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Totally Free Genealogy Websites

Totally Free Genealogy Websites

Looking for totally free genealogy websites so that you can actually afford to conduct genealogy research? I've got you covered, with lots of ways to find your ancestors for free. As mentioned previously, I have been working on a genealogy…
Genealogy Project Ideas

Genealogy Project Ideas

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how to get prescriptions cheaper

How to Get Prescriptions Cheaper

Are you sick of paying too much money on your prescriptions, and need to know how to get prescriptions cheaper? Especially if you don't have insurance, or can't afford them?  When my grandparents told me how much they pay per month for…

How to Save Money while Moving Out

Amanda's Note: this was provided by an online contact.  Were you able to buy a new house out of town? Is your company relocating to another city? Are you thinking of retiring somewhere that’s by the sea? Whatever the reason, moving…
How to Increase Money in Savings Account

How to Increase Money in Savings Account

You've got a savings account, and maybe even a savings goal (at least a dream!) -- let me show you how to increase money in savings account to get the things you want. I'm so glad you want to know how to increase money in savings account --…

5 Strategies to Reduce Healthcare Costs this Year

Looking for smart strategies to reduce healthcare costs? I’ve got 5 healthcare cost hacks for you – both if you have insurance, or if you don’t. Healthcare seems like one of those categories where you can’t save much money. I mean,…