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We Were Scammed on Craigslist: How to Protect Yourself

You use Craigslist and are wondering how to identify a craigslist scammer. Let me share our own craigslist scam experience, and tips for protecting yourself. We've dabbled in selling things on Craigslist over the years, and have become really good at how to identify a Craigslist scammer. Mostly because — people have tried to scam […]

Coupon Fraud Part I

Coupon fraud…did you know it's an actual crime? Let's discuss what it is, how you might be committing it, and examples of arrests/penalties incurred. “Ma’am, it won’t take this coupon.” After scanning the coupon for the third time and hearing an annoying beep, the cashier presses the total button on the cash register and hands […]

Is Frugality an Anti-Aphrodisiac?

Have you ever picked up a date in a Reliant K car? Politely asked the person across the table from you to only order from the “turf” options in a seafood restaurant? Slipped a coupon in with your credit card in the oh-so-stylish black notepads come bill time? Or perhaps you were fortunate enough to […]