Honeymoon savings goalSince September of 2009, I made a goal to put $2500 into savings to be used for our honeymoon using as little of our own 9-5 paycheck money as possible. I am happy to report, just 22 days away from leaving on our honeymoon, that we have succeeded in doing this. We thought outside of the box, and pulled in extra income through freelance writing, rebates, carpooling, etc. All of the hard work of saving is over for us, we’ve got our passports, the airfare and hotels are all booked, so needless to say, we are ready to splurge and enjoy ourselves!

Before we tally everything up, let's look at how we did with adding money to our savings goal in March:

  • $15 Oil of Olay rebate
  • $10 eHow earnings
  • $100 Freelance income
  • $250 Wedding Shower money

This brings the total to $2334.78, with $165.22 still needed and only a little more than half a month to do this in. Unfortunately, I was not able to make up a larger portion since the last post (what I had to sell was not worth as much as I had hoped, but I will be holding onto it for a future use!). Even though we have half a month to go, and will probably make up the $165.22 before then, I would like to do an overall summary now and close out this savings goal.

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Below are the final tallies for each category:

  • Freelance Writing Income: $760
  • Bank Account Opening Bonuses: $421
  • Wedding Shower Cash Gifts: $325
  • Rebates: $222.49
  • Our Paycheck Money: $200
  • Sold Stuff Craigslist: $141.29
  • Carpooling: $104
  • Research Study: $75
  • eHow Income: $54
  • SendEarnings Surveys: $27
  • Miscellaneous: $5

I hope this serves as an example that while it may seem that putting small denominations of money into savings here or there, and getting a few rebates does not add up, if you give all of your miscellaneous money a purpose, then you can save up for something large Click To Tweet, and very tangible in your life. For us, it’s off to Austria!

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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful goal to achieve. Think of how much more you’ll enjoy your honeymoon knowing that it’s all paid for before you even leave.

    Can you tell me a little more about some of the ways you put money aside — specifically, bank account opening bonuses, eHow income, and SendEarning surveys? Thanks so much.

  2. Amanda L Grossman
    Amanda L Grossman says:

    Hello Jean! Thanks for the comment.

    I am a contributor at eHow (www.ehow.com), and am building up a reserve of articles so that they make me residual income. As the article is read more and more, the SEO (search engine optimization) increases, and your audience increases, thus making more money. Right now, without me doing anything, I am making $10-$15 a month, which isn’t a lot, but my goal is to get that up to $100 per month in residual income (you can check out some of my ehow articles at the button up top for examples).

    Also, when we first had the goal of saving up for our honeymoon, we opened up a checking account for it. That may sound weird because you typically don’t earn interest on a checking account, but it was because I got a $150 account opening bonus from Chase to do so. We had to simply put $100 into the account, and keep the account open for 6 months, and fund it with $100. At the same time, Paul (my fiance) opened up another Chase account for a $150 bonus. Then six months or so later, I found a deal to open an Electric Orange Checking account for a $121 bonus. We consolidated the two honeymoon accounts into this Electric Orange Account (ING), thus reaping us another free $121 (please note that at the end of the year, you will get tax forms from the banks for these and need to pay taxes on them).

    As for the SendEarnings survey, check out my article “I will no longer sell myself for $4.27 an hour” at: https://www.frugalconfessions.com/ridiculous-cost/i-will-no-longer-sell-myself-for-4-86-per-hour.php

    In other words–I don’t recommend it! Hahahaha. One survey site that I do consistently use (and have reaped over $100 in CVS gift cards from) is mypoints.com

    I hope this helps!

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