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9 (Tested) Strategies to Negotiate Rent at Apartment Complexes

Is rent negotiable, and can you negotiate rent at an apartment complex? I've got 9 (tested) ways to negotiate your rent bill down. In my short lifespan (well, I guess I can no longer say short now that I’ve officially lived three decades),…
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The No Spend Challenge Guide (How Do I Not Spend Money at All?)

Get direction and help with this No Spend Challenge Guide so that you can use your money for something more important (like paying off debt or travel!). So, you’ve heard of a No Spend Challenge as a way to get AHEAD of your debt (not to mention…
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11 Sources for Full Length Free Audio Books for Adults (Saves $164.45/yr.)

Full length audio books for free...YES, they do exist! 11 sources, plus a secret trick to getting free audio books on Audible.com (no membership required). Wanting full length audio books for free to help pass the time on your long commute,…
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27 Free eBook Resources (How to Find Free Books on Kindle App in 2019)

Let me show you how to find free books on Kindle app from 27 sources, (PLUS how to upload free eBooks from other sources to your kindle app). My husband is a bit obsessed with finding free eBooks on Kindle to read. So finding out how to find…

How Can I Get a Discount at Starbucks? (11 Starbucks Discounts)

Frustrated by trying to find a Starbucks discount promo code that's still active? I feel your pain. Let me show you how I do it (plus 10 other Starbucks discounts). Let me guess...you're trying to find a Starbucks discount code and either one…
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How to Stay Motivated to Save Money? 7 Tips and Tricks.

7  tricks for how to stay motivated to save money, and how to encourage someone to save money. Being frugal -- one of the easiest paths to saving money -- sometimes gets a bad rap. Some make fun of it (here is a link to Ramit’s hilarious…