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9 Healthy Snacks from Dollar Tree (that are Mouthwatering Yummy)

Yummy + healthy snacks from Dollar Tree to stash in your desk drawer, or keep at home and eat throughout the week.

Healthy snacks from Dollar Tree…is that even possible?

woman at desk eating snack, text overlay "healthy snacks at dollar tree that actually taste good"

You bet.

Granted, with all the diet fads and eating plan needs out there, defining something as “healthy” can be different for everyone.

SO, all the healthy Dollar Tree snack formulas below meet at least one of these:

  • Few ingredients that are “clean” or as possible to whole ingredients as possible
  • Higher protein, lower carbs
  • “Superfood” with great nutrients in it
  • Is a better alternative to lots of other, less healthy, snacks out there

Healthy Snacks from Dollar Tree

I’ve been eating snacks from the Dollar Tree for months, and it’s time for me to spill the (protein-rich) beans on my faves.

These would also be great for college students, at the work office, and so much more.

There’s sweet, there’s savory…there’s something for everyone.

1. Rice Sticks + Peanut Butter, Dipped in Crushed Walnuts

  • Ingredients: Crunchy Rice Rolls, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Maple Walnuts
  • Total Cost: $3.75
  • Total Servings: 3-4
jar of peanut butter, package of maple walnuts, and package of rice sticks on white background
black snack container and two smaller containers all from Dollar Tree with rice sticks to dip into walnuts and peanut butter

Oh my gosh. This could be my new favorite snack.


The rice sticks are slightly sweet. When you dip them in the crunchy peanut butter and crushed maple walnuts (all from the Dollar Tree)?

It takes them over the top.

I could eat this snack everyday, around 2:00 p.m.

Hint: see those two blue small containers in there? I found that the surefresh small condiments containers don’t fit into this one. These are from the craft section – and they’re food grade plastic (there’s a “5” on the bottom).

2. “Walking” Pumpkin-Spiced Walnut Cheerios

  • Ingredients: 1 bag of cheerios, 1 bag of maple walnuts, 1 container of pumpkin pie spice OR Ground Cinnamon
  • Total Cost: $3.75
  • Total Servings: 2
cheerios, maple walnuts, and ground cinnamon on white background

You’re hungry for a snack, and want to run into a Dollar Tree for something cheap.

Awesome – this is the snack for you!

Just buy a bag of cheerios, maple walnuts, and pumpkin pie spice (or ground cinnamon).

Open the bag of cheerios, pour in the walnuts, tap the pumpkin pie spice over the bag a few times, then pinch the top closed and shake it up.

YUM. Makes 2 servings (though if you’re like me…you might just eat the whole thing in one sitting).

3. Jerky Snack Pack

  • Ingredients: 1 peppered beef jerky, 1 bag of dry roasted Edamame, 1 teriyaki roasted seaweed
  • Total Cost: $3.75
  • Total Servings: 1-2
packages of teriyaki seaweed, beef jerky, and edamame on white background
opened bag of beef jerky with white spoon, with seaweed and edamame pieces in it

There’s like a wall of jerkies at the Dollar Tree (who knew?).

And since they are high in protein, I wanted to make a snack pack with one.

Gather your three ingredients and:

  • Open the package of jerky
  • Pour in as many edamame as you’d like
  • Tear up as many seaweed pieces as you’d like and put those into the bag
  • Stir it around

And eat!

4. Bahama Ginger-Coconut Trail Mix (Bahama-Mama Ginger Mix)

  • Ingredients: Dried mango, dried pineapple, crushed ginger snap cookies, coconut flakes
  • Total Cost: $3.75
  • Total Servings: 3-4
tan ginger snaps bag, two bags of dried fruit, and bag of coconut flakes on white background
opened bag of dried fruit with healthy fruit mix and spoon, on white background

There are several different companies offering dried fruit at the Dollar Tree.

I chose the bfruitful company’s products because they literally only have one ingredient: whatever dried fruit you’re eating.

The dried pineapples only have pineapples in the ingredients. The dried mangos only have mangos.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s how to make this yummy treat (that ginger, yo’! It makes this snack):

  • Open one of the bags of dried fruit
  • Pour the other bag of dried fruit into it (there’s enough space)
  • Crush some ginger snap cookies, and put those in
  • Put in as much coconut flakes as you’d like
  • Pinch the top closed and shake it up
  • Eat 1/3 of the bag (or ½ – your choice)

5. Veggie Chips + Cheese Crisps

  • Ingredients: Samai Veggie Chips, Whisps Cheese Crisps
  • Total Cost: $2.50
  • Total Servings: 2
black veggie chips bag next to Asiago & Pepper Jack bag on desk
person pouring bag of Whisps into bag of veggie chips at desk

Veggie chips, alone, don’t have much protein in them (and no calcium).

