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19 Ultimate Halloween Activities for Adults (Fun & Spooky!)

Why should kids have all the Halloween fun? Awesome Halloween activities for adults to make the most out of this spooky time of year.

Halloween is a pretty epic holiday in our household – and not just because we have a 5-year-old.

adult couple on couch giggling, in costumes, text overlay "19 Halloween activities for adults - from someone who loves Halloween"

Actually, it’s mostly because of me. I’ve always loved Halloween.

And now that I’m an adult?

You can bet that the holiday is just as big. In fact, it might be bigger because now I’m an adult and can celebrate it however I’d like to!

It’s not all about the kids – check out these Halloween-themed activities for adults.   

Halloween Activities for Adults

What can adults do for Halloween? Turns out, quite a lot.

Several of these adult Halloween activities my husband and I have already done, and several are on my own October bucket list for this year!

Psst: let me know in the comments below which of these will become new Halloween traditions for adults in your home.

1. Do a Creepy, Virtual Haunted House Tour

Looking for Halloween games online?

There are lots of virtual haunted house tours available now, including:

2. Share Local Ghost Folklore

group of adults around a fire sharing spooky local ghost stories

Many places have ghost enthusiasts, and some of them have created books detailing local ghost folklore.

Buy a book for your state, your city, or even your local town, and have fun reading the stories aloud.

Are there places you can go to together with someone?

Places you’ve already been but didn’t know were allegedly haunted?

3. Complete a Free Murder Mystery Together

pair of legs with striped stockings and red shoes coming out of building

Looking for a really engaging, adult time together?

Munch on a bowl of Halloween Chex Mix while doing one of these free murder mysteries:

Psst: here are more fall games for adults.

4. Hold a Dollar-Tree Halloween Door Decorating Contest…Inside Your Home

Give each adult their own door to come up with whatever design they’d like to, plus choose a deadline.

Even more fun…all things must be sourced from the Dollar Tree!

Get some inspiration, here.

5. Book a Room at a Haunted Hotel

Rumor has it: there are many haunted hotels across the U.S.

And while some are almost certainly trying to cash in on ghost-tourism, others might actually be true!

Find a haunted hotel in a place you’ve always wanted to go to and book it for Halloween night.

If you dare…

Psst: at the very least, you could check out the movie 1408. It’s pretty good!

6. Have a Black-and-White Horror Movie Night

Horror movies aren’t a new invention – there’s been tons of them over the years.

Host a horror movie night for you guys…but with only black and white horror movies.

Some to check out:

Hint: are you hosting a Halloween party? We did one year, and had a black and white horror movie playing in the background on mute. Really added to the ambience. And if you're doing a party…well then check out my article on is it cheaper to make your own meat and cheese tray.

7. Make a Halloween Candy Dessert

There are tons of ideas now about what to do with leftover Halloween candy.

Send your kids out, then raid some of the candies to use with one of these:

8. Get Dressed in Costumes for Regular Dinner

table set with candles, wine glass, and skulls for a halloween themed dinner costume together

Everyone’s gotta eat dinner, even on Halloween night, right? Might as well make it a bit more fun and unusual by having the adults eat in costumes!

You can use one of these free Halloween evites to announce Halloween dinner in a really fun way.

Increase the excitement by having everyone keep their costume a secret until they show up at the dinner table. Here are 8 Dollar Tree Halloween costumes for men, by the way.

Psst: Want more? Be sure to check out these 13 October activities for adults.

9. Watch a Marathon Ghost Hunting Show

Looking for fun Halloween activities for adults? Over the last few years, several networks have started doing marathon live Halloween events centered around capturing ghosts on camera.

Sort of like watching one of those watering hole live cams – you can check in throughout the evening and see what’s going on.

Pretty fun to be part of!

Hint: you can use these cute, free printables to set up a Halloween concession stand to go with it.

