Why is personal financial health important, and how do you know when you’ve got it?

I share financial health tips, how to assess your own personal financial health with a personal finance health score, and OF COURSE, ways to increase it.

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Writing a House Purchase Offer? Three Things That You Should Highlight

Amanda's Note: This was provided by an online contact.  Jenna and Joe just got married. They are house-hunting with high hopes that they will find their home in the neighborhood that’s special to them. Luck seems to be on their side…
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What Kind of Grade Would You Get on Suze Orman’s “How Am I Doing” Segment?

Get the answer to your question 'how am I doing financially' by going through the different areas of your money life and figuring out how to “grade” it based on solidly researched metrics. Get a FREE money kit! Do you ever wonder "how am…
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Best Personal Finance Books of All Time to Improve Your Financial Knowledge

What are the best personal finance books of all time? Reading through this list of personal finance classics is like getting your GED in money. We're not born with money knowledge. Every time I've started to wonder how can I improve my financial…
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Life Insurance on a Budget – What is the Cheapest Life Insurance Policy?

What is the cheapest life insurance policy, and how can you buy life insurance on a budget? Let me walk you through your budget life insurance options. Life insurance isn’t a fun topic to discuss – we put the conversation off in our…
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Do this One Thing, I Dare You. I Double Dare You.

What is Net Worth anyway? Let me show you how to be a digi-fly on the page of 477 people’s bank statements + why you should track your own. Here’s your double dare: Track your net worth. Seriously. I started doing this about 8…
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Screw Your Financial Statement. What are the Numbers Actually TELLING You?

Get the three-question Financial Well-being Checkup that will tell you more about your financial health than a financial statement ever could. Let’s move beyond the financial statement, and into the territory of assessing your actual financial…