How do you survive being unemployed? I’ve got some sound money strategies for you if you’re unemployed, furloughed, or think you might be in the future. This is based on our experience — we have 4 layoffs between my husband and I in the last decade.

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laptop on wooden desktop, with coffee and pencils

Blogger + Small Business Resources

This past year I went through a blogging and business boot camp of sorts—at times, it was as intense as that college semester when I took 22 credits, worked part-time, wrote my 72-page senior thesis, and held down an internship. And yet it…
laptop on wooden desktop, with coffee and pencils

Surviving {and Thriving} in My First Year of Self Employment + Action Steps for You

In the last few weeks—yes, just in the last few weeks—I have felt a shift in my work. Things are feeling like they are starting to click and play together. Systems I awkwardly and skeptically created are starting to pay me back in time and…
laptop on wooden desktop, with coffee and pencils

How we’re Handling Health Insurance in Unemployment

While I don’t wish to discount the entire month of November—aside from a ton of paperwork, it was a pretty nice month—I can say that in the back of my mind there was a ticking time bomb counting down to November 30th (aka the day we were…
making the jump to self employment

Making the Jump to Self-Employment

This post was written by freelance writer and blogger Mike Collins.   So you’ve decided to take the plunge and ditch your day job to focus on building your own business or freelancing as an independent contractor.  …
laptop on wooden desktop, with coffee and pencils

Self-Employment Update: Six Months after Taking the Leap

August 1st marks the start of my sixth month as a full-time blogger and freelance writer. The last update I did was at the one month, right-out-of-the-gates mark, and I thought it would be a great time to reflect on my experiences and progress…
passion work

Finding and Pursuing Work You are Passionate About

The following post is a contribution from Tony at We Only Do This Once. Tony is a trombone player who has performed with a major symphony orchestra, on Broadway in NYC, and in recordings and movie soundtracks. He blogs about simplifying your…