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worst home warranty companies

Our $60 Brand New A/C Compressor, Capacitor, Fan Motor, Valve Thingy and Freon: My Home Warranty Experience

There is something so pleasurable to me about sitting in a hot car after a long day of work in an overly air-conditioned, windowless cube. Opening the car door is like opening an oven, but instead of wincing, I relax into the heat. My muscles…
junk mail

Junk Mail for New Homeowners: Is it Really All Junk?

As new homeowners, our mailbox has been flooded with tons of offers from companies undoubtedly trying to get us to spend all of our first-time homebuyer’s tax credit. We have landscaping companies putting their business cards in our mailbox,…
cash strapped

Short-Term Money Solutions for the Cash-Strapped: Where to get Money When you Need it Now

If you are financially strapped for cash from a medical issue, losing a job, losing benefits, taking a pay cut, etc., then there are many ways that you can get cash fast that will leave you worse off in the future than you are today. Payday…

Personal Savings Rate

The Personal Savings Rate (PSR) has been talked about a lot in the news lately, especially now that our economy is in the middle of a recession and people are panicking about their immediate financial futures. Oddly enough, the PSR did not manage…