anniversary gift! It’ll keep them guessing + engaged all day long.

I love how the Dating Divas recently created a set of envelopes, with labels on the outside of each hour that the recipient is supposed to open it.

You can do this same thing, and really keep your loved one guessing! Grab a bunch of different envelopes (maybe 5 is enough for you, maybe 12 – you decide), and write a time on the outside of each one. So, one envelope can say 1:00 p.m., then the next can be 2:00 p.m., all the way to 6:00 p.m. (or, really, any time you’d like to start and finish the showering of gifts!).

Fill in a little gift or clue into each envelope, and then send them all at once in time for your anniversary.

It’s important to give them explicit instructions to not open the overall envelope until your anniversary day! Then, they’ll need to wait for each time slot to open the letters.

Some ideas for how to fill those time slots:

  • Clues: Put one new clue into each envelope as to what their anniversary gift is (something you purchased them, but that doesn’t come in the mail – so, an experience they get a ticket to, or something the two of you will do together when you’re back in the same place, etc.).
  • Love Coupons: Create love coupons for things your loved one gets from you, and put one into each envelope. Suggestions specifically for long distance relationships include things like a takeout order delivered to their home and paid for by you, a joint yoga session you’ll do at the same time as one another (Yoga with Adriene has awesome, free yoga videos on Youtube), a coupon that let’s them decide which movie you guys are going to pick for movie and date night (yes, you can do movie and a date night – one of my favorite long distance date ideas! Though now, you can use the app Synaptop), etc.
  • Flat(ish) Gifts: Some great flat gifts would be a gorgeous bookmark, a notecard with 10 things you love about them written out, a long distance relationship pillow case (keep the other one in this set for yourself), a piece of jewelry, a Ghirardelli square of chocolate, the coordinates to somewhere in Google Earth where you’ll be visiting together on your next trip, make them a “mixed tape” of the songs that have meaning in your relationship, etc.

Long Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Gifts

Searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your long-distance love?

You could print out this (free) sexy love book for him, or grab a bag of assorted Ghirardelli chocolates and for each different variety, write a love note and include it in (it will be so nice to be plastered in love letters + chocolate!).

I’m looking for long distance relationship gifts that make sense for us – I love how this woman, who was in a distance relationship with her boyfriend (now husband) for five years in their military relationship, lays out gifts that will build your relationship, let the other person know how much you care about them, and actually engage the two of you. LDRs, love long distance, and military relationships are hard, yo! Dating long distance. #ldr #longdistancerelationship #military

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