10. Tour Local Ghost Places

old creepy spooky building with dead trees around it

One of the spookiest things I ever did in the Fall was drive with my sister to a supposedly haunted woods area right around our home. It was rainy, and our tennis practice was canceled for the day.

So, she decided to take me and her friend down this muddy, rocky, dirt-road through a winding forest. What a fun time!

Research the alleged local haunts around your own home, and do a walk or drive-by on Halloween (or leading up to the big day).

Bonus points: bring Halloween candy along. Just sayin’.

11. Reveal Personal Ghost-Encounter Stories Around a Fire

Many people have unexplainable events that have happened to them throughout their lives, and now’s a great time to open up about them.

Light up the fire pit, offer some refreshments, and take turns sharing your stories with each other.

12. Compete with the Neighbors

Seek out another couple from your neighborhood to compete against for the best front-lawn Halloween decorations.

You can ask other neighbors to do the judging, or even have each Trick-or-Treater cast their vote (hint: if you’re going that route, you might get a slight edge by handing out really good candy!).

13. Dress Your Pets in Creepy Halloween Costumes

There are some truly creepy (and cool) pet costumes out there now for Halloween.

Like this one, which makes your small dog look like a gigantic, running spider.

Or this one, which turns your cat into a bat cat for the evening.

14. Check Out a Scary Drive-In Movie

What can couples do for Halloween?

One of my favorite Halloween events for adults is to find a  drive-in-movie theater near you and see if they’re playing anything particularly spooky around Halloween time – maybe a classic, or even a newer flick.

15. Meet Up for a Spooky Yummy Treat

One day after work, or in the afternoon, meet each other for a Halloween (or at least Fall-themed) drink at Starbucks, dessert at the local bakery, etc.

Some ideas to seek out:

16. Serve Halloween-Inspired Adult Beverages

Try out some new drink recipes, such as the:

17. Pick Up a Halloween-Lit Book

You’ve seen those ridiculous remakes of classics with zombies and vampires, and such, right?

Now’s the time to pick one up!

Could be really entertaining. Could be totally silly and not worth it…but there’s no better time of year to give it a test drive.

Books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, or Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Psst: Just typing those names out makes me giggle.

18. Pick Up a Horror Book

girl reading spooky book on couch, looking shocked

One of my favorite things to do when Fall starts creeping in is to pick up a horror book to read.

Usually, I’m a non-fiction reader. So, it’s always a special treat for this Halloween-lovin’ gal!

Psst: prefer audio books? Here are horror audio books you can get for free.

19. Book a Weekend Trip to a Spooky Place

Want to know something that’s been on my bucket list for a while now?

To go visit Salem, Massachusetts and take in all the history around the witch trials, in October. I want to visit the Salem Witch Museum to learn all about what went on, tour a few local historical spots, and see their Halloween festival.

Here are some other areas of the U.S. you might want to squeeze in a trip for a good time:

20. Play a Halloween Prank on Someone

I know, I know – I said it's only 19 ultimate Halloween Activities for Adults. But…I just can't help myself.

How about you play one of these Halloween pranks on an adult in your life?

21. Share a Halloween Episode or Movie that Scared You from Childhood

We did a new spooky activity this year, and it's definitely going down as a new Halloween tradition for us adults.

It was to share an episode or movie that scared the pants off of us as kids. You know – that scene in a movie or a show that you have remembered over the years?

For me, it was The Facts of Life Season 8: Episode 12. Those dice sliding down the stairs? Ayayayay – that scene has been replaying in my mind for years!

My husband's was Disney's Mr. Boogedy. I'd never seen it before, and it was fun having him share the scenes that scared him as a child (but are laughable today).

What a fun afternoon together, and such a cool, spooky thing to do on Halloween.

As someone who loves Halloween about as much as a kid, I'd LOVE for you to share your own Halloween activities for adults and how to celebrate Halloween as an adult in the comments below. What are you most excited about trying, and what are your Halloween traditions?

collection of fun Halloween activities for adults mostly at home
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