People who cannot find their living room floors, homes that have morphed into storage containers, and desks piled high with 5 years’ worth of “gonna do’s” all could benefit from one thing: decision filters. And guess what? The rest of us could benefit from them as well. Decision filters are amazing gatekeepers for what you […] Read More

Emergency savings (aka, the "oh sh*t fund"), are not the most glamorous things to be funneling your money towards. At least with a honeymoon savings goal you know that you + your most favorite person in the world will get a huge payoff at the end of it all. Or when you're saving for a […] Read More

Recalculating Financial Dead Ends

Several months ago at about 5:00 in the morning I was driving my husband, Paul, back to the airport. He had come up with me to PA to stay with my family for five days, and then I stayed on to spend extra time with everyone while he returned to work. I knew roughly how […] Read More

Our incentive to haggle at the doc's increased greatly when half of our household was laid off last Halloween (the half with access to an employer-sponsored health care plan). To stay on our old plan through COBRA would have cost us a staggering $1,837.82 per month, or an entire months' worth of unemployment pay and […] Read More