Why is personal financial health important, and how do you know when you’ve got it?

I share financial health tips, how to assess your own personal financial health with a personal finance health score, and OF COURSE, ways to increase it.

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Best Personal Finance Books of All Time

What are the best personal finance books of all time? Read through this list, and it's like getting your GED in personal finance.  We're not born with money knowledge. Sure, some of us might have a natural fascination with numbers. But…
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You are 33% More Likely to Achieve Your Savings Goal if You Do this...

Learn one of the best, and easiest, money life hacks to make it 33% more likely you'll achieve your savings goals. When I was a senior in high school, I set a goal: to find a senior prom dress that would make me look like Julia Roberts in…
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Life Insurance on a Budget – What is the Cheapest Life Insurance Policy?

What is the cheapest life insurance policy, and how can you buy life insurance on a budget? Let me walk you through your budget life insurance options. Life insurance isn’t a fun topic to discuss – we put the conversation off in our own…
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Do this One Thing, I Dare You. I Double Dare You.

What is Net Worth anyway? Let me show you how to be a digi-fly on the page of 477 people’s bank statements + why you should track your own. Here’s your double dare: Track your net worth. Seriously. I started doing this about 8 years…
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Screw Your Financial Statement. What are the Numbers Actually TELLING You?

Get the three-question Financial Well-being Checkup that will tell you more about your financial health than a financial statement ever could. Let’s move beyond the financial statement, and into the territory of assessing your actual financial…
konmari papers

Warning! Read this Before Doing the Marie Kondo Papers Method

The KonMari Papers method is something that consistently would have cost us untold amounts of time + thousands of dollars in costs we didn’t need to pay. Let me show you why. I love Marie Kondo and her KonMari Method. I've written about…