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Shift Up

Is there something more you want out of life?

Perhaps you can’t put your finger on what “more” is, but you know that wading knee-deep in the day-to-day logistics of fiscal responsibility is not it. There must be something beyond bills, paying off creditors, budgeting, working the same 9-5 job day in and day out to save a predetermined amount of money year after year in anticipation of really living when you retire in 20XX…

Frugality = saving gobs of money + something more…

A funny thing happens when you start to curb spending (choosing to clutter your life with dollars instead of things): life simplifies.

You spend less time in shopping mode (+time in your life for people and experiences). You spend less time worrying about working to feed your habits (+mental space to focus on what is important). You spend less time maintaining all of your stuff (+energy for people and experiences).

As if all of those benefits aren’t enough, somewhere in all of this, you experience a mindset shift in areas beyond just money.

When frugality becomes less of a knee-jerk reaction to life and more of a philosophical way to live, the benefits reach beyond fiscal into the “something more” category. Our mindset Shifts Up higher than just survival and beyond just dollar accumulation.

Suddenly, designing your life becomes a real possibility.