Extra cash is always appreciated! I show you ways to earn extra cash that you probably haven’t thought of yet (or if you have, you don’t quite know how to do it), such as earning cash for scrapping metal, earning cash for your old appliances, earning cash from your KonMari Method Cleanout, and even earning extra cash for your broken cell phone.

Popular Ways to Earn Extra Cash:

Scrap Metaling for Extra Cash

Can You Get any Cash for Your Used, Broken Cell Phone?

How to Find Money for that One Category You Can Never Seem to Fund

On Your KonMari  Method Checklist: Get Cash for All those Old Belongings

Sell Your Used Appliances for Cash

Get Paid to Walk with Fitbit and WITHOUT Fitbit

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Declutter for the Holidays – with the Pre-Holiday Purge Challenge

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How to Find Money for that ONE Category You Never Seem to Have Cash For

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Get Paid to Walk. You Heard Me Right!

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