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Budget Advice

Take my budget advice, gained from setting, maintaining, and tweaking budgets for two decades now. You'll be surprised at how much this budget advice can help! For most people, budgets are a drag. They represent limits, and “adulting”. The word itself conjures up images of spreadsheets and the Grinch. But let me ask you this: […]

How to Multiply the Money You Save

Amanda's note: this was provided by an online contact.  Unless you choose to hide money beneath the mattress, you likely deposit your hard-earned funds directly into a bank account on a regular basis. While the money is safe, the one fact which the average bank tends to gloss over involves how much you will earn […]

USAA Eligibility

Figuring out USAA eligibility can be really tricky. Let me help you determine if you’re eligible to join USAA, and how you can pass your membership onto the next generation. USAA has some serious perks to membership, which is why you definitely want to check out your USAA eligibility status. For example, my husband and […]

Always Broke Before Payday

Are you SICK of being always broke before payday? It's depressing, and takes up too much of life. I'll show you how to break the cycle of being broke in between paydays.  I’ve got a way to make the next 7 days go slooooowwwwlllly: spend all of your budgeted cash in the first week after […]

Holiday Budgeting

Learn my tricks for holiday budgeting that will make your entire holiday season so much more enjoyable! Forget the stress, and don't get stuck paying holiday bills all January.  I love the end of the year. The cooling off of hot Houston temps (in our home we affectionately call this “Hoodie weather” because we get […]

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Want to create homemade holiday gifts, but afraid they’ll collect dust on someone’s shelf? Let me share with you a really creative, cool list of ideas that are sure winners. Each year I stumble upon some neat ideas for homemade holiday gifts from bloggers, companies, magazines, etc., and I thought this year I would take […]