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11 Sets of Family Emergency Binder Free Printables (Get Prepared)

Could you access important information in a matter of minutes, if need be? Use these family emergency binder free printables to help.

When you’re in an emergency, it’s extremely useful to have everything you need in one, easily accessible place.

woman in blue shirt working on papers, text overlay "Free Printables for your emergency family binder"

Both so that you can snatch it quickly before leaving – as long as you can do so safely – and for shelter-in-place emergencies where you need to access information.

These family emergency binder free printables will help you to:

  • Keep a lot of vital information in a grab’n’go format
  • Get information together for a spouse or loved one, in the event that someone dies
  • Give you important information to use during an emergency
  • Give a caregiver useful information

Prepping this ahead of time will give you peace of mind, so let’s dive in!

What Should be in a Family Emergency Binder?

The Family Emergency Binder or ICE (In Case of Emergency) Binder has both need-to-have bits of information, and nice-to-haves.

And what you include in yours will depend on your situation. For example, whether or not you have children, what property you own, if you have pets, etc.

Family Emergency Binder Checklist:

  • Identification information
  • Financial information
  • Evacuation Checklist
  • Family Disaster Plan
  • Emergency contact card
  • Medical information
  • Insurance information
  • Property information
  • Ownership documents

Pro Tip: A note on where to keep these: some of these documents you want to keep accessible for babysitters, caregivers, and you. Others, you likely want to protect in a safe/security box, and/or a fireproof and waterproof organizer.

Family Emergency Binder Free Printables

Pick and choose from the free printable family emergency binder worksheets and PDFs below to make a binder that suits your needs.

Hint: keep reading, where I talk about a few tips on how to create your actual binder.

1. Family Emergency Plan Handouts

This is a very helpful set of free emergency binder pdfs you can download and print to work through.

Worksheets include:

  • Family Emergency Plan Binder Master List
  • Vital Documents checklist
  • Insurance Documents checklist
  • Financial Documents checklist
  • Evacuation Plan checklist
  • Car Emergency Kit checklist
  • Basic Disaster Supplies checklist
  • Evacuation Grab-n-Go List by amount of time you have (5 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Individual Identification worksheets
  • And more!

2. Family Disaster Plan

Check out the American Red Cross’s free Family Disaster Plan set of worksheets, which includes:

  • Family member names and contact information
  • Pet information
  • Disaster plan of action, including a meeting place outside of the neighborhood in case of unforeseen separation
  • Family member responsibilities worksheet

3. Citizen Disaster Preparedness Workbook

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management put together a pretty thorough emergency preparedness workbook that they take people through in a class.

And, you can download it for free!

You’ll work through putting together:

  • Vital records
  • Financial documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Emergency Kits
  • Residents/Household Inventory
  • Family Emergency Plans/Communication
  • Online Links to Emergency Preparedness

4. FEMA’s Family Emergency Communication Plan

Looking for an online form you can type your answers into and then print out?

FEMA has a family emergency communication plan builder to help you answer important questions, then print a report out in the end.

You’ll fill in your household information, information for each family member, childcare and workplace information, emergency contacts, emergency meeting places, medical information, and insurance information.

5. Free Family Emergency Binder Printables

Here’s a cute, 10-page set of printables to help you put your emergency binder together.

Worksheets include:

  • Family Emergency Supplies list (including blank monthly calendar to keep track of expiration dates)
  • Family Member Details
  • Family Emergency Plan
  • Household Inventory
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Grab’n’Go Items
  • Emergency Utilities
  • Etc.

Psst: while you're thinking of emergencies…don't forget about building up your emergency fund. Here are emergency fund examples, and free emergency fund tracker printables to help you. Here's how to prepare for unexpected financial emergencies.

6. Our Escape Plan Printable

Does your family all understand evacuation routes and escape plans from your home?

Downloading this printable and filling it out, then practicing with your family can help in the event of a future disaster.

7. Beginner Family Emergency Binder

I feel like these pages are both super cute, and a really good way to start your emergency binder (you’ll likely want to print out other pages from above to add to your binder).

Pages include:

  • Emergency Numbers and Information
  • Family Personal Profile
  • Birthdays & Anniversary Dates
  • Contacts of Family & Friends
  • Utilities & Services
  • Password Tracker

Hint: you need to scroll all the way down and fill in the tiny optin box to get these.

8. Family Emergency Binder Checklists

Here’s a set of checklists you can include in the following sections of your family emergency binder:

  • Personal Info
  • Financial Info
  • Insurance Info
  • Home/Auto Info
  • Retirement Info

Then, just gather, gather, and gather!

Hint: here’s another family emergency binder checklist to help you gather everything you need for your binder.

9. Emergency Preparation Binder Printables

This set of free printables is focused on shelter-in-place emergency situations, and can help you get together emergency supplies ahead of time.

There’s also a worksheet for you to jot down emergency contact information and medical information.

10. Emergency Family Binder Printables

Get worksheets for:

  • Family Member Profile
  • Contact List
  • Medical Contacts
  • Service Provider Contacts List
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Auto Information
  • Insurance Provider info
  • Household Inventory
  • Important Documents Checklist
  • Passwords Log
  • Financial Accounts Contact Information

Assembling Your ICE Binder

Choose and print out worksheets from above, fill them out, and organize them into a binder.

Where you keep that binder is up to you – think about what you want to keep secure, such as in a fireproof and waterproof lockbox, and what you don't mind being on the shelf.

But don't stop there.

Other things to keep in this binder:

  • Current photos of each member of your family, plus pets
  • A photo inventory of your household belongings (for insurance purposes)
  • Important family documents that are irreplaceable
  • A zippered pouch with some cash and extra keys (queasy about keeping extra cash in there? Here's some ideas for a DIY diversion safe)

Pro Tip: after you assemble your binder? I suggest that you scan in all of the documents, and recreate it in a digital format where you + your partner can easily access it (in case of it being lost, or you not having time to grab it, or any other emergency situation where you can’t access it). You could do this on something like Google Drive by sharing with the other person.

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Friday 16th of June 2023

Please send me the free Family Emergency Binder Printables so that I can get more organized. Thank You!

Amanda L Grossman

Saturday 24th of June 2023

Hi Andrea! Just click on the link of the one that you want, and then you can download it from there (these family emergency binder free printables are from other people's websites - I just wanted to round them up as a resource for you).

Chanelle Cutler

Monday 22nd of May 2023

I would love the printables. Thank you

Amanda L Grossman

Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Great! You just click on the link to the one you want, and follow instructions for how to download. They're all free.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

I love the idea of becoming a better organizer!