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Emergency Savings Fund - Building One is Not that Annoying

Building an emergency savings fund isn't as annoying as you think. Let me show you why, and how to get started with one of the best ways to cement your financial independence. Your Emergency savings fund (aka, the "oh sh*t fund"), is not the…
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Budget Wedding Ideas

Are you ready to hear the kind of budget wedding ideas you need to pull off a wedding you can look back on, fondly, but without going into debt? According to Bridal Bargains and various other sources, the average 150-guest wedding in the…
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Shopping at Dollar Stores - Are Dollar Stores Really Cheaper?

I've been shopping at dollar stores since I was a teen...but I've started questioning if it's the best place to get a deal. Let me show you what I found. I remember very clearly when the first dollar store opened up in our small town. We…
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The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome Buyer's Remorse

Buyers remorse - what an icky feeling! How not to regret a purchase (prevention is key!), how to use buyer's remorse law to your advantage, plus how to overcome buyer's remorse. Have you ever had buyer’s remorse? I like to live my life…
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How to Save Money on Food - How Can I Spend Less Money on Food?

Looking for how to save money on food (so that you can spend more of your paychecks elsewhere?), and how to spend less money on food you love? I'm going to show you how to save money on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, AND eating out! Food…
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How to Lower Electric Bill in Old House and Save Money on Your Electricity Bill?

How to save money on electricity bill like we have (reduced our bill by 25% - 30%), especially how to lower an electric bill in an old house. Is how to save money on electricity bill high on your list of things to do (or things you NEED to…