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cell phone plans

Picking Out a Cell Phone Plan for My Grandparents

Author’s Note: The prices here reflect what was presented on each cell phone carrier’s website on November 5, 2011, as well as in the zipcode my grandparents live (Pennsylvania). I have been tasked with something I take very seriously:…
woman sitting at desk with cappuccino, writing a grocery list for two weeks

Grocery List for Two Weeks + How to Make One Grocery Trip Last

Looking for a grocery list for two weeks? I'll share our two week meal plan, plus strategies for how to only grocery shop twice a month (no scurvy here!). More and more people seem to be joining the twice-a-month grocery shopping bandwagon. We’ve…
hurricane supplies checklist

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Hurricane Supplies Checklist

Hurricane season starts on June 1st — are you ready? Let me show you how to get prepared for hurricane season, without spending a fortune. I first moved to Houston three days before Hurricane Ike hit. I had lost my job in June of 2008, which…

Is Frugality an Anti-Aphrodisiac?

Have you ever picked up a date in a Reliant K car? Politely asked the person across the table from you to only order from the “turf” options in a seafood restaurant? Slipped a coupon in with your credit card in the oh-so-stylish black notepads…

Not-So-Green Confessions

This is a Guest Post by Sustainable PF who writes with his wife, Mrs. SPF, at Sustainable Personal Finance where they discuss balancing their financial goals with their lifestyle and beliefs regarding sustainable living in Ontario, Canada. Psst. …
money restraints

Placing Purposeful Money Restraints on Your Household

Paul and I are all too aware of the type of sticky financial situations life can throw at you. In the summer of 2008, Paul was laid off from his position. Just two weeks later while he was visiting me in Florida with the extra time on his hands,…