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30 Holiday Card Messages (Bonus: 29 Ways to Add Pizzazz! πŸŽ„)

What do you write in a holiday card? Holiday card messages + lots of ideas for how to add pizzazz. Nothing ordinary here!

woman's hand writing Christmas cards, text overlay "30+ holiday greetings wording for your holiday cards"

Do you ever get tired of saying the same holiday greetings and holiday card messages?

I typically do not send out Christmas and Holiday cards (I know, I know — for shame).

Year after year, without fail, I receive thoughtful cards in the mail from friends and family that bring me joy. But along with gratefulness and happiness, I feel slightly ashamed at not sending my own batch out.

That all changed several years ago, when I decided to take the time to show my friends and family how much I care through the mail.

How much joy and holiday cheer can one envelope hold?

Aside from beautiful cards, letters, and opening your mailbox to find something other than advertisements or bills, I decided to brainstorm around this question and figure out ways to add some extra cheer this season to the lives of those I love.

You'll find some awesome holiday card messages, ways to sign your holiday cards, and bonuses splurges to include (many of which won't cost you extra postage).

🎄How Do You Sign a Holiday Card? 19 FUN Ideas

Let's talk about signing your holiday card — you know, where “sincerely”, or “love” goes, right before your name?

This area of your holiday card is like your email signature. Don't you just love seeing something extra special in someone's email signature? It's like a special surprise.

Here are some ideas for signing your holiday cards in a unique way (which one you choose depends on your level of intimacy):

  • To Crackin' Santa's Nice List,
  • With Joy,
  • Mistletoe + Kisses,
  • A stamp of something Christmas-y, like a Santa's hat, or an Elf, or deer tracks, or sleigh tracks, etc.
  • To Santa's Health,
  • May your chocolate stay hot and your snowman stay cold,
  • May your gingerbreads be crunchy and your slippers be soft,
  • To Silent Nights,
  • May your bells be jinglin' and your nights be silent,
  • Your Brother/Sister in Christ,
  • To Keeping Christ in Christmas,
  • Mistletoe Blessings,
  • To Rockin' those Jingle Bells,
  • To Christmas Vacation Reruns,
  • To Finding that Pesky Elf,
  • Yours in Decking the Halls,
  • Don't Forget the Good Stuff in your Nog,
  • May the Nog Help Get You Through,
  • Just a Sleigh Ride Away,

✍🏻 11 Holiday Greetings Wording

Let me share with you some cool wording for holiday greetings — ranging from silly & funny to serious and heartfelt.

“May your holly be jolly, and the thistle stay out of your mistle.”

“It's time to add marshmallows to your hot cocoas, break out the sweater socks, and throw a few extra logs on the fire.”

“‘Tis the season to reflect on our lives. That, and to watch Christmas Vacation reruns.”

“May you never stop following the Christmas Star.”

“May you find your kid-like wonder this holiday season.”

“May your holiday be filled with jingle bells and cookie smells.”

“Forget the to-do's, and focus on the ta-da's. May this be your season of ta-done's!”

“Get that holly crackin'!”

“I thought you deserved more than a lump of coal this Christmas. You're holding it.”

“I wanted to take a break from watching Christmas Vacation long enough to say Happy Holidays!”

“May your tree be squirrel-free this year.”

📮Holiday Card Extras (Meets Postal Guidelines for a 55-cent Stamp)

If you wish to use a 55-cent stamp, then you need to maintain a flat envelope that weighs one ounce or less. In addition to a card, you could include:

Holiday Card Extras for the Kids

This year I decided to send each of our nieces and nephews some reindeer food in addition to a Christmas card.

I can picture them now, intently following the directions by spreading the reindeer food across their parent’s yard to attract Santa’s sleigh.

Other ideas include:

  • Buttons with instructions to use as eyes and a mouth for a snowman
  • Japanese erasers (they are just so cute!)
  • Ponytail holders
  • Piece of candy
  • Snowman poop
  • etc.
picture of Christmas card with small bag of reindeer food - oats and sprinkles

Holiday Card Extras for the Pets

If you are sending a Christmas card to a pet owner, you can immediately make them smile by adding in a toy or treat.

My aunt is receiving a small catnip stick for her two cats. I also thought it would be cute to include a small biscuit or treat from the snack bar at pet stores for a dog.

catnip toy in shape of red chili pepper

I guess the only downfall would be if the dog/cat smelled the goods and tore apart the envelope first!

picture of Christmas card with catnip toy in it

Holiday Card Extras for Everyone Else

For everyone else on your list—co-workers, friends, family members, teachers, etc.—here are a few ideas to add pizzazz to their holiday cards:

  • A mini anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
  • A small plastic bag of miniature marshmallows, aka “snowman poop” (this made each of my envelopes cost $0.64 instead of $0.45 to ship)
  • A chocolate square, an individual serving of hot cocoa, a travel coffee pouch, a teabag, candy canes
  • Little jingle bells (again, this brought the cost of postage to $0.64 when I mailed my cards off)
  • Sprig of mistletoe
  • Keychain (the flat kind that have a light for safety reasons could be a neat and helpful gift)
  • Lip gloss/chapstick
  • Snazzy refrigerator magnet
Picture of Christmas card with message to enjoy Snowmen poop, and a small bag of small marshmallows
picture of our Christmas card with jingle bells on it

Make the Card Personal

Sending personalized greeting cards will make them even more special for friends and family members that receive them. Ink & Main offer the option to add customized photos to cards, so you can send your loved ones pictures of the kids, the dogs, or a happy holiday memory!

I may not send out Christmas and Holiday cards each year, but this year I believe I have sent some smiles through the mail.

Do you send Holiday cards? What are some extras you have included over the years?

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Monday 3rd of December 2012

I like the chocolate square idea! I usually include a book mark with a quote that reminds me of the person I'm sending a card to.


Wednesday 5th of December 2012

Thank you! That is very thoughtful of you to do.