Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

Do you remember in elementary school when your classroom was plastered with all kinds of progress tickers? Like thermometer posters to track fundraising goals that got "hotter" as you closed in on your target, or height charts where you could visually see how short you were just four months ago, or M&Ms plunked into jars […] Read More

When is the Right Time to Switch Jobs?

Amanda's Note: I invited this article because my husband recently made the switch from a very  unsatisfactory, low-paying job to a much better one. And the change has been amazing for both him and for our family! There are times in our life when a change of jobs can be the ideal solution to deal […] Read More

Financial readers across the whole blogosphere have had many new years’ resolutions this year, for themselves and for their money. These small goals may be part of larger five- or ten-year plans. All of us want to have more money, to increase the security we have in our everyday lives, and to have more options […] Read More

Today I want to talk about a frugal hack that can definitely increase your monthly cash flow (if you're a homeowner...and if you're not, then tuck this one away for future reference!). It's fighting your property taxes. Or more specifically, getting your local tax assessor to lower your home’s appraised value (tax appraised value, not […] Read More