Hello, and Happy Friday to you! It's that time of week where we all get to share a way {or two} that we saved money recently. Paul has begun his new schedule at his new job, meaning he works 7 days on (12 hours)/7 days off. This has it's pros and it's cons for sure. […] Read More

Booking a second date with someone who is bossy, controlling, and demands-that-you-order-from-apps-only stingy is not going to happen (well, unless you're into self-sabotage). In fact, you'd probably do everything you can to never spend another moment with this person, like dodging their phone calls or turning down random streets when you unluckily spot them approaching. […] Read More

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers! It's Friday again...woohoo! That means it's time to share a way each of us have saved money over the last week. Here is my confession of the week: Our kitty-cat Lyla Bear was having substantial digestive upsets (ahem, *not making the litter box*) off and on for the last few weeks. […] Read More

Mistakes are not the enemy. And yes - this is coming out of the mouth of a recovering perfectionist who used to fear making mistakes. I'm talking sweat-provoking, sleep-depriving, visceral fear at the thought of it. It's not that I think I'm better than anyone else; it's because I cannot stand the idea of being […] Read More