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Weight Loss Games (23 Fun Games and Apps for Weight Loss!)

Looking for fun weight loss games to make getting down to your ideal weight an actual possibility? Let me show you lots of lose weight games, plus weight loss challenges where you can earn cash prizes.

Can weight loss be fun? HECK, YES.

runner with yoga pants crouching down to tie shoes with text overlay "weight loss games to make weight loss fun"

Weight loss does not have to be boring. There are tons of weight loss games and challenges (some with cash prizes!) to make exercising, eating healthy, and doing all the things that are going to lead to your ideal weight, FUN.

We've got fun weight loss challenge games, fun activities to lose weight (like weight loss bingo games, weight loss video games, etc.!),

Here’s to you crushing your health and weight loss goals, while still having fun with it!

Pssst: Ever heard of Healthy Wage? It's where you bet against your weight loss and get paid if you complete it. What a fun weight loss game! 

🏋️‍♀️Weight Loss Game Apps (Exergaming Apps)

Have you got a smartphone? Then no need to buy a gaming console to get in on exergaming. You can just download a few of these free apps to get in on the fun.

Game apps to help you lose weight:

1. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go lets you hunt for little monsters out in the wilds of…your neighborhood, the grocery store (I once battled one in the produce section), and anywhere else you happen to be! What an awesome way to get in your 10,000 steps.

This lady actually wrote an eBook on how to maximize your weight loss while playing Pokémon Go! While it offers in-app purchases, the app itself is free – I’ve downloaded it on my iPhone and played a few times (I gotta admit, it was super fun!).

Here’s the free app on Google Play, and for your iPhone.

2. CARROT Hunger

Wow is this one unique app – a judgmental, talking calorie counter that helps you “track the foods you shove in your piehole”! This is for you if you like (and would fine somewhat hilarious) an “overlord” when it comes to the food you’re eating. Here’s CARROT Hunger, and CARROT fit.

Psst: speaking of carrots, er, healthy snacks – sign up for a FREE sample box of healthy snacks here. No shipping costs, and no credit card required!

3. Zombies, Run!

Knowing that you should run for a weight loss activity, and actually doing it/enjoying the process are two different things.

But what if you had zombies running after you – do you think that would increase your enjoyment (or at least make you run faster)?

Get your mission to help an outpost, plus get chased by some zombies using the free Zombies Run app.

4. Atari Fit

Sweat your way to unlocking some fun classic games, like Pong!, Super Breakout, and Centipede. Follow the leaderboards (especially if you get on one of them), join teams, or you can work out against others around the globe with tracked distance, speed, pace, and calories burned. Check it out here.

5. Strava GPS

If you want to bike or run your way to weight loss and you get particularly fueled up by competing against others (plus yourself), then check out this free app.

You can measure your performance, as well as sign up for cool monthly challenges to see how you stack up against others.

Looking at the latest challenges, I can see there are a whopping 87,214 people signed up for Lululemon’s 40|80 challenge, 116,682 people for the December Cycling Climbing Challenge, and 41,114 people for New Balance’s Run You Challenge (seeing all these people participating kind of makes you want to sign up for one, too, right?).

You must upload your logged activity to Strava within 3 days after you complete the challenge – this is how people get to see how they’ve competed compared with others. Click here for the mobile apps.

6. Stridekick

This app allows you to complete team challenges with your friends or join challenges as individuals by syncing up with fitness devices (you’ll each need a leading fitness tracker, smartwatch or smartphone to participate).

Grab the free weight loss game app here.

7. Walkr

Your walking steps can fuel a spaceship that will have you exploring the galaxy (up to 25 planets!). The more you walk, the deeper you get to explore into the outer parts of Outer Space.

🎮Weight Loss Video Games (Exergaming at Home)

“Gamifying” your weight loss (also called exergaming and gamercising) can lead to some awesome results – mostly because you’re having so much fun that you don’t know you’re doing the things you need to do in order to lose weight. Lots of gyms have picked up on this, and added in ways to make working out into a game.

But what about at home? Weight loss video games – the kind that make you do some physical activity in order to compete and win the game – bring this right into your living room.

Psst: you might also want to check out my updated post comparing the costs of popular diet weight loss programs.

Exergames list (by gaming console)

Pssst: don’t have a game system, and don’t want to buy one, either? No worries. Check out the section on “weight loss game apps”, or go off-grid with some “weight loss activities” in the section below.

🎲Fun Weight Loss Activities

Activities for weight loss don’t have to be boring; think outside of the box (like all of these ideas do below).

Psst: some of these could work as games to play at weight loss meetings!

