budget wedding ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas

Are you ready to hear the kind of budget wedding ideas you need to pull off a wedding you can look back on, fondly, but without going into debt? According to Bridal Bargains and various other sources, the average 150-guest wedding in the…
financial marriage problems

What 5 years of Marriage Taught Me about Couples' Finance

You want to prevent or help your financial marriage problems, right? Learn from the critical lessons my husband and I experienced together + get tips for how to avoid problems. It was a little over 5 years ago this month that Paul and I sat…

Dealing with the Financial Friction in Our Marriage Yielded Surprising Results

Yes, even financial geeks like myself can have money issues in marriage! Let me talk about ours, and a surprise way we fixed it that can help you out, too. I want to share a story with you to show that the best planned financial systems for…
save for honeymoon

Savings Goal: Honeymoon

Trying to save for honeymoon? My fiancee (now husband) and I set a honeymoon savings goal of $2,500 with money OUTSIDE of our paychecks. Check out how we did! My fiancée and I think big when it comes to travel. In fact, we met one another…