Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

It Ain’t About the Money, Honey

We can sit here all day talking about 401(k)s, which checking account yields the most interest with the least amount of hoops to jump through, and what your PSR (personal savings rate) is versus the national rate. I love these subjects. But you know what? It's not about any of this. It's not about money, […] Read More

Be Smart When Buying a House

There is no single greatest purchase you can make than buying a new home! A house is something that you commit to, that you will raise a family in, and will appreciate as an investment to boot. However, buying and owning a home isn’t all fun and games, there are many things that need to […] Read More

Living with debt is undoubtedly stressful and it can have consequences for your family life as well as your financial one; after all, the two are almost always inextricably linked. Dealing with debt can contribute to tensions in your already stressed out household. If you’re up at night worrying about money then everyone becomes short […] Read More

Rewind to three years ago. My husband and I had paid off the last of our combined $59,496 in debt a year before that (September 2010, to be exact, less than 5 months after getting married). The celebration was particularly sweet, because thanks to the Iceland Volcano Eruption, our honeymoon to Austria was put on […] Read More