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Scrap Metaling for Extra Cash

Do you have a pick-up truck, or know someone who does? Then you might want to consider scrapping metal as a way to earn some extra money. Not only does this offer a ‘hobby’ income stream, (potentially helping you pay off your truck loan faster) but it is also an environmentally sound way to reuse a natural resource.

I personally do not own a truck, nor do I know someone who does. So I decided to recycle a month’s worth of coca-cola cans (about a paper bag and a half—yes, my husband is addicted), and see how much I could get for them. My true intention was to obtain information on how scrapping metal can be a legitimate way to earn a side income.

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Details on Scrapping Metal

I contacted Jason at Cameron Recycling located in Alvin, Texas to find some of the answers to my questions. A quick glimpse at their website shows a laundry list of metals Cameron will purchase, such as: copper, aluminum, cans, stainless brass, A/C reefers, autos, iron and steel, but I asked Jason for a more consumer-friendly list. Cameron will purchase your empty cans of soda, any major appliances such as dryers/washers, and they will even take your car. And don’t be worried about not having enough metal to offer; I asked Jason what his typical customer is like, and he said that he/she is just a normal person with both large and small quantities of metal to sell.

So how much can you expect to be paid from scrapping metal? At the time of the interview (early June), Cameron is offering $0.36 per pound of cans. This is a significant drop from last summer’s high of $0.85 per pound of cans, but a nice jump from January 2009’s average of $0.20 per pound. Jason explained that the market does vary, especially when one of the scrap metal market’s biggest customers—China—does not have as much demand. China is suffering with the current recession as well, and so their demands for metal have decreased sharply compared to their normal rate. For some ball park figures, a typical vehicle will reap you around $100-$150, while a washer may only bring in between $3-$5.

After talking with Jason, I decided to bring my own cans in and go through the process of scrapping metal to see what it entails for my readers. It was very simple. I walked in without an appointment on a Saturday morning. There was someone working in the warehouse who we brought our bags of cans to. He weighed them on a large scale, and printed out a ticket for me to take to the front desk. Jason, the person I had interviewed over the phone, happened to be working that day, and he gave me my earnings: $0.75. I was in and out of there in five minutes.
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Now, $0.75 is not much (it was enough to buy a red bell pepper from the local farmer’s market in Alvin—Froberg’s), but you can make a sizable side income by doing this. My sister’s husband typically receives $100 per pickup truck load. Here are some of his strategies to help get you started finding free metal:

  • Bulk trash pick-up day is when a lot of people put out old appliances/scraps for pickup (call your trash service or township to find out the date for your area)
  • Craigslist—look in the free section, or place an ad for free detailing the types of scrap metal/appliances you are willing to pick up
  • Place an ad in a newspaper or on line to pick-up unwanted, used appliances (you will probably get more responses than you think)
  • Put an ad on the bulletin board at an apartment complex building (with people consistently moving in and out you might find some who want to ditch appliances before moving)

If you have a place to store your scrap metal finds, you may wish to build a stockpile until the scrap metal market price goes back up.

As an afterthought, I asked Jason a question that’s been on my mind since I was a child. What does the 5¢ can deposit in Maine and a few other states printed on the side of a can of soda mean? Jason explained that when you buy a can of soda in those states you pay a deposit of 5¢. When you return the can afterwards, you get back that deposit. Sounds like a system that entices recycling!

Getting Rid of Old Appliances for Cash

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  • Susan

    Are you ready for a true confession? I’m an Army wife – we have literally lived all over the world – and in every stateside location we have recycled aluminum cans for cash. We’ve done everything from feeding them into an automated can crusher that spit out change in return, to phoning around San Antonio scrap dealers to determine the best current price! Here in Texas we augment our household cans with many more found on walks. Hubby figures 30 cans to the pound, so he can tell me about how many pounds he picks up on a 3-5 mile walk – often he finds two pounds or more! Right now we are saving our can money for a flat-screen TV. Our friends and family think that we are a little WACK!

    I get a kick out of seeing the pickups piled high with metal objects cruising the neighborhood during bulk trash collection. Texas is the only place I’ve ever seen so much of that!

    • FruGal

      Hello Susan!

      That is absolutely fantastic:). My fiancee (we might while he was in the Navy) currently wants a flat screen tv…and we are trying to think of creative ways to offset the cost. He loves coca-cola, and he actually offered to stop drinking it until the cost is paid for! That would take years I told him…Also, this photo of the truck filled with metal was taken in PA where I am originally from (I am living in Houston now).

      Keep reading, and thanks for the comment!

  • It seems really smart to sell your scrap metal for extra cash. There are so many things that you can do with scrap metal. I can imagine that selling it can help reduce the amount of waste that’s polluting our planet by re-purposing it into something else that can be used.

  • The steel entire body of the auto is always worth one thing,
    even if it is getting scrapped. In 2007, Flipswap
    put enough mobile phones back into circulation to keep the equivalent of 50 tons of solid waste out of US landfills.
    A couple of the companies listed are only interested in wrecked or non-working newer cars
    but there are wreckers who will take the older vehicles for parts.
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