Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

With the recent economic recession, living frugally has become necessary. There have been times when you have been forced to do without. When the time comes for you to buy that car, computer, camping equipment, or gun, finding the best deal is a must. Online auctions can provide discount prices on everything from sporting gear […] Read More

As your son or daughter enters the teen years, it's exciting to see them growing and maturing. However, raising a teenager can also seem overwhelming very quickly. In addition to dealing with mood swings and an increased desire for independence, there are many expenses that are part of raising a teen. By the time you […] Read More

My first yoga teacher used to tell the class that if you practice your yoga regularly, you will see changes in your life. I was intrigued. Regular practice included an array of postures, some of which were to strengthen our core to help us in every pose thereafter, while other poses were to twist our […] Read More

I've just gotten back from my favorite conference: FINCON. It's a conference specifically for personal financial bloggers (hey, that's me!), and I've attended each year since it started in 2010. One of the funniest things about getting a bunch of personal financial bloggers together for the weekend is the conversation. Not only is it the […] Read More