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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep You Out of the Store

There is a growing movement for the Anti-Valentine’s Day. Who isn’t a little tired of being plastered with flower bouquet advertising pop-ups, commercials that tie the amount of your love with the amount you spend on a piece of jewelry, and having to make reservations at overly-crowded restaurants so that you and your loved one can “celebrate your love”? Flowers, gifts, and eating out are all wonderful at times, but I think what leaves the bitter taste in people’s mouths is the idea that we are told we all have to partake of these things on the same day each year in order to show our love to someone. It’s simply not so!

I say that if there is any chance to show a loved one how much they mean to you, then you should take it. But does it have to cost money? No—expressing your love to someone does not have to cost a dime. Rather than be Anti-Valentine’s Day, you could instead choose to show your love to someone this Valentine’s Day without entering a store (score bonus points by using these ideas sporadically throughout the year!). Here are some ideas:

  • Set-up a Scavenger Hunt: This past Easter Paul and I were supposed to go to PA for a baby shower I was hosting and to visit my family together. Last minute his company nixed our plans, and I ended up going alone. I wanted to show Paul how much I cared about him, so I made an Easter Egg Hunt around the house that began with an envelope he was not allowed to open until Easter morning. He was surprised and excited! You can do the same on Valentine’s Day, but hide hearts or little messages instead.
  • Give a Deluxe Home Massage: Offering a massage is always appreciated, but you can also add some glam to it and show your loved one how much thought you have put into them. First off, brush up on your massage skills with some free instruction. Then, find a comfortable and warm part of your home (increase the heat, use a space heater, or light a fire if need be). If you have some smooth pebbles (check out your landscaping), you can give a hot stone massage. Use oils on hand (baby oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil) to make your own massage oil.  Warm up the oil/lotion, towels, etc. to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Light a few candles and enjoy!
  • Write a Letter: I’ve mentioned before how the art of letter-writing is dying in lieu of texting and typing. Writing your sweetheart a letter in your own handwriting to express something to them can impact them greater than purchasing a card at the store. Use your best penmanship (my handwriting is horrible, but if I try hard enough than others can read it) and add a little something special to it. Fold your letter in a cute way, fill the inside of it with handmade confetti, give the outside a big ol’ smooch with some lipstick, add some perfume/cologne, etc.
  • Bottle Homemade Sugar Scrub: We save glass jars from spaghetti sauce, salsa, etc. You can use an old glass jar to hold some homemade sugar scrub. Stick a label on it and wrap it with a bow.
  • Finish Something You’ve Been Promising: We have a cabinet door that would not stay closed for the last two years in our kitchen. Talk about annoying! The other day Paul installed a magnet thingy and now it stays closed. I cannot tell you how happy that little act made me! Is there something that you have been promising to complete around your apartment or house? Working on this (and completing it) will show how much you care.
  • Send Snippets of Poetry: Throughout the day, send a line or two of a romantic poem you have chosen. If nothing else, it will leave your partner guessing! This could be over email, through text, over voicemail, etc.

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