Idea #1: Host a Biggest Loser Competition

Several years ago, I hosted a biggest loser challenge weight loss competition at the office where I worked, and had 10 people eagerly sign up. It was awesome! You’ll want to check out my guide for specifics on how to start up a competition, get management’s blessing, and even incorporate some really fun challenges along the way. However, the basics are:

  • Get a group of people together who want to get into better shape and/or loss weight.
  • Decide on any prizes ahead of time.
  • Understand how to calculate your weight loss challenge (so that it’s fair weight loss competition rules for everyone, no matter what the starting weights are).

Get lots of biggest loser challenge ideas here.

Idea #2: Compete Against Your Friends

Couples can create their own Biggest loser Competition, thanks for the Dating Divas and their free printable. That’s a fun way to compete with each other (while also offering encouragement!).

On top of that, you might want to try The Game On! Diet, a book about setting up friendly diet competitions with others. Earn points by completing goals and challenges, such as changing your eating patterns, sleeping enough hours, drinking enough water, losing bad habits, etc. You play in teams over a 4-week period of time, and the team with the most points at the end, wins.

Idea #3: Compete Against Yourself – Bet Against Yourself to Lose Weight

Did you know you can use HealthyWage.com to win money by betting against yourself to lose weightSeriously!

You can join as an individual, or join as a work team (up to a $10,000 prize!).

Choose a goal weight as well as how long it'll take you to get there, and then choose an amount of money to bet that you'll do it (paid monthly). If you make your goal? You win cash!

For example, by playing with their calculator, I found that if I say I lose 10 pounds in 9 months, and bet $50/month, then the amount I’ll win is between $500-$750!

Here are some HealthyWage success stories.

Idea #4: Play a Yoga Game with the Kids

I’ve been doing yoga since my early twenties, when I signed up for my first-ever yoga class in college.

While I haven’t done it every single day (or even 3-4 times per week) this whole time, I have certainly done it enough to feel the effects in my life.

And all I can say is, WOW, you should really get into the habit of doing yoga!

Not only is it a fun weight loss activity, but it will help you to focus better, to calm your nerves off the mat, to gain flexibility, and so much more. Play the Flow and Phreeze Yoga Game for kids, teens, and families, using the Phresh Mat.

Idea #5: Get Some Fun Home Workout Games

Stacks 52 Suspension Exercise Cards

Use these Stacks 52 Suspension Exercise Cards for endless workout combinations. You can do this by yourself, or in competition with family and friends.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Interval Workout Game

How about a workout game that was created by scientist and military fitness expert Sergeant Volkin (who used to create exercise programs for the Army)? You can use the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Interval Workout Game to create workouts by yourself or to compete with family and friends. The set includes two decks of exercise cards, one deck of strategy/game play cards, and two dice. What I love about this is you don’t need a gym, exercise equipment, or anything but yourself (and a few friends, if you’d like) to play!

Fitivities Game

Fitivities Game for kids, families, and groups (2-24 players) is good for both indoor or outdoor use. Modified exercises are included, so any skill level can take part. The team that gets around the board and completes all the exercises first, wins.

Exercise Dice

Roll these exercise dice to see what exercise you need to do, and how many reps. Looks pretty fun (and changes it up!).

Idea #6: Weight Loss Bingo Game Printables

A round of weight loss bingo might be just the thing to keep you and your family excited about the weight loss process.

Here are a few choices for you:

Weight Loss Program Ideas

Are you running a weight loss program, and looking for ideas for what to include (fun ones, perhaps)?

I’ll give you a rundown of some weight loss game ideas that are great for groups.

1. Run a Biggest Loser Competition

You should consider either adding in a Biggest Loser competition component to your weight loss program, or running your entire weight loss program with the Biggest Loser in mind.

2. Bet as a Team on Your Group’s Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of HealthyWage? You can join as a team and win up to a $10,000 prize! This company is funded by government agencies, insurers, hospitals, food manufacturers, etc. There’s an entry fee; however, if you maintain your weight loss after six months, then you get your entry fee refunded! Talk about some good motivation. Once a person signs up, they can select whether or not they want to join an existing team, create their own team, or need help in finding a team.

3. Set Up a Rotating Cooking Demonstration

You can all rotate through demonstrating a healthy dish that you make for yourselves at home. Type up or photocopy the recipe used so that you can give everyone a copy to take home. Everyone loves to learn new cooking techniques/recipes!

4. Team off for a Workout Game

Have everyone join teams, and play a round of the Fitivities Game (2-24 players). You can do this indoor or outdoor, and modified exercises are included – so everyone can participate. The team that gets around the board and completes all the exercises first, wins.

5. Build a Workout Resource Library

Let your weight loss program participants borrow guides and resources from your workout library so that they can work on losing weight in-between meeting times. Suggested resources to get include the Stacks 52 Suspension Exercise Dice, a set of the Biggest Loser CookbookBiggest Loser Desserts, or Biggest Loser Quick and Easy, etc.

Aren’t you so glad that the weight loss industry has finally caught onto the idea that adding FUN into weight loss will increase results?

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