When you shop, do voices play a soccer match inside your head? You know, Team Live for Now says, "yes, YES! You need that High-Speed Blender with Dual-Stage Technology right now (in fact, how have you made it through life so far without it?!?)." Not long afterwards, Team Ways and Means pipes in with, "shouldn't you be saving for […] Read More

  Hello, and Happy Friday to you! It's that time of week where we all get to share a way {or two} that we saved money recently. Paul has begun his new schedule at his new job, meaning he works 7 days on (12 hours)/7 days off. This has it's pros and it's cons for sure. […] Read More

Booking a second date with someone who is bossy, controlling, and demands-that-you-order-from-apps-only stingy is not going to happen (well, unless you're into self-sabotage). In fact, you'd probably do everything you can to never spend another moment with this person, like dodging their phone calls or turning down random streets when you unluckily spot them approaching. […] Read More

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers! It's Friday again...woohoo! That means it's time to share a way each of us have saved money over the last week. Here is my confession of the week: Our kitty-cat Lyla Bear was having substantial digestive upsets (ahem, *not making the litter box*) off and on for the last few weeks. […] Read More