Why is personal financial health important, and how do you know when you’ve got it?

I share financial health tips, how to assess your own personal financial health with a personal finance health score, and OF COURSE, ways to increase it.

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white desk with white and gold calculator, gold pen, binders, and a candle

How to Organize Bills for the Best Way to Pay Bills Each Month

How to organize bills? I show you easy bill organization systems and bill paying systems to maximize convenience and manage your financial life. Is your bill organization system a hot mess? Perhaps you read that, and thought “what bill organization…
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How to Host a Biggest Loser Challenge at Work

Looking to lose weight through a fun group activity? How about hosting a weight loss competition at work, or with your friends/family (like the Biggest Loser Challenge)? Let me show you how it’s done. Back in 2009, a friend of mine had this…
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Always Broke Before Payday? Changes THIS Payday to Stop the Cycle.

Are you SICK of being always broke before payday? It's depressing, and worrying about it takes up too much of life. Here's how to break the cycle of being broke in between paydays. I’ve got a way to make the next 7 days go slooooowwwwlllly:…
woman looking shocked at unexpected expenses (bill in hand)

Preparing for the Unexpected Financial Emergencies in Life

Preparing for the unexpected, financially, is something all responsible adults need to do. Otherwise, your next financial emergency might put you back on your mother's couch. Did you know that 40% of Americans are one $400 unexpected financial…
home dining room with flood damage, in flood waters

What Does Flood Insurance Cover? (Flood Insurance Resource Guide)

Do I need flood insurance, and what does flood insurance cover? Read about that and much more in this flood insurance resource guide (complete with interviews from Texas flood survivors). We've got a flood insurance policy. When you live in…
Young, abundant woman with purple juice in hands next to plant

Scarcity Money Mindset (Tools to Shift You from Scarcity to Abundance)

Have you noticed that your money mindset -- your beliefs and attitude towards money -- needs a tuneup? Let's talk about tools to help you shift from a scarcity to abundant mindset. Most people need to work on their money mindset. Heck, I…