court tv shows

It Pays to Have Your Small Claims Case on a Court Television Show

Have you ever thought about appearing on one of the court TV shows? Whether you want to get on Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, or Judge Milan, let’s talk about how to submit your case and who gets paid. So, you have a small claims case, and you…
extreme couponing tips

What Extreme Couponers Know about Coupons that You May Not

In need of extreme couponing tips? I'm going to let you in on some industry secrets that will save you enough money each month to finally afford that family vacation! I’ve caught a few episodes of the show Extreme Couponing in the past, and…
homemade food

Instead of Buying Small Kitchen Appliances, Make Recipes that Do Not Use them

So here’s my silly confession of the month: I always thought that you needed an ice cream maker in order to make homemade ice cream. Maybe this mis-perception was not entirely my fault; almost every magazine ice cream recipe gives you a…
how to go from two incomes to one
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How to Go from Two Incomes to One

Wondering how to go from two incomes to one? And what does it look like in other households? I'm going to share with you examples, plus how to prep, financially, for going from two incomes to one.  I enjoy watching financial shows such as…
free online dating sites

I Could have Used these Free Online Dating Sites in My Early Twenties

Whether you are in a small town, a large city, or somewhere in between, meeting people is hard to do. I’ve had this conversation with several of my friends over the years since high school/college and we all agree that once you are out of…
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My Frugal Resume: Contributing to Our Household’s Finances in More Ways than Earning

It’s no secret that I enjoy funneling as much of our income as possible into our savings accounts. But with the recent choices that we’ve made we have slashed our short-term savings ability. While we are not entirely a one-income household…