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I've just gotten back from my favorite conference: FINCON. It's a conference specifically for personal financial bloggers (hey, that's me!), and I've attended each year since it started in 2010. One of the funniest things about getting a bunch of personal financial bloggers together for the weekend is the conversation. Not only is it the […] Read More

How College Students Can make Money Writing

Writing in college is a great way to make some extra money on the side while doing something that you’re used to doing from years of writing papers. While many of your fellow classmates probably work typical jobs such as waitressing or tutoring, many do not enter into the world of writing as college students. […] Read More

Are you...surprised by the title of this blog post? I've been blogging about the merits of frugality and frugal decadence for the last 5 years (yes, it's been 5 years already!), and I've never come out with such a negative stance before. But if something's true about your money, then I might as well be […] Read More

For many of the choices you face each day, there is a clear winner. Like, "do I fill up now that I'm on 'E', or do I try to make it to the beach (2 hours away)?" and... "Do I pick up my child from school, or do I allow him to spend the night […] Read More