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Getting Rid of Old Appliances for Money

Have you ever thought that you could trade your old appliances for cash? I didn’t, until my husband and I purchased our first home. After moving in Paul and I thought we had scored the jackpot: the previous owners left their kegerator in the garage for our enjoyment. It had been fashioned out of an old refrigerator, and even bore a painted stencil of the logo from Paul’s favorite football team (the Texans). Unfortunately for us, it had not been used in such a long time that the product inside the keg was ruined, the tubing was moldy, and the refrigerator itself only worked when it was cranked up on the highest number (9). In other words, we needed to get rid of our newly found treasure, and seeing how it was an energy-guzzler, we needed to do it as soon as possible.

We did not have a truck at the time so I was very happy to find out that there was a company who was not only willing to come and pick the kegerator up from our home, but would also pay us $25 for doing so! It was a win-win situation as the kegerator was no longer our headache, we earned $25, and this company could recycle the parts for a profit.

old appliances for cash

If you have old appliances you need to get rid of and are looking for some extra cash (who isn’t?), there are several ways to do so where you can earn money in the process like we did. Read below to find out how you can extract value out of your old working or non-working appliances.

Old Appliances for Cash

  • Donate for a Tax Break: If the appliance is in a usable condition, you can donate it and take a tax deduction (if you itemize your taxes). Some places will pick the item up from you, while others you will need to drop it off. Also, don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt if you plan to take a tax deduction.
  • Sell the Appliance: Once again, if the appliance is still in a usable condition you can sell it on Craigslist or through a local pamphlet/ad for a small amount (depending on the condition and age). This option is good for those that do not have a way to transport the appliance as the person can come and pick it up as part of the transaction. Also call your local used appliance shops and see if they will purchase the appliance from you. You can also check out Shopify, where you can create an online store of things to sell.
  • Sell the Parts: Repair shops may be looking for some of the parts in your appliance. Call around to repair shops and local appliance technicians to see if there is interest. You will probably have to bring the parts in for an appraisal.
  • Scrap the Metal: If the appliance cannot be used or fixed, you can scrap it for the metal. Scrap metal is actually quite lucrative right now; the shop that we use has doubled their paying price from one year ago.

Have you had luck in getting rid of your old appliances for cash?

Scrap Metaling for Extra Cash

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  • I feel for your husband…I would have had a hard time getting rid of that treasure no matter the condition. Actually, I just finished my own basement and toyed with the idea of a kegerator…..instead i shopped around for weeks comparing mini-fridge prices and bought one of the cheapest i could find (that would hold the most beer :) ).
    Car Negotiation Coach recently posted..5 Overused Negotiation Strategies

    • Hahaha! We bought a used (but it is brand new) mini fridge where he can put a mini keg in to brew his own beer…so I think that made him feel better:).
      Amanda L Grossman recently posted..Getting Rid of Old Appliances for Money

    • Adrian

      Hi there , I’m looking to get rid of our stainless steel dish washer. Moved into a apartment with all new appliances in the Dallas “uptown” area. I don’t have means of transport

  • I donate a lot of my appliances… I don’t do it for the tax break but that is a pretty good incentive to do so.
    Bank Guru recently posted..TD Mobile App ReTweet Contest

  • optionsdude

    It sure would be nice to be paid for old appliances. I have an old dead refrigerator in the garage right now. Even a few bucks would be useful.
    optionsdude recently posted..Collapse of the Silver Price- Heads I Win Tails I Win

  • I bought my first home last year…and a relative gave me a new washer/dryer. I took the existing washer/dryer and sold it on craigslist for $100. I made a few bucks from something I wouldve thrown away, and I didnt even have to make the effort to move those heavy things to the curb!
    MoneyIsTheRoot recently posted..Penny Auctions…Are They Really Worth It

  • Iain from Smart Dividend Growth

    My wife and I ended up buying our first home last year. When we opened the storage locker it looked like the previous tenant forgot to clean it out. At first blush it all looked like junk but after a little cleaning posting a few things on craigslist we were able to come away with a nice $240 profit (not too bad!!).

