Ever wondered how to create a budget that will actually work (because yours, well, isn’t exactly lining up? Or, how to budget with another person, specifically when you don’t see eye to eye? Or, “what should I include in my monthly budget?”

On this page, you’ll find all things budgets, including budget advice, budgeting apps, as well as how to grow your budget’s spending power to actually buy the things and experiences that you want out of  life (instead of just barely covering the grocery bill).

Popular Budget Articles:

25 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Budget Advice: Don’t start your budget without reading this (and WOW can you learn a lot about tweaking your budget if you’ve already started).

Holiday Budgeting: These tips will make your next holiday season WAY less stressful.

Moms on a Budget? How to make room in your budget for what you actually want.


white desktop with laptop and notepad with picture of woman that says "lipstick rules"

We Fought a Medical Bill...and Won (Kinda)?

Medical bills are no joke! Let me share with you our own experience of how to dispute a hospital bill + negotiating medical bills, and why you need to be doing this. When I ran across an article from my May Money magazine (my reading list…
budget template

Don't Want to Budget? Set Your Internal Thermostat Instead

Looking for a budget template (but secretly you don't really want to budget at all)? Read this first. I've got a confession to make: we don't record our purchases, carry around envelopes, fill up jars with anything other than home-canned Meyer…
rising costs

Slowly Boiling in a Pot of COL Inflation and Increased Fees

The agency I work for has not given a cost of living increase in three years now. I heard that it used to be a fairly consistent thing but with budget cuts during the recession it was one of the items they crossed off of the list in order to…