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3 Financial Goals Worksheets for Couples (All Free!)

Want to work on a money goal with your partner? Financial goals worksheets for couples help the two of you create goals together.

One of the things that brought my husband, Paul, and I closer together as a couple? Was tackling a massive financial goal as a couple.

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While we were even married yet, and we definitely didn’t have one of these financial goals worksheet for couples I’m about to share with you – I can tell you that this was such a positive experience to go through together.

You and your partner are in luck, since now there are several really great financial goals worksheets available for free to help guide you through the process.

Financial Goals Worksheet for Couples

Got a financial goal for married couples picked out?

Filling out financial goals worksheets can not only help the two of you get closer together, but it can also correct and prevent money imbalances in relationships.

That’s because you’re each allowing the other person input into the goal planning process, and respecting each other’s dreams, needs, and desires.   

A great financial goals worksheet for couples is going to:

  • Offer each of you input into the goal-setting process
  • Take into account your individual and couple’s money values
  • Help you see what it will take to get to your goal
  • Help you to track your goal

I’m not going to lie…after hours of researching this, I haven’t found many free resources that meet all of these.

Still, here are my top picks, starting with my free marriage financial planning worksheet (a great precursor to couple’s money goal-setting).

Psst: after you choose one, get a head start working towards your couple's money goal with this article how to stick to a budget as a couple.

1. Annual State of Your Financial Union

You’re on my blog…so of course I’m going to highlight my own free financial goals worksheet for couples, first!

While this free printable is not a financial goals worksheet per se, it’s an excellent way to take stock of where your finances are, so that you can both create financial goals from it.

Sort of like when you reflect on your last budget before making your next one, or when you have a review at work and know what to work on moving forward.

I walk the two of you through:

  • Taking a pre-quiz, to see how aware of your current finances each of you are (hint: the true answers to each of these questions will be revealed in worksheet #4)
  • Nailing down each other’s money values
  • Choosing money roles for various financial tasks
  • Gathering various financial digits, so that you guys can get a snapshot of where you are financially (and where you were a year ago)

From this information, you guys can set any of these types of financial goals:

Seriously, this is one of my favorite financial exercises for couples.

Psst: consistent financial meetings together are really important! Here are 14 financial topics the two of you should cover in your financial meetings with spouse.

2. Financial Planning Unity Kit for Couples

I love how this free planner set includes areas for each person to write in their individual goals, the couple’s goals, and the family goals.

You get three sheets to work on:

  • Life Goals
  • Common Financial Goals
  • Financial Action Plan

I also like how it asks you to start dreaming in three different timelines: 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years.

Personally? I’m terrible at figuring out dreams and goals 5 years and 10 years out. So, I like to be prompted to answer these types of questions each year when I do my goal, financial, and business planning.

It helps to stretch me, and I think it could do that for you guys, too!

3. Couple’s Goal Setting Sheets

Here’s a set of free couple’s goal setting sheets, where you each get to fill in your personal goals in the following categories:

  • Financial
  • Household
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Marriage & Personal Enrichment

Then, the two of you are guided through comparing your personal goals, and coming up with a set of couple’s goals from them for each of those categories.

After you use one of these financial goals worksheet for couples to set your financial goals, you’ll want to track how much progress the two of you are making towards them. These sheets do not come with a way to track your couple’s money goals, so definitely check out my article on how to track your finances on paper for various savings goal trackers, debt payoff trackers, net worth trackers, and even these cute printable budget worksheets. Or, plug your couple’s money goals into one of these 7 free smart financial goals worksheet.

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Amanda L Grossman

Personal Finance Writer and CEO at Frugal Confessions, LLC
Amanda L. Grossman is a writer and Certified Financial Education Instructor, Plutus Foundation Grant Recipient, and founder of Frugal Confessions. Over the last 13 years, her money work has helped people with how to save money and how to manage money. She's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Business Insider, LifeHacker, Real Simple Magazine, Woman's World, Woman's Day, ABC 13 Houston, Keybank, and more. Read more here or on LinkedIn.