Frugal Confessions — Live a VIP Life on an Average Paycheck — Page 2

It was 7 years ago when I first moved to Houston to be with my now-husband, Paul. One of the things we quickly discovered we loved doing together was going to Half Price bookstores and browsing the shelves for hours. He'd get lost in history and DVDs, I'd browse the financials and cookbooks, and we'd […] Read More

It was a little over 5 years ago this month that Paul and I sat down for our first marriage counseling session with our preacher. Several of the sessions had been over the phone because we live in Houston and the preacher was in my childhood church in PA. And honestly, that barrier helped with […] Read More

When I was a teenager I remember my parents used to take a trip every other year or so to New Jersey's Atlantic City for a few nights. It was a nice getaway for them. In just a few hours they could enjoy the beach, a boardwalk, and gambling -- something that was a novelty […] Read More

Why stand in a long line when you could shop for your groceries online? Online grocery shopping not only saves time but also it saves you money. Today, we are showing you how to save money by online grocery shopping. Once you see the benefits of online grocery shopping check to see if this option […] Read More