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Not-So-Green Confessions

This is a Guest Post by Sustainable PF who writes with his wife, Mrs. SPF, at Sustainable Personal Finance where they discuss balancing their financial goals with their lifestyle and beliefs regarding sustainable living in Ontario, Canada. Psst. …

How Can I Hide Money from Myself?

If 'how can I hide money from myself' is what you just googled, then you need to read this article. Are you having trouble saving money because it's just...there...in front of you all the time? Saving money is important because life can throw…
personal savings rate

Personal Saving Rate: Nationally and in Our Household

Personal Saving: the portion of personal income that is left over after personal current taxes and outlays for personal consumption expenditures, nonmortgage interest payments, and net current transfers to government and the rest of the world. Personal…
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Homemade Diversion Safes: Save Money by Making Your Own

If you're looking for homemade diversion safe DIY, then you're likely looking to stow away some of your valuables. Let me show you how to make your own diversion safe, as well as lots of other options. Discovery Channel used to have a series…
how to reduce food waste

Waste Not Want Not: Baking Catastrophes and Food Waste in Our Household

Wondering how to reduce food waste? I was shocked at how much food we waste in our home, and that pales in comparison to what's wasted nationwide.  The other day I set my eyes on a recipe I had torn out of a Martha Stewart Magazine: Tiramisu…
group of three kids running through a meadow for cheap family activities

49+ Cheap Family Activities

Cheap family activities will keep everyone entertained and engaged with one another, all while saving that money in your wallet. As an adult, I occasionally daydream about certain times during my childhood. When I’m in my cubicle on a…