When you spend less money on things that don’t matter as much to you, then you can spend MORE money on what really does (not to mention, your savings account and emergency savings fund can actually grow).

How to train yourself to spend less money in a buy-now world? Start with these popular spend less articles.

Popular Articles to Help You Spend Less:

How to Spend Less Money

Cutting Expenses to the Bone

How to Stop Spending Money on Unnecessary Things



family of 3 sitting around dinner table eating

Average Household Grocery Bill (Plus Peek at Ours Over the Years)

Our grocery bill is out of control! Let's look at the average household grocery bill, and ways to cut down on yours -- and ours -- so that we can use that money somewhere else. I could easily have named this post the egregiously long (but super-honest)…

What are You, Ancient Egyptian?

Every so often someone strikes up a random money conversation with me. They don't know that I spend my free time researching, analyzing, brainstorming, living, and breathing money management, frugal hacks, and the like. To them, I'm just…
budget spending

Hybrid Spending Strategy on Credit Cards and Cash

Let me share with you our personal spending money strategy that both maximizes rewards and minimizes spending. You might be wondering how to manage your money to maximize rewards while minimizing extra spending. Many of us in the personal finance…
preparing for baby

Baby Preparation + Nesting is in Full Swing

If we've never met before: hello, I'm Amanda, and I'm a preparation junkie. It makes me feel calm. It helps to focus my excited energy on something tangible (yes, I'm a list checker-offer). It helps me to visualize getting to an end…
baby announcement

Ginormous (and Also, About the Size of a Turnip) Announcement Here at Frugal Confessions

I've been operating over here with a bit of a secret and I'm ready to spill the bean (only one, that we know of): my husband and I are expecting our first baby! What a wonderful blessing for us, one we had been hoping to receive for some…
gorgeous cruise ship on Caribbean blue waters

How Much Spending Money for a Cruise (and How to Not Spend Money)

Wondering how much to budget for a cruise? Answers for that, plus how to NOT spend money on a cruise. It's hard to figure out how much to budget for a cruise, and even harder when you're trying to figure out how to not spend money on a cruise…