  • Marie Lewis

    Loved reading the content to bits….Last month I disposed up some of my old appliances in order to buy some fresh ones….You can say I replaced it as it saved me a lot in terms of money.

  • Not only a great idea to sell old appliances for new ones but also good for the environment. These small sales will add up and the sum total over a period of time is always more than expected.

  • Hi I buy Appliances in East Houston and Dayton TX.
    Feel free to email me pictures of your unwanted appliances.
    I may be able to take them off your hands and get you some cash. :)

    • Edna Singleton

      Joel does ur company pick up refrigerators from
      Houston, Tx in the 77028 area? Also cud u email
      Ur business phone number to me.

      Thank you

    • Martha

      are you still buying used appliances if they work?

    • Anita Jebbia

      Hi. I live in Baytown TX. I have a washer, dryer, and fridge I need to sell before I move. All three appliances work. If you can help me plz call 832 888 3002

  • You can even call local appliance repair shop and ask them. They might take it for parts etc…

  • Ed Woodyear

    I have a 4 year Amana side-by-side….it has water, ice, crushed ice, on the door. It is white a quite large. I resided in a guest house and has absolutely no blemishes. I just want to get few dollars for it and get it moved.

  • Debbie Sullins

    I have a Whirlpool double oven that I need to see. It is five years old. I can’t remember how much we paid for it? What would be a good selling price?

    • Amanda

      Hi Debbie!

      I do not know. What I would recommend is that you search for that appliance in Craigslist and eBay and see what others are selling it for. Good luck to you!

  • Carmen

    Looking to sell Kitchen Appliances. Upgraded to Stainless Steel

  • sherene

    please call me @ 763.703.8767
    I have appliances that I would like to sell for cash how much is it going to cost?

  • Brandon Batrin

    I have an old refrigerator and dryer that we no longer use and need to get rid of. Both work but don’t have room or use anymore. Please contact me if this is something that you do. Needs to be picked up in Spring, Tx
    Thank you Brandon Batrin

  • Ramboy lalwani

    I wanna get rid of my ref from the house bec. i shifted to a smaller house and wanted to shift my ref into a smaller ref. I hope someone could help me though! thanks!

  • Ramboy lalwani

    Hi! my aircon at the house is 1.75 horsepower, its too cold and i shifted too a smaller house with a smaller room, i believe i really want to dispose this aircon, hope anyone would be interested, just pm me though, thanks!

  • I have an old electric stove thats not a flat top but just a regular electric stove and the burners work but the oven goes out after a few minutes being on ..I honestly think it the heating element ..but I have been trying to sell it ive tried online and offline yard sales and everything.. I just want it gone but would like some cash if possible there anyone in the tri cities washington that could buy this thing from me.. ive even tried craigslist.. ive tried almost everything.. I just dont have room for it in this tiny house.

  • Instead of using craigslist which has become overrun by spammers/scammers try using this phone app called OfferUp. Its free to post like craigslist but its specific to selling and buying items only no other ads. Thats what I will use for whatever stuff I can’t sell at my Moving Sale/Yard sale

  • Donna kutzler

    I have two dryers will you buy them?

  • Martha

    Hi, I’m doing this for a friend, she has a washer & not working but still looks good on the outside and dishwasher don’t think that works as well, she is kind of hoping a little cash. Thank You

  • I have two side by side frigerator’s that don’t keep cold and would like to just get rid of could you please help me or refer, or give info to help me PLEASE

  • Angel

    How do I call you guys so u can come an pick up my appliances for money ?

  • Angel angel

    Call me so u can take my appliances 8014148536

  • I have never thought about using an appliance store to sell my old appliances. I didn’t even know they would even take those things. It does make sense why they would though. The parts that do work could really help others to get there stuff fix.

  • Christina

    How do I contact someone to come get my washer for cash

  • Rita

    I have 2 side by side refrigerators for sale. 1 is an ivory color which freezer works but fridge doesn’t cool & 1 black side by side that no longer cools or freezes. Any buyers in the 77044 area (Houston, Texas)?

  • Pamela vancleave

    I have a gas hot water heater had (switched to elect), a fridge that won’t cool and a washer that needs work. A few bucks would be great

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