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Mortgage Hacks Breathe New Life into Your American Dream

Mortgage hacks for how to pay off your mortgage faster. Because nobody wants to be paying their mortgage for 30, or even 15, years! What exactly is the American Dream? This phrase used to loosely represent the ability for anyone to be born…
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I Can’t Save Money – How Can I Save Money with No Money?

I can't save money, because how can I save money with no money? Click to find common reasons why saving money feels impossible, and how to fix them. Do you feel like it's impossible to save money? Saving money is hard, and not just for you. According…
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Filing Your Taxes for Free and Finding Free Tax Return Help

Paying upwards of $100 for the privilege of filing taxes sounds about as fun as paying for the privilege of someone flicking on your light switch to make your dishwasher miraculously work again {don't ask}. You may have a very good reason…
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Did You Know there are Federal Limits on the Amount of Withdrawals You Can Make from Savings?

Did you know there are limits to how many times can I transfer money from savings to checking? Let's look at federal limits known as 'Regulation D'), as well as how many withdrawals from savings you can make. Even though we treat our savings…
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Implement Any of the 5 Languages of Love without Spending a Dime

Looking for a 5 love languages list? I provide the 5 Love languages summary, and then list out how you can meet the needs of your partner without spending a dime (no matter which their love language). My husband and I recently completed The…
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Buy Experiences, Not Things (& Two More Ways Money Makes us Happy)

Buy experiences, not things, (plus these two other things) if you want to maximize your happiness ROI (Return on Investment). Many of us have learned over the years that physical things do not make us happy. Sure, there’s the fleeting excitement…