Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

For years I’ve had those “40 freezer meals in 4 hours” type posts filling up my Pinterest and Facebook feeds. I’ve drooled over these lady’s organization, forethought, and recipes. But I also enjoy cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. Not every night, for sure. The way it works in our household is my husband, Paul, […] Read More

Have you ever thought about selling your diamond ring(s)? You might think it's only something a person would do in a last resort-type financial situation (and yes, that could be a good reason as well), but there are also other reasons why you might want to do so. The summer of 2009 was a magical […] Read More

I’m a huge believer in the phrase “knowledge is power.” In fact, I believe it’s even more than just power; knowledge is financial power as well. Tweet this! I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve saved money on for our family, the countless ways I’ve added to our savings account, or the endless […] Read More

Amanda's Note: My husband and I both love to travel! Sometimes, saving money abroad is difficult to do because you need something and don't have the time to research better options (such as with our $300 pile of laundry in Austria). I've invited this article onto Frugal Confessions to talk a little bit more about […] Read More