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How to Switch Electricity Providers

How to Switch Electricity Providers

I'll walk you through how to switch electricity providers to get a lower costing plan, using the easiest methods available.   A few years ago while trying to figure out how to switch electricity providers, I gave up. By “giving up”,…
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USAA Eligibility

Figuring out USAA eligibility can be really tricky. Let me help you determine if you’re eligible to join USAA, and how you can pass your membership onto the next generation. USAA has some serious perks to membership, which is why you definitely…
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Frugal Living - Best Frugal Living Tips

Real frugal living is about so much more than learning how to hack $5 off your next grocery bill. I'm opening up about the money strategy behind living a frugal life, so that you can get what you want.   Frugal living articles listing…
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Emergency Savings Fund - Building One is Not that Annoying

Building an emergency savings fund isn't as annoying as you think. Let me show you why, and how to get started with one of the best ways to cement your financial independence. Your Emergency savings fund (aka, the "oh sh*t fund"), is not the…
budget wedding ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas

Are you ready to hear the kind of budget wedding ideas you need to pull off a wedding you can look back on, fondly, but without going into debt? According to Bridal Bargains and various other sources, the average 150-guest wedding…
shopping at dollar stores

Shopping at Dollar Stores - Does it Make Sense?

I've been shopping at dollar stores since I was a teen...but I've started questioning if it's the best place to get a deal. Let me show you what I found. I remember very clearly when the first dollar store opened up in our small town. We…