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Holiday Hangover: 23 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

When you resolve to stick to a budget, life can sometimes be determined to test you. During these types of months you can always keep spending according to your budget as if the upsets had never occurred, but then you will likely have to take…
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Frugal Gift-Giving Ideas on a Small Budget

What is your budget per person this year…$10, $5, $0? I’ve got some great gift-giving ideas for any budget, so check them out below. Remember, being frugal means you are stretching your budgeted money to its most potential while getting…
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Cheap Family Activities

Cheap family activities will keep everyone entertained and engaged with one another, all while saving that money in your wallet. As an adult, I occasionally daydream about certain times during my childhood. When I’m in my cubicle on a…
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Frugal Living Guide: How to Find Quality Furniture Cheap

Paul and I purchased a large, 3100 square foot home in Houston last September. We didn’t expect or seek out such a large space, but after touring 19 different homes (this was our 20th) we instantly fell in love with it. Not only was…
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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge: $5 Left at the End of the Month

Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) brought my family together. They're a memory I hold onto, and one that I'm reinstating today in our household alongside the $5 Left-at-the-End-of-the-Month Challenge. I come from a divorced family. Wait, that…
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Our $60 Brand New A/C Compressor, Capacitor, Fan Motor, Valve Thingy and Freon: My Home Warranty Experience

There is something so pleasurable to me about sitting in a hot car after a long day of work in an overly air-conditioned, windowless cube. Opening the car door is like opening an oven, but instead of wincing, I relax into the heat. My muscles…