Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

I remember the first time I scored free money from a bank. It wasn't from interest earned in my savings account. Instead it was simply completing a set of tasks to please the bank. I had to: Open a new checking account Add in $250 Keep the checking account open for 6 months And for […] Read More

Confession time: I stopped receiving the Sunday paper sometime in 2013. I know...for shame. The back story: since I'm an unpaid featured blogger at the Houston Chronicle since 2009, I thought that perhaps I could get a free subscription to their Sunday paper and keep the coupons rollin' in exchange for my writing. They thought […] Read More

Those people who have reached middle age should see retirement on the horizon. They need to be ready for it when it comes and that involves financial planning.  They may look at affordable realistic loans while interest rates are low and they have income to support their applications. Likewise they need to look at their […] Read More

In the free Financial Detox Challenge I hosted on Facebook, I asked participants to introduce themselves by sharing one word that describes the way they currently feel about their finances. The answers were very telling, ranging from "overwhelmed", "distracted", "nervous", and "pathetic", all the way to "autopilot". We've been working through some of these issues […] Read More

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