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Not-So-Green Confessions

This is a Guest Post by Sustainable PF who writes with his wife, Mrs. SPF, at Sustainable Personal Finance where they discuss balancing their financial goals with their lifestyle and beliefs regarding sustainable living in Ontario, Canada. Psst.  I have a not-so-green confession to make.  Actually, make that five.  Mrs. SPF and I don’t do […]

How Can I Hide Money from Myself?

If ‘how can I hide money from myself' is what you just googled, then you need to read this article. Are you having trouble saving money because it's just…there…in front of you all the time? Saving money is important because life can throw you some sucky financial situations. But if you're not able to do […]

Personal Saving Rate: Nationally and in Our Household

Personal Saving: the portion of personal income that is left over after personal current taxes and outlays for personal consumption expenditures, nonmortgage interest payments, and net current transfers to government and the rest of the world. Personal Saving Rate (PSR): the ratio of personal saving to disposable personal income (expressed as a percentage). Saving money […]