SO, I started buying a package of Whisps (either the Parmesan or the Asiago & Pepper Jack kind if you want a little kick), and dumping it into the veggie chips bag.

Shake, then eat half of it (if you can!) for a serving.

Like these ideas? You'll love my Dollar Tree dinner ideas, and Dollar Tree Meal Plan for 2.

6. Nutty Tropical Fruit Salad

  • Ingredients: Cherry Mixed Fruit containers (4 in a package), 1 Imperial Nut Energy Blend, 2 tbsps. Coconut Flakes, ½ container of Margareta’s Tapioca Pudding (in refrigerated section)
  • Total Cost: $5.00
  • Total Servings: 3-4
package of nut blend, tapioca pudding, coconut flakes, and fruit snack mix on white background
light green Dollar Tree snack container with nutty Bahama fruit salad on white background

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t really like fruit salads.

I was hesitant to try to make a recipe from Dollar Tree ingredients, but then I got so inspired when I saw their tapioca pudding in the refrigerated section.

And WOW am I glad I made this.

This is one of my new favorite snacks! It has a subtle sweetness, and the nuts just take it over the edge.


Hint: the snack container in the photo was purchased from the Dollar Tree, too.

7. Ginger Snaps + Vanilla Almond Milk

  • Ingredients: Ginger Snaps, Almond Vanilla Milk (sweetened or unsweetened)
  • Total Cost: $2.50
  • Total Servings: 9 servings (5 cookies each)
tan ginger snaps cookies next to sweetened almond vanilla milk on white background
stacked baby food containers from Dollar Tree with almond milk on top and ginger snaps on bottom

If we rolled this back to when I was around 12, then you would find me most days soaking ginger snap cookies (these exact ones) into milk, until they were the absolute best consistency (in my experience, that takes between 20 and 30 seconds), and gobbling them down.

Everyday. For my afterschool snack.

The fact that they have them at the Dollar Tree now makes my heart leap (and I haven’t eaten this snack in years – so I was super happy to try them again).

Psst: see the containers in the image? They lock on top of each other! You can find them in the baby section at the Dollar Tree.

8. Dollar Tree Trail Mix

  • Ingredients: 2 bags of cheerios, 1 bag of bananas, 1 bag of strawberries, 1 back of yogurt covered blueberries, 1 bag of chocolate covered peanuts
  • Total Cost: $7.50
  • Total Servings: 4
two packages cheerios, yogurt covered blueberries, dried fruits, and chocolate covered peanuts
plastic container with plastic scoop of trail mix from Dollar Tree, white background

Ready to make a big batch of healthy snacks for the week in one container…using only ingredients from the Dollar Tree?

Buy a large plastic container for $1.25, then fill it with:

  • Trail mix base (I used 2 bags of Cheerios)
  • Dried fruits (I used 1 bag of bananas, and 1 bag of strawberries)
  • Other goodies (I used 1 bag of yogurt covered blueberries, and 1 bag of chocolate covered peanuts)

You can eat from it over the course of 3-4 days (depending on how much you eat a time).

9. “Walking” Spicy Tuna

  • Ingredients: 1 bag of Bumble Bee Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Wild Caught Tuna, 1 bag of Bagel Chips, 1 bag of Crispy Jalapeños
  • Total Cost: $3.75
  • Total Servings: 1-2
packages of crispy jalapenos, cracked pepper and sea salt tuna pouch, and bagel chips, white background
woman eating bagel chip with spicy tuna snack from Dollar Tree at desk

Ready for a protein-rich, spicy snack?

You can literally walk into a Dollar Tree, buy the three ingredients, assemble it in your car, and eat it while working, walking around, etc.

Especially since there’s no draining required with the pouch of tuna.

Here’s how to assemble:

  • Tear open the tuna pouch
  • Put in as many Jalapenos as you’d like
  • Stir it up
  • Dip your Bagel Chips into it (you might want a knife or spoon to put the tuna onto the bagel chips – either way works)

Psst: not into spicy kicks? They also have these crispy fried onions that are to die for. Also, this snack could really be a light lunch, too. Here are 7 more Dollar Tree lunch ideas.

I hope I've opened your eyes to lots of healthy snack Dollar Tree options you can eat at your desk, in your office, or around 2:00 p.m. at home (if you're anything like me – that's when I start getting the munchies!). And don't forget that all of these can be made and prepped ahead of time, OR, many of them you can just walk into your local Dollar Tree, grab the ingredients, and assemble at your desk or in your car (not while driving, of course). Score!

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