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Holiday Budgeting

Learn my tricks for holiday budgeting that will make your entire holiday season so much more enjoyable! Forget the stress, and don't get stuck paying holiday bills all January.  I love the end of the year. The cooling off of hot Houston temps (in our home we affectionately call this “Hoodie weather” because we get […]

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Want to create homemade holiday gifts, but afraid they’ll collect dust on someone’s shelf? Let me share with you a really creative, cool list of ideas that are sure winners. Each year I stumble upon some neat ideas for homemade holiday gifts from bloggers, companies, magazines, etc., and I thought this year I would take […]

Frugal Living – Best Frugal Living Tips

Real frugal living is about so much more than learning how to hack $5 off your next grocery bill. I'm opening up about the money strategy behind living a frugal life, so that you can get what you want.   Frugal living articles listing out 50+ tips on how to save a buck are a dime […]

Budget Wedding Ideas

Are you ready to hear the kind of budget wedding ideas you need to pull off a wedding you can look back on, fondly, but without going into debt? According to Bridal Bargains and various other sources, the average 150-guest wedding in the United States costs around $30,000!! Ofcourse, this number is an average, so it includes […]

Cutting Expenses to the Bone

Cutting expenses to the bone can help widen the gap between your expenses and your paycheck. Not only that, but it can create real momentum towards your savings goals! As a nation, we stalk rock stars, super stars, divas, and obsess over their clothing, their cars, their homes, their lives because we want to touch […]